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Society of Kytherian Studies

Support to third parties

The Association not only assisted experts in their studies dealing with Kythera, but also libraries and universities with its own publications. It has also backed cultural events in Kythera. More specifically, it:

A) assisted G. Danamos, Th. Komninos, A. Yiannitsaros and Th. Koukoulis in their research and studies concerning Kythera;

B) dispatched books to schools in Kythera, the Historical Archive of Kythera, the Potamos Philharmonic, members of Parliament of the Piraeus constituency and to universities in Crete and abroad;

C) assisted the high school with the necessary supervisory material and the Elementary School of Potamos with a computer;

D) undertook the costs and supervision of the publication of an honourary volume on the occasion of the appointment of the new Bishop of Kythera, Kyrillos Christakis, in 1989;

E) sponsored the publication of the first issue of the ‘Nostos’ scientific journal by the Group of Kytherian Academics;

F) organized an exhibition of Kytherian painters (1987) and a photography exhibition with subject matter drawn from Kythera (1998);

G) financially assisted the restoration of the ornate bell tower of Agia Marina at Drimonas and the historic church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Konteletous in Livadi.

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