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submitted by Kytherian Cuisine on 04.03.2010

Greek Cookbook by Tess Mallos

Still selling for extraordinary prices, even in soft back, 20 years after the time of publication.

A soft cover currently (March 2010), for sale for $69.95.


Hard covers can sell for more than $100!

Used softcover book in good condition, 112 pages, published 1980. Minor fading of covers, mainly at spine, some pages have a few marks, but is otherwise in very good condition, no writing, tears or loose pages.

Greek cookery, historically a forerunner of Western cuisine, spread its culinary influence - via ancient Rome - throughout Europe and beyond. The breadth and variety of Greek cooking will astound the uninitiated who so wrongly believe it is limited to lobster, lamb and olive oil.

This book explains, in succinct step-by-step methods, more than 100 recipes to suit every course and occasion. The contents are: Appetisers, soups, sauces, meats, seafood, poultry, pasta and rice, vegetables, salads, pastries, cakes and cookies, preserves, breads and wines. They collectively confound the mischeivous myth that Greek cooking is too rich, too spiced or too oily.

The author, intensely proud of her Greek heritage, explains the historical and provincial origins of the widely different food styles; some of which date back to the early Olympiads when victors were showered with honey cakes and other delicacies as a tribute. All recipes are describes by both their Greek name and the English equivalent.

The Greek Cookbook is more than an ethnic repertoire, it is creative all-seasons cookery at its best - based on experience that reaches as far back as classic Greece itself.

About the author

Tess Mallos (nee, Anastasia Calopades) is an Australian food and cooking, writer, journalist, author, and commentator. She has written a number of books on Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine, including The Complete Middle East Cookbook - click here for more information.
Her parents, both from the Greek island of Kythera, emigrated to Australia where she was born and raised in the country town of Casino, New South Wales. Her father, Andonis Calopades arrived in Australia at the turn of the 20th century as an 11 year old, and worked in the famous Kominos cafe in the central business district of Sydney. In 1919, he moved to Casino, where he ran the Marble Bar Cafe. Her mother was Calliope Manolliaras.

Tess began her writing career in cooking as a freelance food consultant in advertising, creating and writing recipes for a wide range of food as well as preparing food for photography. Her first book in 1976 was the Greek CookBook, which featured familiar recipes from her Greek heritage. Many books followed featuring recipes gathered from cuisines in the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa. Tess worked as Food Consultant to the Australian Meat Board, where she has written editorials on meat cooking for some 80 publications throughout Australia, and 20 overseas countries. She has also demonstrated her recipes in cooking segments on a number of Australian television cooking shows. Tess has three children.

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