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23871:Academic Research > History

submitted by Effy Alexakis on 07.05.2017


Macquarie University researchers Effy Alexakis & Leonard Janiszewski will be presenting 3 lectures at the end of May in the Riverina district of NSW:

Thursday 25 May – 2.00pm
Address: Wallendoon Street, Cootamundra
Bookings: Penny Howse 02 6940 2200

Thursday 25 May – 6.00pm
Address: 294 Hoskins Street, Temora
Bookings: Eileen England ...

23458:Academic Research > History

submitted by Peter (Panagiotis) Prineas on 10.09.2016


A literary and documentary film event


Thursday 6 October 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm


a screening of




Introduced by Associate Professor Nicholas Doumanis

with a talk by Peter Prineas who made this 30 minute documentary

for the 80th anniversary of the Roxy Theatre at Bingara ...

19928:Academic Research > History

submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 03.03.2012

Review of Maria Hill's book, Diggers and Greeks

Digging up truths behind Anzacs in Greece

Author: By The Canberra Times
Publisher: The Canberra Times
Publication: The Canberra Times , Page 14 (Sat 10 Apr 2010)
Keywords: Greece (6)
Edition: PA

by Dr Michael McKernan

[[picture:"Diggers and Greeks photo.jpg" ID:19929]]

Photograph: March 1941. In the rocky tombs and catacombs of the Ancient Greeks, men of the Australia Infantry Forces ...

15574:Academic Research > History

submitted by John Stathatos on 26.06.2008


David Gill, a member of the Department of Classics, Ancient History and Egyptology at Swansea University, Wales has started a blog devoted to the history of the British School at Athens. The following is listed from a recent post:

Three former BSA students were commissioned as officers in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR): Richard M. Dawkins (1871-1955), John C. Lawson (1874-1935), and William R. Halliday (1886-1966). Their role was to monitor the activity of German submarines ...

14058:Academic Research > History

submitted by Hellenic Communication Service on 13.09.2007

The Speros Basil Vryonis Center for the Study of Hellenism

The Speros Basil Vryonis Center for the Study of Hellenism
3140 Gold Camp Drive, Suite 50
Rancho Cordova, California 95670

The Vryonis Center

The Library of The Speros Basil Vryonis Center for the Study of Hellenism

The Speros Basil Vryonis Center for the Study of Hellenism is a private, non-profit institute devoted to the study of the historical evolution of Greek civilization. The Center, which was established over ...

11578:Academic Research > History

submitted by Institute Of Kytheraismos on 02.03.2007


The new spirit of the Kytherian Diaspora



Hellenic Club,

15 -17 September 2006


Institute of Kytheraismos
81, Heroon Polytechniou,
GREECE 185 36

tel: 0030-210-4599414,
fax: 0030-210-4599415

11123:Academic Research > History

submitted by Kytherian Cinema Review on 13.08.2006

The Cinematic Mystical Gaze: The Films of Peter Weir. By, Richard James Leonard.

9596:Academic Research > History

submitted by Karen Crowe on 26.01.2006

Single-Screen Cinemas are History! The counter-trend resuscitation of historic picture theatres in regional NSW

postgraduate online journal
University of Wollongong

Microsoft Word - karen crowe paper.doc [pdf 40kb]

Access through kythera-family website:


“Historic ...

8864:Academic Research > History

submitted by John Yiannakis on 02.01.2006

Kalgoorlie between the Wars: a mine of racism? Dr. John Yiannakis.

Chapter Five

"The bloody foreigners were attacking Australians in their own country. Tempers flared: volunteers were called for".

Manning Clark on the 1934 Kalgoorlie riots,
History of Australia [1]


On three notable occasions, the gold mining town of Kalgoorlie was the scene of anti-southern European rioting – in 1916, 1919 and 1934. While the existing historiography of both the 1916 [2] and 1919 riots ...

8854:Academic Research > History

submitted by Modern Greek Studies Association on 31.12.2005

Modern Greek Studies Association. Symposium. 3-5 November 2005. Palmer House Hilton, Chicago.


To view, read and/or download a copy of the program:


8853:Academic Research > History

submitted by John Yiannakis on 02.01.2006

Hellenes in Western Australia:

: A century of changing relations,
responses and contribution.

