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USA, St. Louis

Kytherian Society of St. Louis

President: Mr. Andrew Cassimatis

922 Queenbridge Street
Ballwin, MO 63021-6710

Tel.: (310) 394 5678

Brief History

Kytherian Society of St. Louis

The Society of St. Louis, Missouri, was founded in 1918 with 77 members. The first governing board included:
N. Lourandos, president
Anthony Kasimatis, vice-president
Theodore Leotsinis, treasurer
Anthony Stathis, secretary.

In 1933 the group renamed itself The Kytherian Society as its members had made frequent trips to Kythera which generated new interest and excitement.

Each year they, too, celebrate the Myrtidiotisa with an artoclasia on September 24 and include a mnimosimo (memorial service) to commemorate their beloved deceased relatives. Contributions are sent as charitable donations to the Gerokomio, hospital, churches, etc.

The Kytherian Society of St. Louis currently has 48 active members, and Andrew Kasimatis is the president.

A large number of member families have the surnames, Cominos, Pavlakis, Kasimatis and Leotsinis.

It is worth noting one of the deceased members of this St Louis' Kytherian Society, Theodore Souris from Petrounion, Kythera. When Theodore graduated from high school in Kythera he traveled to St. Louis where his father and uncles resided. He completed his undergraduate studies at Wayne State University with a degree in chemical engineering. He later earned his Master's degree from Washington University, in St. Louis. Subsequently he worked for the General Electric Company. He continued his scientific research and invented a very high endurance metallurgic composition, an alloy that he called "carbide." He patented this invention through the U.S. Patent Office. After he obtained sufficient funds he moved to Detroit where he founded the Carbide Technology Corporation, manufacturing car accessories made from this high endurance alloy. His company was quite successful in the American market. It held the 107th place among the 500 most successful privately owned companies in the United States.

Another great benefactor from St. Louis was Theodore Souris. He entirely financed the building section of the Gerokomio for the housing and caring of disabled seniors. He died suddenly in 1990. His uncles, Bill and John Souris, made a generous donation of $10,000 to the Gerokomio in his memory.

- Dr John Mavromatis

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