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James Prineas

Atom Industries Pty Ltd

Owners: Angelo and John Notaras
9 Fred Street, Lilyfield, NSW, 2040. Australia

Atom Industries have been manufacturing innovative products for many years. Their award winning inventions are sold to over 30 countries worldwide.

In 1961, Atom began importing backsprayers and chainsaws into Australia. In 1963, their first invention was a drilling attachment with automatic reverse gear that fitted onto chainsaws. This enabled farmers to drill holes into wooden posts and run wire and bolts through the post so they could erect their own fences and stockyards using their own chainsaw. It also has 100's of other uses including use in tree surgery, playgrounds and park amenities. This drill attachment is still sold today as the Auger-stop model which has an inertia safety mechanism which disconnects forward gear if the auger suddenly jams (a world first). It also features automatic reverse gear.

In 1972, Atom manufactured their own chainsaws and was the worlds first chainsaw company to have its complete range of chainsaws with electronic ignition (patented), turbo action self cleaning air cleaner (patented); as well as Atoms (patented) Anti-Vibration system fitted to most models. These features are now standard on most chainsaws sold today as the patents had expired many years ago for the air cleaner. The Atom chainsaw ceased production in 1976 when the then government abolished all tariff protection on locally manufactured goods.

Atoms patented Electronic Ignition System has been and still is used on many Original Engine Manufacture (OEM) engines in Europe, USA and Asia. The Ignition Module was also developed as a spare part to replace points and condensors in small engines, and many millions have been and are sold worldwide. In 1975, they were awarded "Inventor of the Year" for this product on the ABC program "The Inventors".

Atom then developed and in 1995 manufactured the patented design Atom Lawn Edger. Within three years, Atom has become the largest selling lawn edger in Australia. It won the 1995 Product of the Year voted by Power Equipment Australasia magazine for the Domestic model, 1996 Product of the Year for the Professional model, and also won in 1997 the Vermeil Silver/Gold medal at the International Inventors Convention in Geneva, Switzerland.

In June 1998 a new electric model was released. Other models are being developed including a specially designed edger for edging around sand traps on golf courses.

Atom Lawn Edgers are now being exported by the container load and will soon be the industry standard around the world.

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