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This cultural archive website for the island of Kythera would not have been possible without the generous donations of the patrons and sponsors listed below. Their donations will help keep alive the memories of our ancestors and to preserve Kytherian heritage to the benefit of the whole Kytherian community.

In addition to the patrons and sponsors listed below, I'd like to give a special thanks to John Fardoulis, who generously donated the domain Kythera.info to us, which will allow us to become even more visible to the Kytherian community.

PATRONS (donations of $2,000 or more):

Nicholas Anthony Aroney Trust
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Ladies Auxiliary, Kytherian Association of Australia, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Kytherian Association of Australia
Sydney, Australia

Bank of Sydney
Tel: +61(0)2 8262 9071 Fax: +61(0)2 9283 7723
Address: Level 4, 219-223 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000
Post: GPO Box 4288, SYDNEY NSW 2001
Email: Email, Bank of Sydney
Web: http://www.banksyd.com.au

Faros-Wilson Family. John, Dara, Jack, Madeline, & Tessa. Mosman, NSW, Australia

Cos & Toni Protopsaltis
Centennial Hotel, Woollahra, NSW, Australia

Karavitiko Symposium of Sydney
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Kytherian Society of California
San Francisco, California, USA

Kytherian Association of Queensland, Inc.,
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Atom Industries, Sydney

Angelo and Mary Notaras
Bellevue Hill, NSW, Australia

John Notaras and daughter Melanie Notaras
Dover Heights, NSW, Australia

Mitchell and Benta Notaras
London, England

Brinos & Spiro Notaras
Grafton, NSW, Australia

John & Koula Notaras
Forrest, ACT, Australia

Jim (Dimitri) Harry and Sophia Notaras
Forrest, Canberra, ACT
Dedicated to their late fathers Harry Dimitri Notaras and Nicholas Theodore Cassidy (Cassimatis).

Con and Angela Poulos
Pendle Hill, NSW, Australia
They dedicate their donation to their parents, George & Olympia (Tzortzo)Poulos, and Triunduphilo Koroneos & Georgia (nee, Mentis), all of Karavas.

Lorraine & George Poulos Dover Heights, Sydney, NSW, Australia
They dedicate their donation to second maternal yia-yia, Kirranni Souris, and Aunty Toula Vaggis, cousins George & Nick Vaggis & Uncles Theo, Nick & Manual Koroneos (Belos), from Karavas.

Emmanuel John Comino and Matina Comino
Kogarah Bay, NSW, Australia

Alfa Insurances Pty Ltd
41 Regent St, Kogarah, NSW, Australia

Peter and Gail Comino
Vaucluse, NSW, Australia

Jim & Mary Conomos
Strathfield, NSW, Australia
They dedicate their donation to James and Kathleen Zantis & Poppy and Archie Faros.

Nick Feros & Family
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Theo & Rene Feros.
Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

Ireni Gavrily
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Kathy and Emmanuel Harris
Vaucluse, NSW, Australia

George J Zantis
Hurlstone Park, NSW, Australia

Eleni Aroney Kamari
Gillman, South Australia, Australia.
Dedicated to her father, Peter N Aroney, & grandfather, Nikolaos P Aroney.

Mark Drolc, graphic designer,
Level 1, 135-137 Harris Street, Pyrmont.

.._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _

Generous donations were also received from the following sponsors:

Irene and Peter Andrews, Andrews Meats Sydney, Australia
Dedicated to their parents who originally hailed from Accrata and Egypt.

Paul and Irene Dermatis Coogee, NSW, Australia

John George Prineas, South Coogee, NSW, Australia.

Paul Dracakis NSW, Australia

Emmanuel Kalligeros Athens, Greece

Victor & Kathy Kepreotis Bardwell Valley, NSW, Australia

Tony Panaretos Dubbo, NSW, Australia

Mr Nick and Mrs Sophia Pittas Goulburn,NSW, Australia

Eric Poulos & Elisabeth Devine Gladesville, NSW, Australia

Peter Poulos & Lynn Hespe Jannalli, NSW, Australia

Phillip Poulos Greystanes, NSW, Australia

Jim and Maria Samios Coogee, NSW, Australia

St George Smallgoods Sydney, NSW, Australia

Peter & Chrissa Vlandis
Dolls Point, NSW, Australia

Mr Peter & Mrs Irene Andrews & family of
Andrews Meat Industries. Sydney, NSW, Australia

Tina & Toula Feros.
Rose Bay, NSW, Australia.

Andy (O Psomas) & Nikki Coroneo & Family
Vaucluse, Sydney, NSW, Australia

George J Sourris.
Aspley, Queensland, Australia.

Kosmas & Effie Sclavos & family
Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia.

Spiros & Poppy Cavalinis & Family
Maroubra, NSW, Australia.

John & Elly Comino & Family
Vaucluse, NSW, Australia

Peter & Aspasia Kentrotis & Family
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Peter & Aspasia Patti & Family
Tugan, Queensland, Australia

Alexandria Poteri
Taringa, Queensland, Australia

.._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _

Further funds are required to process the enormous amount of information being received for the website. Kytherian's from the USA, France, England and many other parts of the globe are now logging on. Please help. If you would like more information about sponsoring please contact:

George Poulos
Information Technology Section,
Kytherian Association of Australia,
tel. 02 93 88 83 20
fx. 02 93 88 73 82

Email George Poulos

Donations can be made out to:

Kytherian Association of Australia - Kytherian World Heritage Fund

And posted to:

The Treasurer,
Kytherian Association of Australia
P. O. Box A203
Sydney South. 1235.

.._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _

Biographies and Dedications

Nicholas Aroney (Anastasopoulos)
Nicholas Anthony Aroney (Anastasopoulos) was born in Aroniathika, Kythera, on 14th February 1899. An only child, his mother died very early in his life; his father was far away in America. For some years Nick was in the care of his grandmother in Kythera; but it was a life of poverty. In 1914, at just fifteen years of age, he boarded a German ship bound for Australia. War intervened and they were to go no further than Batavia in Java. Nick was forced to find another ship to take him to Sydney. The long and tortuous trip was to end in 1914 in the small country town of Warren in New South Wales where he took up employment working for an uncle. Times were difficult; wages were very low, but through hard work and frugality, Nick was able to accumulate some capital. In 1919, he bought, together with his first cousin Nicholas Aroney (Papadominakos), the "New York Cafe" in the town of Nowra, 161 kilometres south of Sydney. More details about this part of his life can be found in Robyn Florance's book, A Touch of Greece in Junction Street. Greek Cafe Owners of Nowra. Years later, in 1936, they were to move to Wollongong, 80 kilometres further north, as proprietors of the "Spot Cafe". This, in turn, was sold in 1940 and Nick Aroney moved to Sydney where for some years during the war he was employed in the famous "Hotel Australia". He became the senior partner in a number of businesses in Sydney, notably the "Coronet Restaurant", the "Chicken Grill", and "St James Milk Bar"; he acquired as well substantial real estate interests.

Somewhat late in life, in 1962, Nick married Natasha, a lady of beauty, style and culture who had grown up in Vienna. Together they ran a small clothing manufacturing enterprise. It was a very happy marriage. They built a fine home in the prestigious suburb of Pymble and they made several trips to Greece, visiting on each occasion the beloved island of his childhood. Nick Aroney died in Sydney on 12th July 1986 at the age of eighty-seven years.

Nicholas Aroney left behind a trust fund, which since his death has funded dozens of important projects related to Kythera and Greece. Without his generous legacy this website would not have been possible.
.._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _