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The Guest Book section of the site is where you can let us know what you think of the site and of anything Kytherian in general.
Please Note: if you are trying to find relatives or information or would like to announce a Kytherian event, please don't put it here. It belongs on the message board .

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Katerina Labrinidou -
According to information from my cousin My greatgrandmother was born Stamatina Matina born Kritharis or Tzortzopoulos but most likely Kritharis because the grandfather and later the father of my grandmother born Maria Souris was lighthouse keeper from Karavas Stamatina married Dimitrios Souris the father of my grandmother My grandmother married my grandfather Eleftherios Kyriakidis Hiletis nickname to the year 1906 She had a sister who died young Erofili das 1920 and two brothers Panayiotis and Minas who emigrated to the United States or Australia Brothers Kritharis may be parents with me if their ancestor was indeed this lighthouse keeper named who died accidentally when he was fishing with dynamite
Anna Vorhauer -
From 1973 untill 1994 I used to visit my family in Agia Pelagia mr and Mrs Koksma my grandparents Love this site miss Kythera and my family My heart is still there
Rebecca Messina -
Good day Inquiry only Are there any Leontarakiss still living in on the island Fratsia Thank you RLM28358686
Mick [Μινας] Georgas [Γεωργας] - QLD Australia
My father from karava Diakopoulianika my mother from mitata Prineas my grand father from karava Nickname Menegas my grand mother Gianoula from Brogi there had 8 childrens Mina Ioani Theodoro Haralambo my father girls Efstathia Xrisoula Georgitsa Kannela my granfathers father priest his grand father priest 9 generations grand grand father all priest i come to australia 1954 i had business at Narrabri for 12 years with my Brother Peter my youngest brother hi living at Agia Pelagia Permanently George with his Wife Rita my oldest Brother Peter Living QLD Capalaba with his wife Maria thx to Kythirian Family all the People there work for community BRAVO many thx Mick Sixaritiria
Annette mitchell - West palm beach f;
Family village of origin: Keramouto

My Father, John Cassimatis was born in Karamouto anf immigrated to Vandergrift PA around 1912. He married my mother, Helen Mazarakis around 1914 in Vandergrift. My grandfather, was Theodore Cassimatis and was the local priest in Karamouto. I am proud to be "first generation of these wonderful Kytherians. Annette Cassimatis Mitchell
Nadi Nadi - 38dEuhMN
Family village of origin: Diakofti

Hello,Thank you for your comment. I am arifad I do not understand exactly were the problem lies. Coud you please be more explicit? We are about to install the signs with boastings which will complete the directional signage of the trail. In addition, on of the most important of signs has been brutaly removed. Thank you,The kythera hiking team
France's Peter Vlantis solovieff Vlantis - United States
Family village of origin: Kalokerines

I love Kythira and I am saving to visit again. I want to bring my three son's and husband to see the Most wonderful place in the world!
Helen Tziolis - Australia
Hi Connie I am Helen Tziolis Costa is my first cousin and John is his brother If you want to know more contact me Love Helen
Stavroula Provataris - Sydney, Australia
Family village of origin: Agia Anastasia

What a great site I am Stavroula Provataris My Father Andreas and his brothers Tasos and Soutiris were born in Agia Anastasia Potamos My cousins Dino Panayoti and Evita are also living on the island would love to be in touch with anyone that can give me information on our family history
Alexis Bante - altadena , CA.
Family village of origin: Zaglanikianika

My grandmother was Chrysanthy Kavezos from Zaglanikianika. She had some brothers that emigrated to Australia. I have met one of her nephews ,I believe Jim or John and his nephew (my cousin) Jim when he took a trip to the states. I also met the elder Jim's daughter who was living in Florida at the time.
Margaret Lucas Nee Kavazos - Australia
Family village of origin: Zaglanikianika

My grand father (John Kavazos) and his two brothers (Nickolas and Angelo) immigrated to Australia in 1908 leaving their village of Zaglanikianika. I returned in 2001 with my father and planning to return again in July 2013. If anyone has any information regarding this family history I would love to make contact with you. Regards Margaret
evangelia dascarolis -
I am not of Kytherian originhave visited Kythera have many Kytherian friends My experiences have all been happy positive The idea of the Kyth Family net is great interesting for outsiderslike me The links to the Patridawill never be broken E D
evangelia dascarolis - canberra
I am not of Kytherian originhave visited Kythera have many Kytherian friends My experiences have all been happy positive The idea of the Kyth Family net is great interesting for outsiderslike me The links to the Patridawill never be broken E D
Joan Bouteris - Australia
Known as Anna - christened as Ioanna Bouteris daughter of Demetre Theodore Bouteris (immigrated to Australia 12th March 1938). Please contact me - would love to hear from you to know more about my family history.
Adele Catsoulis - Brisbane, Australia
Family village of origin: Potamos

What a great site! Hi Aunty Chris :) (Chris Goopy)
Sharon Olsson - Australia
Family village of origin: Mitata

My biological Father came to Australia from Mitata in 1943 from what we can discern. His name was Minas Preneas and I did not meet him until I was 30 and unfortunately only one meeting. Is there anyone out there who might know some information regarding my heritage.
George Mazarakis -
Hello to all My grandfather George Arthur Mazarakis immigrated to the US around 1915 along with his brother Michael and his sisters He married Alexandra Kassimatis and had two children Arthur my Father and my Aunt Pauline who is still with us I have had the good fortune to visit Kithera twice and it is such a great place Hope to be again someday
Our grand father was from Athens , I know some people, relatives from peristeri Athens. Grand fathers name Xristos.
Michael Barzu - Canada
Please help. I would really like to find a very dear friend from 22 years ago in Zaire, Nicolas Stratigos, had a pharmacy in Kinshasa, married to Chrisa, three daughters. He is from Kytera as I remember and I would love to know they are all well.
Kristie Marendy -
My Grandad Paul originated from Greece When he went to Kythera despite not being there for many years they recognised him as a Marendy although I am not sure what it was over there Marentis I think I would love to go to Greece one day

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