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title: Gravestone of Haralambos Ioannis and Kalomeri Souris


Gravestone of Haralambos Ioannis and Kalomeri Souris.

If anyone can identify the location of this gravestone, please contact Polyxene McClory. She would be very grateful to hear from you.


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15.01.2008 Margaret Tuite

Hello, I saw your message and remembered that a lot of the graves in Gerakari (Ag Iannis) belonged to Souris family members. I see those photos are not uploaded on the site yet, but I've checked the photos I took last August. The road visible in your photo is also so like the road at Gerakari it must be the same cemetery.

I see one gravestone (No 5238 and ff)on my photos with the names Karalambos I Souris and Kalomoira K Souri. There are no iron railings around the grave, but is it possible that it is the same one? If so, perhaps you could ask James to send you those photos? Best regards, Margaret

15.01.2008 Margaret Tuite

PS: although there are many Souris graves, this is the only one that could be close. When I was there, I spoke with a man who acts as caretaker for the church (then undergoing repairs due to earthquake damage). I think his name might be Antonios Souris and I'm sure he would be able to help you if you can track him down. He told me that he was one of the almost 40 children that used to attend the school alongside the church. Beautiful location.

20.01.2008 Polyxene Souris

Margaret, many thanks for your response to my message. A friend, Vikki Fraioli posted a photo I sent her of the specific gravesite I am searching. It is on the KFN site and one or two photos beyond the one you posted of the H. & K. Souris grave. I do not believe there is any inscription on the tomb but I do not know - at least my photo does not make any visible. The wrought iron fence surrounds it. Could it be that over the years someone took the fence down? Thanks you.
Polyxene Souris McClory

21.01.2008 Margaret Tuite

Hi, My husband looked at the old photo you had sent and my two and agrees with me that the names belong to the same people and the grave must be the same although the wrought iron railings have since been removed. No inscriptions are visible on your photo - that could have been due to the angle used - but given the names and the location (same winding road visible in both), they have to be the same.



21.01.2008 Polyxene Souris

I agree with you as far as scenic i.d. and undoubtedly the wrought iron fence was removed; however, I am perplexed by the photo, it is not of my grandfather.
You are so nice Margaret and I want you to know how extremely grateful I am for all your help. Thanks, Polyxene

22.01.2008 Vikki Vrettos Fraioli

It could be that someone else was later added to the same grave. There are often several relatives buried within the same grave. If you look at the bottom right, you can see a faint engraving of another name. Also, I've noticed on some occasions, the other persons name may only appear on a plaque, which could be the case of the gentleman with the photo. He could be another relative of yours.

To view the other photos that this discussion is referring to click the links below:

Haralambos I Souris, Kalomoiri X Souri

Gerakari - Haralambos I Souris, Kalomoiri X Souri

22.01.2008 Margaret Tuite

A zoom of the first (2007) general shot of the gravestone seems to reveal the letters "E A Souris
(new line) Syntagmatarkis"??"
in the bottom righthand corner. Does that help?