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submitted by George Poulos on 18.04.2004

Prominent Kytherian Doctors in Supplementary and Alternative Medical Fields

What follows is the Speakers programme for Cancer Treatments in General Practice Conference, of 2002.

What is interesting to me is that two Kytherians feature prominently:

Dr Archie Kalokerinos, and

Dr Christos Miliotis.

Christos is the brother of another high-achieving Kytherian - Dr George Miliotis - probably more familar to you as the film producer and director - George Miller.

How did Archie and Christos come to develop their natural - alternative - non-invasive approach to medicine?

One theory must surely be - they learnt the basic orientation from their Kytherian families, and ancestors. They were brought up on the Kytherian approach to natural therapy - and they expanded it, tried to bring it into the Western medical mainstream - and most importantly - practised it.

The advances they have initiated in natural medicine are rooted in Kytherian "natural medicine" practices that have existed for centuries.

I am certain that the biographies and achievements of both men will be explored in much more depth - in numerous future entries about them - at

Of course, those who challenge medical orthodoxy often find themselves emboiled in contoversy.

But that only serves to make their ideas, achievements,and lives, even more interesting.


Cancer Treatments in General Practice

Perth - October 2002


Women's Health STP | Perth STP Program

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This is the proposed itinerary for the Cancer Treatments STP to be held in Perth
from 18th - 19th October 2002.
(NB the program is subject to change without notice)


Facilitator: Dr Ivy Bullen

Friday (18th October)

9.00 am Introduction & Welcome [Dr Ivy Bullen]

9.15 am Overview of the GP's Support for Cancer Patients [Dr Ivy Bullen]

10.00 am The Role of the Mind in Cancer Support [Dr Jason Han]

11.00 am = MORNING TEA =

11.30 am Nutritional Therapy During Chemo/Radio-Therapy - review of literature [Dr Joachim Fluhrer]

12.30 pm Biochemical Modification with Trace Elements & Minerals in Cancer Patients [Dr Ian Brighthope]

1.30 pm = LUNCH =

2.30 pm Designing a Nutritional Medicine Therapy for Cancer Patients [Dr Joachim Fluhrer]

3.30 pm = AFTERNOON TEA =

4.00 pm Detoxifying the Home [Prof. Peter Dingle]

5.00 pm Review of the Day and Discussion, including Cases [panel]

6.00 pm = END PROGRAM =

Saturday (19th October)

9.00 am Welcome & Review of Previous Day [Dr Ivy Bullen]

9.30 am Psychological Aspects in Healing from Cancer [Dr Karel Hromek]

10.30 am Mistletoe Therapy - report on clinical experience & German study [Dr Christos Miliotis]

11.00 am = MORNING TEA =

11.30 am High Dose Vitamin C Therapy Before, During and After Chemo/Radio-Therapy [Dr Archie Kalokerinos]

12.30 pm The Immune System and Carcinogenesis [Dr William Barnes]

1.30 pm = LUNCH =

2.30 pm Alternative Therapies in Cancer Management - pros and cons [Dr William Barnes]

3.30 pm = AFTERNOON TEA =

4.00 pm Modification of Hormones and their Metabolites [Dr Christos Miliotis]

5.00 pm Review of the STP, Questions and Case Discussion [panel]

6.00 pm = END PROGRAM.


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