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Society of Kytherian Studies

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The Society of Kytherian Studies is a non profit society based in Athens.
It was established in 1982 (Athens Court ruling 1386/82) and registered in the Associations Record of Athens (no. 11151/27.7.82).
Telephone numbers: 210-3838190, 210-3844915 fax: 210-3829004, 210-3844915.

A) Research in any subject related to Kythera and Antikythera
B) The dissemination of the findings of this research.
C) The preservation of monuments of art, history and literature
D) Providing moral support to individuals or organizations whose work corresponds with the purposes and aims of the Association.

A) Regular members: Scientists and scholars with an origin in Kythera and Antikythera and who reside in the area of the former Jurisdiction of the Capital, as well as scientists whose expertise and fields of interest can facilitate the Association to accomplish its aims.
B) Honourary members: Individuals who have provided decisive help in the Association’s efforts.
C) Corresponding members: Kytherian scientists living outside the region of the former area of the Jurisdiction of the Capital.
Note: Regular members of the Association amounted to 129 on 31/12/2002. Honourary members and corresponding members numbered 4 and 11 respectively.

The activities of the Society include:
1. Scientific publications and other scholarly work
2. Support of archaeological research on Kythera & Antikythera
3. Support of the historical archive of Kythera
4. Preservation and restoration of monuments
5. Conferences
6. Other activities (museum visits, lectures, excursions, guided tours)
To the left of this text you will find a list of documents submitted by the Society of Kytherian Studies.

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