Dr John Yiannakis

Organisation: University of
Western Australia

Australia was a society that dreaded the “mixing of races” and was obsessed with protecting racial purity. Such sentiments were well expressed by Western Australia’s Premier John Forrest who, in 1897, concluded debate about his state’s Immigration Restriction Bill by saying “we desire to restrict ...

8831:Academic Research > History

submitted by Effy Alexakis And Leonard Janiszewski on 30.12.2005

The ‘Greek café’: the future of Australias past.

Australians from non-English speaking background have impacted greatly upon Australia’s development, yet the nation’s grand historical narratives and symbols only reveal their presence as limited entities.

Indeed, Australia’s past has been over-run and comprehensively overwhelmed by research and interpretation through an English language base. This has essentially created a myopic, monocultural vision that has effectively alienated, marginalised, and even left broadly unacknowledged, ...

8298:Academic Research > History

submitted by Association Of Kytherian University Professors on 07.10.2005

A Conducted Tour in Istanbul and Cappadocia

Written by Professor Vasilis Leftheris


We take a tour mainly to break with the routine of every day living, for sightseeing, but also for learning. Another dimension of a tour is to make visual connections with history. If we are of Anglo-Saxon descent we visit England, because of Shakespeare and Dickens and the whole history of the English people. We visit Italy because of the Renaissance period and the religious attraction of the Vatican, Greece ...

7965:Academic Research > History

submitted by Neos Kosmos, Melbourne on 21.08.2005

The National Centre for Hellenic Studies and Research.

La Trobe University's Bundoora Campus. Melbourne. Australia.

An excellent centre for Hellenism

By Giorgios Hatzimanolis

[[picture:"Tamis Professor La Trobe.jpg" ID:7964]]

Professor Tamis with his new book 'The Greeks in Australia.'

Nestled in the tranquil surroundings of La Trobe University's Bundoora Campus, The National Centre for Hellenic Studies and Research offers an ideal environment for those interested ...

6636:Academic Research > History

submitted by Effy Alexakis And Leonard Janiszewski on 30.03.2015

American Beauties at the Niagara: The marriage of American food catering ideas to British-Australian tastes and the birth, life and demise of the classic Australian ‘Greek cafe’.

Rural and Regional Conference Papers presented at the National Trust of Australia (NSW) Conference
on 10 March 2003
National Trust Centre
Observatory Hill

Out There?

The National Trust of Australia (NSW)

This collection follows the Out There? Conference which was held at the S. H. Ervin Gallery at the National Trust Centre at Observatoty Hill on 10 March 2003.

In accordance with the conference, ...

6559:Academic Research > History

submitted by Kevin Cork on 16.02.2005

Cinema as Place.

The case of picture theatres in a group of towns and villages in the Central West of New South Wales

Published in:


No. 49. 1995.

Supported and produced by the Department of Architecture, University of Sydney for People and Physical Environment Research.

People and Physical Environment Research objectives are to facilitate communication among those persons ...

6414:Academic Research > History

submitted by Damian N. Andronicus on 05.02.2005

Stamps. The Seventh Island. A Short Philatelic History of Kythera.

Volume 17. No. 64. Fourth Quarter, 1986. pp.62-67.
[ISSN 0950-3102]

by Damian N Andronicus

[[picture:"Stamps Porcacchi Map.jpg" ID:6407]]

Map 1. The Seventh Island.
Map of the island of Cerigo, the southernmost Ionian Island, Cythera (Greek:Kythera). Copper plate engraved map on a page from atlas of Tomaso Porcacchi, "Isole del Mondo" published in Padua c1585. (Andronicus ...

6275:Academic Research > History

submitted by Jim Tzannes on 25.01.2005

Western Australia. The Greek presence in Western Australia: an outline history.

Multicultural Communities Online. Official Publication of the Online WA Multicultural Communities Gateway.

Volume 3, Issue 4 October 2002 Page 9


The Greek presence in Western
Australia: an outline history

By: Dr John N. Yiannakis.

Until recently it was accepted that the first Greek to arrive in W.A. was a Castellorizian ...

5960:Academic Research > History

submitted by George Poulos on 30.12.2004

Relationships and Identities as 'Storied Orders': A Study in Three Generations of Greek-Australian Women.

Eleni Petraki, 2003
PhD, University of Queensland.

Here is the beginning of an abstract you can read at

This thesis seeks to investigate the construction of relationships and identities within three generations of Greek-Australian women through their narrated stories and other aspects of their interaction. Ethnomethodology, conversation analysis and membership categorisation analysis were ...