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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 11.05.2016

Chrissa Fatseas photography

Chrissa Fatseas photography in potamos next to the pharmacy , for all your photographic  needs while on the island .. Chrissa can photograph your special function from lunches, dinners , birthday parties , family reunions summer excursions, to weddings . also large  range of photo albums ,   picture frames , also Chrissa can place photos of kythera on coffee cups , calendars, key rings , fridge magnets  biros , etc. .. perfect presents to bring back home , photos of all ...

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submitted by Dimitra Hengen on 02.11.2010

Usb Flash Drive Wireless Internet in Kythira: Cosmote or Vodaphone?

If you are planning to stay in Kythira for long periods of time, you may want to use a continuous source of internet connexion, one you can use everywhere on the island. Well, almost everywhere.
I tried USB flash drives from both Cosmote and Vodaphone. While the Cosmote is easy to install and use on a MAC, it does not work everywhere on the island. I actually discovered that is is pretty limited in range and in signal strength. The same device from Vodaphone is a much better choice as it allows ...

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submitted by Dimitra Hengen on 02.11.2010

Limoni Restaurant - Kapsali

The Limoni Restaurant was for me the best place to work using the fastest Wifi signal I found on the island. I used to sit on the terrace, plug in my charger right by the window, enjoy the scenery, the food and the drinks. I could go for a swim right there, and come back to my favorite table where I left my equipment under the watchful eyes of the owner, Kostas and Iota. I met a lot of nice people during those long afternoons or evenings and would go off for a walk along the water front when i got ...

18110:Tourist Information > Internet & Wireless

submitted by Dimitra Hengen on 02.11.2010

Ble Cafe

The Blue (Ble cafe) in Agia Pelagia - First cafe as you enter the waterfront area in the village.

One of the highest speed WiFi I have used on the island. The friendly owner, Theodoris Fatseas keeps the system up and running all the time. I have spend hours on their waterfront terrace sipping on French cafes and working on my laptop. You can plug in your charger right on the pole and enjoy the music and the scenery.

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submitted by Alexander Riedmüller on 03.10.2008

Wireless internet hot spot at Astikon Cafée in Potamos

On my search for an suitable intenet connection on kithira, I've found an wireless internet hot spot at the Astikon Caffée in Potamos. The caffée is situated just opposite the main church on the left side, only a few steps away from the main place. If You don't have Your own computer, they've a public computer with internet access in the caffée too, which is free to use.

15460:Tourist Information > Internet & Wireless

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 23.05.2008

The big Café in Potamos

For the last couple of years I've been going to Kythera I've been plugging in my laptop to the DSL system at the big (lower) café in Potamos. They have a computer connected to it, so if you don't have a laptop you can use it, if it's free, which it often isn't. If you have a laptop take an ethernet cable with you so you can plug straight into their router and not have to wait for the computer to be free.