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Robyn Florance

A Touch of Greece in Junction Street. Greek Cafe Owners of Nowra.

Author: Robyn Florance

When Published: 2006

Publisher: Shoalhaven Historical Society Inc

Available: Shoalhaven Historical Society Inc

Description: 44 page, A4 book, outlining the history of the Greek (largely Kytherian)presence in Nowra, and the surrounding towns of Berry and Milton.

ISBN: 0-9758469-1-4

A Touch of Greece in Junction Street. Greek Cafe Owners of Nowra. - Touch of Greece Cover

The publication, A Touch of Greece, the Greek Café Owners of Junction Street, Nowra was launched at 2:00 pm, on Saturday 19th August 2006 at the Kladis Estate Winery at Wandandian.

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Princes Highway,
Wandandian, 2540
NSW, Australia

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The Shoalhaven Historical Society launched the book, which was written by life member Robyn Florance.

"Research on the Greek Cafes began in 2003 when only two café's were known to exist. Through exhaustive research seven Greek cafes and their owners have been revealed. Steve Castrisos', Aroney Bros., the Nowra Café later known as Paul's Café and Shoalhaven, the New York Café, the Red Rose Café, The Spot and Peter's Café.

The stories of these cafes are one that links Nowra with the little known island of Kythera but is also the story of hundreds of country towns across Australia. The prosperity of the cafes was used to help and support many family members back home in Kythera.

They introduced espresso and cappuccino to the town and the European style art deco was something totally exotic and beyond the experience of many people. The café was the central meeting place, not only for customers but also the suppliers. It was a place where deals were done, and where news was spread.

With the end of 6 o'clock closing the local hotel expanded into an evening meeting place, clubs offered inexpensive dining rooms and the decline in picture patronage with the dawn of television the heyday of the Greek Café was over. Two of these café's survived until 2000 and 2001 respectfully, although a walk along Junction Street will reveal the existence of three Greek cafés by the tiled façade of these buildings.

By publishing this research we are promoting the existence of the Greek Café owners in our community, and the contribution they made to the local economy. It will also highlight the importance of some of the different forms in which our diverse cultural heritage can be experienced".

To order a copy of the book, contact

Robyn Florance

Shoalhaven Historical Society

Phone: 44293564 (BH)

Email Robyn Florance

Email President of SHS, Lynne Allen

Shoalhaven Historical Society Inc.,
PO Box 301
Nowra, NSW. 2541.

02 44460297

Price: $17.50 including postage & handling, within Australia.

To view and/or download .pdf reports about the event from the South Coast Register, Nowra.

Article; Historical Happenings with Alan Clark, Wednesday, August 23, 2006, page 17, Greek Presence in Junction Street.


Article; A Great Greek Story. By Alan Clark. Photograph by Dayle Latham. Wednesday, August 23, 2006, page 17.


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