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submitted by George Poulos on 06.11.2004

Emmanuel Kassimatis, Notary of Kythera (1560-1582)

Author: Emmanuel G. Drakakis (editor)
When Published: 1999
Publisher: Society of Kytherian Studies
Available: Society of Kytherian Studies
Description: In Greek, 504 pages.

Cost: Euros 21

"An exceptionally interesting book for the study of the history of Kythira, containing 290 notary deeds, among the few that survive from that era. It contains remarkably interesting information about the social and economic life of Kythirians at a crucial period in the island's history.

The work is prefaced by professor Chrysa Maltezou and contains an index of names, place names, monatries and churches, as well as a valuable glossary, allowing for a thorough appreciation of the book, and an index of notary deeds."

The book is available from the offices of the
Society of Kytherian Studies
5, Themistocleous St, Athens,
tel. (+30)210-3838190
fax (+30)210-3844915

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