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Kytherian Migration Conference Sept. 2004

Historic Diaspora and Contemporary Massive Population Movements

Kythera, 17th to 19th September 2004

Kytherian Migration: Historic Diaspora
and Contemporary Massive Population Movements

Download the entire programme here:

Sections of the Conference

1. Presentation and analysis of the Kytherian historic diaspora in the transatlantic countries in the context of the wider Hellenic diaspora (historic diaspora and diaspora of the 20th century). In this section, the aim is to examine the integration of Kytherian immigrants in their host countries, their social and economic activities, the preservation of their national identity, their concern for the problems of their homeland and their contribution in dealing with various problems arising in the place of their stay (benefaction).

2. Review and analysis of the domestic immigration from Kythera to other parts of Greece either in search of a better life or education. Also a review and analysis of the migration of mainland Greeks to Kythera for short or long periods of time for economic or other reasons. In addition, special emphasis will be given to the seasonal Kytherian migration to neighbouring or other Greek regions for the cultivation and harvest of agricultural produce in those regions (18th century - 1821). A more particular area of research in this section would constitute the consequences of the population movements in the economic and social structures and in the demographic developments of Kythera.

3. Discussion of the various characteristics of contemporary economic aliens who have settled in Kythera (from other countries as well as from the European Union) in terms of their country of origin, educational level, age, gender, family situation, living conditions, economic activity, extend of integration in the island's social structure, medical care, the education of their children and their contribution to the island's economic development

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