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About Us
Our Aims

Kythera-Family.net - the online cultural archive for Kythera - aims to preserve and reflect the rich heritage of a wonderful island. Members of the community are actively invited to submit their family collection of Kytherian stories, photographs, recipes, maps, oral histories, biographies, historical documents, songs and poems, home remedies etc. to the site. Uploading directly to the site is easy, but those who wish to can also send their collections to us by email or post and we will submit them for you. Thus we can help make available valuable and interesting material for current and future generations, and inspire young Kytherians to learn more about their fascinating heritage.

History of this website

This website was conceived by the Australian-Kytherian James Prineas in 2001 who works in the multimedia industry in Berlin, Germany. The concept was developed and established with the help of Angelo Notaras and George Poulos of Sydney who have tirelessly championed the project and inspired many members of the Kytherian community to realise the full potential of this rich historical repository and contribute funds to support it, particularly the Nicholas Aroney Trust, and many Kytherian patrons.
The website team is supported by the Kytherian Association of Australia through their monthly publication "The Kytherian". As the website grows we appreciate the many more Kytherians who are dedicating time and energy to the site.

The site went online in July 2003 and within 3 months more than 300 entries had been submitted to the site from all over the world.

The Core Team

James Prineas (Berlin). Concept, Team Leader Europe, PR. Here with wife Pia and boys Jasper and Louie while visiting Diakofti.

Angelo Notaras (Sydney) Team Leader Australia

George Poulos (Sydney). Lead-Collator and Australian Administrator.

Vikki Vrettos Fraioli (California), Team Leader

Terry Chlentzos-Keramaris (California), Team Leader

Robin Tzannes (New York) Kythera Museum of Natural History Curator
John Stathatos (Kythera) Kythera Cultural Association Director

Special thanks go to Christopher Jones (Berlin) who was responsible for the design of Kythera-Family.net, and to Stephan Jensen and Mathias Kutzner of Skygate Internetworking GmbH (Berlin) who programmed the site to the highest standards.

This Website System

The cultural archive website system - called "Culturesafe" - developed here for Kythera is now available for other national, regional, ethnic and cultural groups. With the proceeds of further sales of this system we hope to be able to improve it continuously and to maintain its place as the finest online community archiving system of its kind.

We have implemented the system for a German district - www.ellerntal.net - and its flexibility and viability for other groups has thus been confirmed. If you are interested in aquiring our culturesafe system for your community please contact us at contact@culturesafe.net for further details.