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submitted by James Agapitos on 27.10.2006

Mandorla. By, Marea Gazzard.

Mandorla. By, Marea Gazzard. - Gazzard Marea Mandorla

Title: Mandorla

Year (of creation):

Description: A description of the work as provided by the Artist. 'The sculpture “Mandorla” sits in an area where people are mostly passing by: to the Adelaide Casino, the Railway or the Festival Centre. There is a view when one walks up the ramp from North Terrace, also from the passage from the Festival Centre but the main view is from the Hyatt Hotel front entrance. I decided that the work must be human scale and not try to compete with the grand architecture of the Railway/Casino building, or the new Hyatt Hotel. I explored several possibilities and decided there should be two large bronze discs which would overlap and sit on a granite rectangle. The significance of the discs is that it represents infinity and the universe. No beginning and no end. The granite rectangle is a basic symbol of the sub-conscious.'

Artist Name(s): GAZZARD Marea

Material: Bronze and Granite

Art Form: sculpture

Date of Installation: 1994

Owner: The ASER Property Trust
Further Sources: All information Edited by Lisa Picciau, from original form.

Location: East side adj StarCity Casino, North Terrace

Walking Guide Reference No: 9

Access Hours: 24 Hours

Wheel Chair Access: Access

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