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submitted by James Gavriles on 08.04.2004

bats and superstition

Maybe we should have a heading on superstitions?
Anyway, around our house in Michigan in the Fall, we used to get bats in our home on nights when the weather would start to cool in the evenings and the little bats would try and find a way into the hose to get warm. My mother being a Kytherian, from Potamos, was a very superstitious person and she would sort of freak out when they got into the house. Me or my father would catch them and more likely than not, the little bats would die. She would take and wrap them in newspaper and put them in a drawer. She had learned that it was good luck to do so?? I never understood where she learned this from. But anyway we had a few bats wrapped in newspaper in drawers at home.

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