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Society of Kytherian Studies

2017 - Book Sales List

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Language - Greek

Books Available from the Society of Kytherian Studies

1. Kytherian Anthology. Various contributors. Price: €14

2. History of Kythera, Volumes A and B. Panayiotis Tsitsilias. Price: €15

3. The Kytherians of Smyrni and the Lost Homelands. Emmanuel Kalligeros. Price: €3

4. Kytherian Dictionary. Dimitrios Komis. Price: €18

5. Kythera in the Flight Path of the Migratory Birds. Theodoros Kominis. Price: €11

6. Reminiscences of a Physician. Charalalambos Kritharis. Price: €7

7. Population Census of Kythera in the 18th Century. (3 volumes). Maria Patramani, Antonia K. Marmareli, Emmanuel Drakakis. Price: €32

8. Palaeontology of Kythera. Antonios Bartziokas. Price: €10

9. Emmanuel Kasimmatis. Notary Public of Kythera. Emmanuel Drakakis. Price: €21

10. Poems and Stories of Kythera. Panos Fyllis. Price: €18

11. Registration Records of Kythera. Community of Estavromenos Chora & Aspasia Papadakis. Price: €15

12. Registration Records of Kythera. Community of Ioannou Prodromo & Emmanuel Kalligeros. Price: €15

13. Reminiscences of the War Years in Kythera. George Argyropoulos. Price: €7

14. Kytherian Surnames. Emmanuel Kalligeros. Price: €25

15. Registration Records of Kythera. Community of Panagias Ilariotissas Potamos & Emmanuel Drakakis. Price: €15

16. Popular Narrations from Kythera. Despina Damianou. Price: €15

17. Proceedings of the 8th Panionian Conference. 6 Volumes. Edited by Nikos Petrochilos. Price: €70

18. Travelling with the Society of Kytherian Studies in Places Formerly Occupied by the Greeks. Nikos Petrohilos. Price: €25

19. Demetrios Fanaris, Notary of Kythera. Helen Harou-Koroneo and Emmanuel Drakakis. Price: €20

20. Codex of Bishop Nektarios Veneris, Bishop of the Holy Episcopacy of Kythera (1697-1729). Xristina Kolovou, (under the supervision of George Leontsinis). Price: €20

21. Kytherian Migrants in Egypt with a Primary Emphasis on Alexandria. Professor Koula Kassimatis. Price: €25


22. Kytherian Toponamia (Place-Names). A Historical Geography of Kythera. Emmanuel Kalligeros. Price: €25


23. Smyrna. The Kytherian Areas. Koula Kasimatis. €30


24. Kythera. A Guide for Children. Despina M. Damianou. €12


25. Codex of the marriage licenses issued by the Holy Archbishporic of Kythera (1862-1887).  G. Leontsinis.  €35


26. The Idiom of Kythera. Description and Analysis. Georgia Katsouda. €25


Also published by The Society of Kytherian Studies



2 volumes


(Held in Kythera from the 21st to the 25th of May 2006). 



The Association’s publishing activity began in 1987 and has so far covered a significant range of topics. The Association’s books promote the local culture of Kythera and aim to publicize sources of local history along with other subjects related to literature, folklore, scientific research, traditions and the island’s local dialect.

Apart from books listed above, the Association publishes a magazine, the ‘Kytherian youth’, which was sponsored by the late Haralambos Kritharis. The magazine is available to young people and is also distributed to the Kytherian diaspora. Seven issues have been published so far.

Additionally the Society of Kytherian Studies has published a number of books called NOSTOS, which include articles on science, authored by Kytherian academics around the world.
The Society is the highest achieving Kytherian cultural institution for Kytherians in Greece.

Central distribution

The Association of Kytherian Studies

5 Themistokleous str., 8th floor, Athens 106 77

Tel: 210 3844915, 3838190
Fax: 210 38844915, 3820293


The President Nikolaos Petrochilos


The Secretary, Alexandra Lourantou


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