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George Poulos

Metho and Olive Oil - natural Aerogard, and Tanning Lotion.

Most Australians will recognize Aerogard as the registered brandname for a fly and mosquito repellant that is applied to the skin.

It can be purchased in the form of a spray-on or a roll-on.

My maternal Uncle - Theothosios Triunduphilos Koroneos - Theo Corones - son of Triunduphilos, ("Hero-Belos") and grandson of Theothosios ("Belos") - of Karavas - used to mix a small amount of methylated spirits with olive oil - and apply it liberally to the skin.

The mixture kept flies and mosquitoes away for a lengthy period of time.

The olive oil component - also served as a tanning agent - far more effective than all recognised brands on the market - at a fraction of the cost.

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