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Robin Tzannes

Paliontologia ton Kytheron

Author: By Antonis Bartsiokis
When Published: 1998
Publisher: Etaireia Kythiraikon Meleton, Athens
Available: In Stavros' bookshop in Hora.

This one is strictly about Kytherian fossils, and has gorgeous photos, and an impassioned plea for a fossil museum on the island. It is part of a series of books about the island that
includes "Istoria ton Kytheron", "Oi Kytherioi tis Smyrnis kai oi Hamenes Patrides", "Kythiraiko Lexico" etc.

The book is available from the offices of the
Society of Kytherian Studies
5, Themistocleous St, Athens,
tel. (+30)210-3838190
fax (+30)210-3844915

Contact the Society of Kytherian Studies

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