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26774: Please Help Me Find My Yia Yia's Icon of Theotokos

submitted by Julie Courson on 01.09.2020

Hello Kytherian family,


My name is Julie Courson I am the niece of the late Bessie Gianakos from Claremont, California.

She belonged to the Kytherian Society of Califonia.  I am looking for the icon of the Theotokos and 

Jesus that orignally belonged to my Yia Yia - Helen Nee Zantiotis Gianakos. My Yia Yia Helen and

Bessie atttended St Nectarious Church in Covina, CA.


I am told by Bessie's friend that she may have given icon to someone - a friend in the Kytherian Society

from California.  The icon is from Greece part of my Yia Yia's church and means a great deal to me as she prayed

in front of this icon.  The icon is silver with fleshly painted faces and is about 5x7, in size portraying the Theotokos

(Mother Mary of God) holding Jesus in her arms.  The Theotokos is also my saint.


If anyone knows who may have received it I would like to get it back since it belongs to my family.

We are willing to pay to get the icon back since it is part of my Greek heritage as my Yia Yia was from 




Respectfully yours,


Julie Courson

San Juan Capistrano, CA






submitted by
Vikki Vrettos Fraioli
on 01.09.2020

26776:Hi Julie, I hope you have luck in finding out any information that will lead this icon back to you. As I mentioned when we spoke, Bessie only met with a few of the members of the Kytherian Society a total of 3 times in Southern California as she was unable to attend our annual luncheons because of the distance. Unfortunately, she never mentioned the icon to any of us. I know how important and precious this icon is to your family. I wish you the best of luck.

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