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submitted by Jim Saltis on 06.03.2005

My Four Homes.

My Four Homes. - My Four homes GREEK_Front Cover

Author: Dimitri Protopsaltis

When Published: 2004

Publisher: Dimitris A Stafildis

Price: A$25

Available: Jim Saltis

Description: Paperback

ISBN: 960 7695 267

Language: Greek

Publishers details:

Γ Γεωαδιου Φειδου,
10678 Aθηνα.
Tηλ: 210 381 3773
Φαξ: 210 381 3730

email: Email Stafilidis, Publisher

In Australia:

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Memories and history by a Kytherian of his life in Alexandria, Egypt, in the years 1926-1949.

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