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Society of Kytherian Studies

Complete guide to publications

The Association of Kytherian Studies also includes among its objectives, the publication of books related to Kythera and especially its history. The Association’s publishing activity began in 1987 and has so far covered a significant range of topics. The Association’s books promote the local culture of Kythera and aims to publicize sources of local history along with other subjects related to literature, folklore, scientific research, traditions and the island’s local dialect. Apart from books, - a catalogue of which is following - the Association also publishes a magazine, the ‘Kytherian youth’, which was sponsored by the late Har. Kritharis. The magazine is available to young people and is also distributed to the Kytherian diaspora. Seven issues have been published so far.

Publications catalogue

Central distribution
The Association of Kytherian Studies
5 Themistokleous str., 8th floor, Athens 106 77
Tel: 210 3844915, 3838190
Fax: 210 38844915, 3820293

Poetry - prose

Athens 1987
Pages 400
Price: Euros 14

The first book published by the Association. An anthology of 55 works by Kytherian writers - or writers with an origin in Kythera. In this way, a small island like Kythera is making its presence known in the field of literature.

Panagiotis Tsitsilias


Volume A΄ 1993, pages 358
Volume B΄ 1994, pages 344
17 x 24cm
Price: Euros 15 each volume

An extensive work on the history of Kythera stretching from the depths of time until our era. A significant aid for those interested in the details of historical events. Especially interesting are the publications of letters, written by important figures related to Kythera, which help to clarify many events in the island’s history.

Emmanuel P. Kalligeros


Athens 1993
Pages 26
16,5 x 24cm
Price: Euros 3

The text of a lecture of the same title, organized by the Association of Kytherian Studies to commemorate 70 years since the destruction of Smyrna. The main topic of the lecture concernes the flourishing Kytherian community of Smyrna which was the city’s most populous Greek community. It includes interesting information from the life and activities of this particular community until its violent destruction by the Turks in 1922.

Dim. L. Komis (editor)


Athens 1996
Pages 504
17 x 24 cm
Price: Euros 18

A collection of idiomatic words of Kythera or words used idiomatically in Kythera too. A valuable aid for the comprehension of, and a linguistic approach to, local dialects in Greece through a characteristic society, like that of Kythera. It contains roughly 10,000 words and is prefaced by Professor Georgos I. Kassimatis. The work has been awarded by the Academy of Athens.

Theodoros P. Kominos

On the bird route

Athens, 1995
Pages 128
16.5 x 24 cm
Price: Euros 11

A thorough study and research concerning all the birds that nest in, or pass by, Kythera and the observations made in this regard. The book was published in cooperation with the Greek Ornithological Society and contains an index of bird names, common and scientific, along with maps and photos of wetlands and photos or sketches of birds.

Haralambos Evang. Kritharis

From the village, the hospital, his life

Athens, 1996
Pages 384
14 x 21 cm
Price: Euros 7

The book is a re-publication of a series of stories by the doctor and benefactor of the Association of Kytherian Studies, Har. Kritharis. Most have been published in books “From the diary of a doctor” (Athens, 1976), “Memories of a doctor” (Athens 1981) and “Kytherian Stories” (Athens, 1987). An appendix lists collaborations published in magazines and newspapers from different periods, as well as criticisms of the writer’s work.

Maria G. Patramani, Antonia K. Marmareli, Emm. G. Drakakis (editors)

Athens, 1997
Volumes 3
A΄, pages 484
B΄, pages 588
C΄, pages 132 (index)
21 x 28 cm
Price : Euros 32

A bulky and immensely interesting and thorough work containing the censuses conducted by Venetian authorities in 1721, 1724, 1753,
1760 ca, 1770 ca, 1772, 1784 and 1778. The work is prefaced by professor Hr. Maletzou and contains all the names - in order of family - of those included in the census along with their sex, age and social class.

Antonis Bartziokas


Athens, 1998
Pages 96
17 x 24cm
Price: Euros 10

A study of the paleontology finds in Kythera in which the author-researcher includes an interesting series of colour photographs of fossils. The book deals extensively with the geological formations encountered in Kythera.

Emmanuel G. Drakakis (editor)


Athens, 1999
Pages 504
17 x 24 cm
Price: Euros 21

An exceptionally interesting book for the study of the history of Kythera, containing 290 notary deeds, among the few that survive from that era. It contains remarkably interesting information about the social and economic life of Kytherians at a crucial period in the island’s history. The work is prefaced by professor Chr. Maltezou and contains an index of names, place names, monasteries and churches, as well as a valuable glossary, allowing for a thorough appreciation of the book, and an index of notary deeds.

Panos Fyllis


Athens, 1999
Pages 356
16.5 x 24cm
Price: 18 Euros

One volume containing five books under the title of “Tsirigotika” by the famous Kytherian literary man Panos Fyllis (Pan. Trifyllis), as well as 17 texts that are not included in the above collections. The publication was compiled by professor Georgios Leontsinis. At the end of the book is a biographical profile of P. Fyllis and the opinions of well known literary figures about his work.

Aspasia Papadaki (edit.)

Parish of Estavromenou in Hora 1671-1812

Athens, 2001
Pages 384
16.5 x 24cm
Price: Euros 15

The first book of registry certificates from the records of the Metropolitan church (for many years) of Kythera. It covers the time period from 1671 until 1812 and contains 1386 deeds, among which many hold special interest for the history of Kythera. It contains a comprehensive index of names and place names. The works is prefaced by professor Chr. Maltezou.

Emmanuel P. Kalligeros (edit.)

Parish of Agios Ioannis Prodromos, Strapodi 1687-1850

Athens, 2001
Pages 264
16.5 x 24 cm
Price: Euros 15

The second book related to archival material from the church records of Kythera. It contains 723 registry deeds from six registry records from the church of a small Kytherian village and are published in their original written form. The book is prefaced by professor Nikos Petrochilos and contains indexes with the names, surnames and place names found in the deeds.

Georgios D. Argyropoulos


Athens, 2002
Pages 120
14 x 21cm
Price: Euros 7

A retrospective account of the difficult times of the German/Italian occupation of Kythia, focusing on a specific period from this period. The writer elegantly depicts people,situations and places, and paints a picture of the period. The book is illustrated with water-colour paintings by Giorgos Drizos who also designed the cover.

Emmanuel P. Kalligeros

A historical, geographical and linguistic approach

Athens 2002
Pages 812
17 x 24cm
Price: Euros 25

The book presents information about family names in Kythera. It contains 256 surnames, some of which are still encountered in Kythera while others have disappeared. The book attempts to chart a map of names on Kythera and many interesting facts are mentioned about the island’s historic families. The work - prefaced by professor I. Kassimatis and, on behalf of the Association, the President, professor Nikos Petrochilos- contains an extensive introductory note about the creation and movements of Kytherian surnames.

Emmanuel Drakakis (edit.)

Parish of Panagia Ilariotissa, Potamos (1731-1856)

Athens, 2003
Pages 1161
17 x 24cm
Price: Euros 30

Another book with registries from the populous districts of Ilariotissa at Potamos. It includes six books, that have survived, containing a total of 2486 registry deeds. The volume was prefaced by the late Dim. L. Komis, on behalf of the Association of Kytherian Studies, and the history professor at the Panteion University, Ms Kaiti Aroni-Tsihli.

Despina Damianou
Popular narratives: Myths and tales of Kythera. Creative imagination and reality.

An original publication containing material from recent on-the-spot research in Kythera - stories, traditions, tales - with commentary and bibliography. The publication fills a gap in Kytherian bibliography and keeps alive popular cultural creativity.

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