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submitted by George Poulos on 07.04.2004

Onions for bruising and swelling

My mother, Evangalia - Angie Poulos (nee Coroneos) used many Kytherian remedies throughout our childhood.

Some were simple, but miraculous in their effect.

I recall sustaining a very large swelling/bruise - about 3 cm's high - on my leg after another one of my fathers frequent car crashes.

My mother simply cut up some slices of onion - and strapped them onto the bruise for about half an hour.

By that time the swelling had completely subsided - and the bruising was very much improved. The effect seemed miraculous to me at the time.

I have used the "onion cure" on a number of occasions throughout my life.

One evening, I fell from a first floor balcony onto a large stone - injuring my back. I strapped half centimetre strips of onion onto my back - and slept with them overnight. When I awoke in the morning the swelling and bruising had disappeared.

Ön another occasion my right hand was afflicted by Repetitive Strain Injury. My wrist "creaked" when moved. The pain was intense.

Again, I strapped onions onto my wrist and kept them there for about 12 hours.

One day later the "creaking" had disappeared, and the pain was very much diminished.

By the second day my injury - which my doctor had asserted - "would almost certainly require surgery" - was completely cured.

I have passed on this "cure" to a number of my Australian freinds and associates - and all those who have used it have found it equally as effective.

Which all reminds me of the Kellog's Corn Flakes ad jingle in Australia - "sometimes the simple things in life - are often the best."

Someone mentioned to me recently that there is a significant proportion of a particular acid in onions - which is used in anti-inflamatory drugs.

Do any of the kythera-island web-users know what this acid might be?

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