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submitted by Kytherian Brotherhood Of Canberra & District on 15.09.2005

DVD and Video of Kytherian Reunion Down Memory, 2003.


When Published: 2005


Available: G. P. O. Box 2815
Canberra ACT. 2601


Mr. Chris Lourandos

02 6254 7320

Description: Video and DVD, of Kytherian Reunion Down Memory Lane, held in Canberra, 17th and 18th May 2003, including numerous oral histories recorded during the event.


September, 2005.

It is just over two years since our Memorable Kytherian Reunion Down Memory
was held on 17th and 18th May 2003. Two hundred and twelve attended, aged from 4 months old Maya Vakin, up to 96 year old Mrs Stamatoula Comino. Some met up with friends and re1atives they had not seen for over 50 years.

It was fortunate that we had the Reunion recorded on video (seven hours plus of it) as some excellent historical comments and stories were told.

At great expense we have edited the Reunion and have converted it to just under 4 hours on DVD’s. The comments and stories told may not be your own, but every Kytherian descendant can relate to it. It’s fabulous history of our forefathers, for our generation and our children’s children for Kytherian and Australia’s history. It was the Kytherian’s who pioneered the road to Australia for all Greeks. We can be veiy proud of our forefathers.

I have dedicated this DVD to the memory of all Kytherian’s who migrated to Australia from Kythera, especially to those Kytherian’s who through circumstances were never able to return and visit their loved ones again.

On the DVD’s you will hear of the good and sad times. You will hear about the Australian born Kytherian lady who visited Kythera for the first time at age 50 and stated she grew up in Australia as a “Xeni” and on visiting Kythera for the first time found she was treated by Kytherians also as a Xeni.

The man who said if his father spent halfa million dollars to educate him, he would not have learnt as much as “Serving behind the counter saying 'Yes Please'”.

You will see and read and also hear the sad letter written by a mother in Goulbum in 1936. She wrote to inform her mother in law in Kythera that their son had been killed in a car accident on a country road, and left her with four young children. Her promise was to live to bring up her four children, but a tragic end followed.

I know all Kytherians are proud of their heritage and I recommend that they obtain a copy of our set of 3 DVD’s.

No I short introduction of 22 mins for showing to friends
No 2 just under 2 hours
No 3 just under 2 hours

The set is not for sale but the Kytherian Brotherhood of Canberra would appreciate a donation of $75 + postage, per set towards our costs.

Phone Chris Lourandos, 02-62547320, for details. All donations to Kytherian Brotherhood of Canberra and District.

You may wish to buy a video set for each of your children to be able to reflect on the
Kytherian Reunion down Memory Lane.

The National Library of Australia have requested a copy to include in their Historical
Collection of the history of our Kytherian Pioneers to Australia and their descendants.
Something all Kytherians can be very proud of.

In appreciation of all who supported my idea of a Kytherian Reunion Down Memory Lane and their attendance at the reunion, I have included all their names in the credits on the DVD for the archives of “Kytherian History”

We will be launching this video after the celebration of Panayia Myrtidiotissa on Sunday 25th September, 2005, at 12 noon at the Hellenic Club, Canberra. Tea, coffee and Mezedes will be provided. Everyone is Welcome to attend.

Chris Lourandos

A 2004 photograph of Chris Lourandos

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