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AHEPA turns 80!

AHEPA turns 80! - ahepa NSW logo

Are you related to one of the following gentlemen? Then we want to hear from you! At a meeting at Werris Creek NSW in May 1934, they assembled, becoming the founding fathers of the ORDER OF THE AUSTRALIAN HELLENIC EDUCATIONAL PROGRESSIVE ASSOCIATION.

According to the first official minutes of the Order, written during the second meeting in Armidale, NSW, on 15 August 1934, the first committee consisted of: President - Nikolaos Andronikos; Vice-Presidents - Lambros Megalokonomos and Philippos Phyrros; General Secretary – Christophoros Souris; Special Secretary - Demetrios Zantiotis; Treasurer - Demetrios Souris; Committee Members - Emanuel Kypriotis - Demetrios Katsoulis - Panayiotis Kypriotis - Ioannis Moulos - Haralambos Phardoulis - Emanuel Aronis - Sarrantis Souris - Nikolaos Phyrros (Fyrros) - Evangelos Christianos - Antonios Barbouttis.

The following were also in attendance, forming part of the original membership: Christos Souris - Demetrios Zantiotis - Spyridon Katsoulis - Haralambos - Sotiris Christianos – Georgios Mainas - Panayiotis Aronis - Emanuel Petroheilos - Vasileios Kalokairinos - Ioannis Phyrros - Kosmas Marsellos - Elias Bizanes - Haralambos Phlaskas - Georgios Phardoulis – Demetrios Hantiotis – Anastasios Houloudis – Philippos Phyrros – Demetrios Souris – Panayiotis Souris – Georgios Kominos.

On Saturday 15 November 2014, the Order of AHEPA (NSW and NZ) will be celebrating its 80th year. At the AHEPA CHARITY BALL, the successors of those visionary individuals are calling upon their descendants to attend, in order to be presented with special commemorative awards honouring the founding fathers of the Order.

These gentlemen had a vision, recorded in the Minutes: «Σκοπός του Συνδέσμου είναι η εθνική, κοινωνική κι εμπορική ωφέλεια των μελών αυτού, η υποστήριξης παντός εθνικού και κοινωφελές σκοπόν και η προσπάθεια όπως εξυψώνει το εθνικό γόητρον και την εθνικήν υπόληψιν της ομογένειας εν Αυστραλία.» (The purpose of the Association is the national, social and commercial benefit of the members, the support of every national and philanthropic purpose and effort which raises the national image and the national υπόληψιν of Hellenism in Australia.)

The Order is also looking to secure copies of photographs, correspondence, notice papers, or any other memorabilia related to AHEPA’s early years.

Please contact the Grand President, Mr John Kallimanis on 0415 223 489, or the Grand Secretary, Dr Panayiotis Diamadis at AHEPA NSW

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