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John Stathatos

“Anamniseis apo ta Kythira tis Katochis” (“Memories of Kythera In the Occupation”)

Author: Georgios D. Argyropoulos
When Published: 2002
Publisher: Society of Kytherian Studies, Athens
Available: Kythera Cultural Association, Stavros' Bookshop in Chora
Description: In May 1942, Georgios Argyropoulos, then aged six, was sent by his father for safety from Athens to Kythera, together with his brothers and pregnant mother. Despite the title, war and occupation barely impinge on his account of an urban child’s discovery of the totally different rhythms and customs of village life in the middle of the last century. Inevitably tinged with nostalgia for a way of life now totally beyond recall, Argyropoulos’ direct and unpretentious narrative comes vividly to life, particularly his account of the complex family dynamics centring around the powerful matriarchal figure of Aunt Katerina, “the captain general of the clan”. Highly recommended.

The book is available from the offices of the
Society of Kytherian Studies
5, Themistocleous St, Athens,
tel. (+30)210-3838190
fax (+30)210-3844915

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