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How to use the Message Board section:
This is where you can search for lost Kytherian relatives and as well as seek answers to even the most difficult Kytherian questions. You can also announce events and activities associated with Kythera.
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Joanne Casimates
Info on relatives (0)
My name is Joanne Casimates and my grandparents were all born in Kythera. My mother is Catherine Calligeros Casimates and my father, who passed away 6 months ago at the age of 91, is Peter ...
Valerios Calocerinos
Friends, I would like to remind you that MIGRATORIUM is taking place for the first time in Sydney at The Factory Theatre this Thursday 13th. We have a great show planned and we hope to see you ...
John Calligeros
info on relatives (0)
posted many years ago, and hope some new members may have information..looking for CALLIGEROS/KALLIGEROS from kalamos..grandfather was john, who married katerina(?cominos?) and had ...
Karavitiko Symposium, Sydney
****Lets go to the Karavitiko 2014**** (0)
You are invited to come along and enjoy a superb meal including drinks to celebrate the Feast Day of Άγιος Χαράλαμπος (Ayios Haralambos). Annual Karavitiko Symposium Luncheon ...
Irene Van Klinken
Adopt a Cat on Kythera (0)
Adopt a cat is a private, non governmental project on the island of Kythira / Greece. Our aim is to collect money and gather support in order to help kytherian cats lead a happier, healthier and ...
Kytherian Newsflash
Access to 100+ years old Kytherian Newspapers (0)
Take note of a very exciting, newly-created website: http://ksa-press.gr/index.php/kyth-newspapers/kithiraikos-typos All the old Kytherian newspapers are being progressively scanned ...
Roxy Museum Bingara
***Join us at the Official Opening ot the Bingara Roxy (Greek) Museum!*** (0)
Bingara is planning a great weekend. Come and smash some plates! When Saturday and Sunday 5th & 6th April 2014 Where Bingara, NSW • Official opening ceremony • Movies ...
Crystal Conomos
Looking for Conomos relatives. Originating from Kythera/Kythira Island (1)
Hi my name is Crystal. I was born 1991. My father is Michael (Mike) Conomos born 1950 in Australia. His father is Michael (Mick) Conomos born 1922. Looking for his father and other relatives. ...
Kytherian Association Of Australia
Kytherian Association of Australia November Dance (0)
A great night out - Bring your friends! Join us for Dinner, Drinks and loads of Dancing Catch up with old friends, meet new ones! Don’t miss out, Book early! View / download a colour ...
Kytherian World Heritage Fund
Big Long Greek Book Sale and Open Day (0)
View / Download a .pdf version of this invitation here: BigLongGreekBookSale ad3s.pdf ALL ...
Archaeology On Kythera
Invitation to attend an archaeology presentation by Aris Tsaravopoulos (0)
Presented by the UNION THE WORLDWIDE ANTIKYTHERIANs *SAINT MYRON * IPSILANTOU 99-101 185 32 PIRAEUS TEL / FAX: MOBILE : 6942 259 116 The lecture isd entitled The ...
Alexander Riedmüller
Thanks to all supporters of my fieldwork stay on Kythera in October 2013 (0)
Dear Kytherians, Dear interviewees; Many thanks to all who supported to the success of my fieldwork stay on Kythera during the last weeks. Your friendliness, competence and willingness to ...
Valerios Calocerinos
The Parthenon Sculptures:Four Concerns for Restitution (0)
Hi There, I would like to share this message from Tom Kazaz. Citizens, On Saturday 16 November 2013 at around 3pm, I am giving a talk entitled 'The Parthenon Sculptures: Four Concerns for ...
Rebecca Messina
Churches on the Island (2)
Does St. Spyridon still exist on the island? If so, where/which town or village is in near? Thank you. RLM
Kytherian Association Of Australia
Kytherian Association Aged Care Trust Art Union (0)
Tickets only $100 3 Chances in 1000 to win one of these prizes Tickets Available NOW! WIN A GREAT CAR First Prize: Valued at $42,918.00 NEW Toyota RAV4 GXL - AWD 2.5L Petrol ...
Kytherian World Heritage Fund
The Big Fat Greek Book Launch & Fair (0)
You are invited to the launch of many new Greek books, together with other published books in the English and Greek language. With over 30 back titles, this is the biggest Greek book fair ...
Valerios Calocerinos
The Book Of Vilah - OCT 20 -Django Bar - Marrickville (0)
The Book Of Vilah will be performing the music from the full performane at the Django Bar in Marrickville, downstairs of the Camelot Lounge - (Cnr 103 Railway Pde & 19 Marrickville Rd, ...
Peter (Panagiotis) Prineas
Bingara Roxy Museum to open Sat 5th April 2014 (0)
Join us at the opening celebrations of the Roxy (Greek) Museum at Bingara in northwestern NSW on Saturday 5th April 2014. Greek-style street festival and gala dinner. Further details of the ...
Peter (Panagiotis) Prineas
Advance Notice - Opening of Bingara Roxy Museum (0)
A date has been fixed for the official opening early next year of the Roxy (Greek) Museum at Bingara in northwestern NSW. Opening formalities and celebrations will take place on Saturday 5th ...
Alexander Riedmüller
Call for interview partners for PhD field research on Kythera from October 2nd till October 17th 2013 (reminder) (0)
As part of my field research stay on Kythera from October 2nd till October 17th 2013 I’m looking for some english-speaking interview partners. The PhD research is centered on the the ...

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