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submitted by Kytherian Cuisine on 08.11.2010

Feast Your Eyes. The Eye Health Cookbook

Author: compiled by Minas and Hellene Coroneo

When Published: 2010

Publisher: Genetic Eye Foundation Limited


Genetic Eye Foundation Limited
2 St Pauls Street,
Randwick NSW 2031

Phone: +61 2 9382 2493

Fax: +61 2 9382 2488

Email: Orders, Feast Your Eyes


Description: Paperback. Superbly designed.

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Feast Your Eyes. The Eye Health Cookbook - Feast_Your_Eyes_2

Feast Your Eyes
, produced in conjunction with, and featuring the recipes of eminent Australian Chefs (and 3 non-Aussies as well), is not an ordinary cookbook.

The contributing chefs are:

Alfonso Ales, Peter Howard, Neil Perry, Sergi Arola, Matt Jefferson, Mark Pilgrim, Maggie Beer, Mark Jensen, Mark Poulter, Maria Bernadis, Selvam Kandasamy, Dominique Rizzo, Shaun Bowles, Matthew Kemp, Luciana Sampogna, Stephane Bremont, Owen Lacey, Gert Schwarz, Logan Campbell, Anthony Sui Pui Liu, James Stapely, Javier Codina, Megan McCulloch, Mirco Speri, Dallas Cuddy, Jim Mailes, Garry Sullivan, Ragini Dey, Tess Mallos, Hadleigh Troy, Timothy Down, Luke Mangan, David Tsirekas, Ian Hemphill, Justin Miles, Daniel Watson, Kate Hemphill, Joe Pavlovich, Bryant Wells, Iain Hewitson, Carole Peck

As distinct from most other publications in this genre, Feast Your Eyes offers sound advice on eating for health as well as pleasure. The recipes featured in this book stimulate interest in the benefit of eating fresh, wholesome food at all times.

Included are informative chapters on eye health, written in language anyone can understand, by Professor Minas T. Coroneo, Head of Department of Ophthalmology, University of NSW at the Prince of Wales Hospital.

As many people know, Professor Coroneo’s primary concern is ophthalmologic advancement in the provision of eye care for his patients, public and private. Couple that with his natural curiosity in all things medical, a long held interest in the importance of nutrition and the compilation of this book became a, pardon the pun, consuming passion.

Feast Your Eyes is guaranteed to interest a wide variety of people for many reasons. Part cookbook, part instruction manual, this book makes a valuable contribution to the knowledge of how best to achieve maximum nutrition from the foods we eat. It is also
the heart-warming story of the boy growing up with his family in Scone NSW.

The reader will, we hope, following the considered advice offered, learn how to improve the quality of their general health, at the same time ensuring optimum nourishment for the eyes.

We live at a frenetic pace in an age when everyone is time poor and fast food franchises abound. Takeaway is the norm in some households and meals lacking nutritious value are often eaten on the run. If the media is to be believed, family gatherings around the table at mealtimes are a thing of the past, so it is timely to be reminded of the advantages of making the effort to change our diet for a favourable outcome.

After many years of deliberation, months of research, lots of reading and phone calls, it is with considerable excitement that we announce this project has come to fruition. The beneficiary of all moneys raised by the sale of this book will be the Genetic Eye Foundation, researching the newest developments in maintenance of care, solutions to currently untreatable eye problems, and helping to fund research for the bionic eye.

Please support us in this venture.

Feast Your Eyes would make an excellent Christmas present; a valuable addition to the cookbook collection in any household.

How many copies would you like to buy?

About the health cookbook, Feast Your Eyes
compiled by Minas and Hellene Coroneo

Mostly we take our eyes for granted. But their function is crucial to our lives. So how do we protect them? Diet modification protects not just our general health but also our eye health. Here is a delicious way to do it.

Legendary chefs have been asked to contribute a recipe using ingredients selected by the Genetic Eye Foundation as beneficial for eye health. Internationally renowned, up and coming chefs and cooking teachers have also contributed recipes. The recipes are intrinsic to the well-known Mediterranean diet.

The Genetic Eye Foundation (GEF) is a non-profit, charitable organisation which assists and educates the visually impaired, especially those with hereditary eye diseases, helps to maintain vision by public and professional teaching and continues with research related to the eye, particularly bionic eye research.

Proceeds from copies of this book will assist the Genetic Eye Foundation’s important research into eye diseases and the bionic eye.

Professor Minas Coroneo traces the history and evidence for the benefits of traditional diets such as the Mediterranean diet in relation to a number of common eye conditions including macular degeneration, dry eye, cataract and glaucoma.

Joint compiler of the recipes, Hellene Coroneo has been the practice manager of her husband’s busy ophthalmic practice in Randwick, NSW since 1991.

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submitted by
The Australian Newspaper
on 25.12.2010

Feast Your Eyes: The Eye Health Cookbook, edited by Minas Coroneo and Hellene Coroneo, Genetic Eye Foundation, 138 pp, $34.95 The Australian December 23, 2010 Review by Leigh Dayton Not since The Astronaut's Cookbook has a collection of recipes made it into The Lab. But who can go past a cookbook containing an introduction to bionic eye research? In the same way as ophthalmologist Minas Coroneo, the book pulls together unlikely ideas in a practical and entertaining way. Eye biology and diseases, JFK, skin cancer and eye-centring in classic portraits fit neatly with eye-friendly ingredients, the Mediterranean diet's anti- inflammatory secret and plenty of recipes. The latter are provided by 42 celebrity chefs, including Maggie Beer, Luke Mangan and Neil Perry. Oh, and Mrs Coroneo, whose "very easy spinach pie" is just that. To borrow from food author Michael Pollan: eat food, not too much, mostly plants, and buy this book. Available: Genetic Eye Foundation Limited 2 St Pauls Street, Randwick NSW 2031 Phone: +61 2 9382 2493 Fax: +61 2 9382 2488 Email: Orders, Feast Your Eyes Web: Description: Paperback. Superbly designed. Download Order Form for book: Feast_Your_Eyes_A.pdf

submitted by
Newcastle Herald
on 10.01.2011

A BITE FOR SORE EYES Article from the Newcastle Herald, Weekender Hunter-raised opthalmologist Minas Coroneo can see bountiful health benefits in the Mediterranean diet, writes NEIL JAMESON. In 2000, Minas Coroneo’s passion for public health caused him to stage an unusual protest. The eminent eye specialist, dismayed at the way the state’s hospitals were being ‘‘ransacked’’ to pay for the Sydney Olympics, packed his family off to Greece. There, near his parents’ birthplace on the island of Kythera, and using equipment donated by local charities, he set up a clinic in the island’s old folks’ home. Professor Coroneo was amazed by what he found. ‘‘Of the 61 patients, 40 per cent were over 80 and another 40 per cent over 90. [But] only 5 per cent showed evidence of macular degeneration. For Australians of this age, one would expect that about 40 per cent would suffer from this disease.’’ Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of blindness in Western countries. DOWNLOAD the remainder of the article, here: A_Bite_for_Sore_Eyes_-_Newcastle_Herald[1].pdf