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Kytherian Politics

Local elections on Kythera. Sunday 18th May, 2014

As a prefatory remark, please be aware that if you own property on Kythira and are an E.U. citizen - YOU CAN QUALIFY TO VOTE in future.
It can't be stressed enough how critical it is that you do register for voting. The process itself takes several months, so leaving it for the last minute will lead to disappointment.

Some explanations about the voting procedure:

1) Voting stations will be open on Sunday 18th May from 07H30 - 19H00.

2) You need to know in which locality your name is registered for voting and where indeed you will physically go to cast your vote on Sunday e.g. (Potamos, Karavas, Mitata etc).
If you are not sure of your registered voting locality, you will be able to call the "DIMO" in Chora 27360 31213 today or on: (Friday between 08H00 - 15H00), (Saturday between 08H00 - 18H00) finally on (Sunday between 08H00 - until they have decide they have had enough!) So, don't leave it until the last minute.
If you do turn up at the wrong station, you will simply not be listed there and therefore unable to vote at that locality, moreover, they will not be able to tell you where you are registered. So, If in any doubt do call the DIMO first!

THE BALLOT SHEET (scroll down for an example)

1) When arriving to vote you will be given the choice of selecting ONE of four voting ballot sheets. Each ballot will represent one of the four mayoral candidates. You will choose ONE of the four ballot sheets and disregard the other three.

2) As per the example below: In the first section of 17 named MUNICIPAL COUNCILLORS you may choose from NONE, or up to three representatives by applying a + (cross) not an x

3) The section below that, is the MUNICIPAL REPRESENTATIVE for Anti-Kythira - only one representative which you may select or choose to leave blank.

4) In the final section, you will have the choice of selecting ONE local representative or none in your area. (In some voting localities your Ballot sheet don't have local candidates).

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