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26841:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Vicki Gesouras on 27.09.2020

Gravestone for Panayiotis and Ekaterini Vamvakaris

Gravestone for Panayiotis and Ekaterini Vamvakaris

26840:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Vicki Gesouras on 27.09.2020

Gravestone for Panayiotis and Ekaterini Vamvakaris

Monument for Panayiotis and Ekaterini Vamvakaris

25436:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Tina Tsakiris on 13.01.2019

Reply - Kominos Family Plot at Karavas Cemetery

Hi Try contacting this ; I got this addy from this Karavas page.

25330:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Kevin Garvey on 10.11.2018

Correct the Name of this Cemetery

I tried to locate a cemetery on Google Maps near Pisso Pigathi, and my search caused the location to be named in Google Maps "Pigathi Cemetery, Kithira, Greece" which I doubt is correct.  Please help me correct the name if you know it.  Thank you.

25325:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Wilma Rule on 05.11.2018

Searching for a grave

Can anyone please help me to trace the grave of a Scottish soldier who was reportedly buried in the cemetery of Aghios Nickolaos Church in 1917 but possibly buried in Panagia Despina Cemetery, Karavas.  He was 21 year old Sgt Thompson and his body was washed up on the beach of Aghios Nickolaos at some time after the ship he was on was torped0ed and the villagers of Karavas buried him with a proper service and as well as a wooden railing round his grave, they erected a cross with his name ...

23338:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Ruth Condoleon on 20.02.2016

John Condoleon's Gravesite

This is a photo of my Grandfather John Condoleon's gravesite in Mundubbera, Queensland. He was born in 1900 in Kytheria, married Helen Sweeper in Brisbane on November 11, 1920. They had four Children, my Father Menas, Maria, Eleni and Sophia. He died in November, 1958 from a heart attack while he was playing bowls. He owned cafes in Barcaldine and Gayndah in Queensland and later brought a Citrus Orchard in Mundubbera.

22428:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Rose Rasmussen-Tzortzopoulou on 29.06.2014

Athens Tzortzopoulou´s resting place in Karava

An updated picture of one of the Tzortzopoulos family gravestone´s in Karava. Athens (Athina) died 7 years ago today. Miss her terribly.

21374:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Toula Varipatis on 07.05.2013

Potheti Samios gravestone

Gravestone of Potheti Samios (nee Tsaoucis), spouse of Panayioti Samios. Gravestone in Dubbo, NSW. Mother's gravestone next to her's, Kalliopy Tsaoucis.

18864:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Jim Cassimatis on 23.04.2011

Dimitrios P Melitas

The is the family grave of Dimitrios P Melitas in Kallithea, Athens Greece.

Alternate English Name: James Peter Mellitas
Greek Name: Δημητριος Παναγιώτης ΜΕΛΙΤΑΣ

Family Tree

17723:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Peter Condoleon on 14.05.2010

Athanasios Dimitriou Tsauosis Headstone, Viaradika Cemetery

The headstone of Athanasios Dimitriou Tsauosis. Present in the photo and named after him are his grandson Arthur Condoleon and his great great grandson (also known by the same name) Arthur Condoleon.

17722:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Peter Condoleon on 14.05.2010

Athanasios Dimitriou Tsauosis Gravesite, Viaradika Cemetery

The gravesite of Athanasios Dimitriou Tsauosis.

17347:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by John Kingston on 21.03.2010

Lazaretti, Demetri

Demetri Lazaretti - (1913-1977) Memorial Book, Linwood Crematorium, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Son of Constantine & Ethel (nee Harrison) Lazaretti.

17346:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by John Kingston on 21.03.2010

Lazaretti, Constantine

Lazaretti, Constantine buried along with his wife Ethel (nee Harrison) and his mother Elizabeth (nee Power). All Burried in the Sydenham Cemetery, Christchurch New Zealand.

Constantine Lazaretti - (1883-1919)
Ethel (nee Harrison) - (1882-1914)
Elizabeth (nee Power) - (1844-1936)

16772:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Robert Gould on 18.07.2009

Francis Docas

This is the grave of my Great Grandfather, Francis Docas and his wife Amy. He was a son of George Docos, originally "Doicos" They are buried in Manildra cemetery.

16771:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Robert Gould on 18.07.2009

George Docos

I believe this is my Great, Great, Grandfather's grave. His name originally was Doicos, but as he was illiterate, it was spelt Docos. He is buried at Manildra, NSW, Australia.

15618:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Jim Comino on 13.07.2008

Martina and Con Mavromatis pointing to gravesite

This is a picture of Con Mavromatis Theo Cominos Sisters Son, pointing out to my sister, where my Grandmother,Malamatania Cominos was buried.
This picture was taken in about 1978 when Martina and her Husband Bill Michael went to Kythera.

15617:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Jim Comino on 13.07.2008

Theo Cominos [Palavras] Fathers Gravesite

Minas Cominos gravesite in the church yard in Perliggianika Dad was not allowed to touch his grave when he went back to fix them up for some reason. My beleif Minas,s First family might have objected, as that could only be the answer as they took control of all assets on the island.
Dad hardly knew his Father as he died an agonizing death on Christmas day according to Dad his stomach blew up badly and he passed away.

15616:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Jim Comino on 13.07.2008

Theo Cominos [Palavras] Mothers Gravesite

This is Malamatania Cominos grave after Theo went back to Kythera to fix it up.

Malamatania was Minas second wife,she lost Minas in about 1906 and he is buried in the church yard, so Dad could not do anything to his grave.
They had three children Mary, Andrew, and Theo, all living in AustraliaAndrew and Mary are buried in Sydney ,Theo in Merriwa Nsw.

15615:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Jim Comino on 13.07.2008

Theo Comino [Palavras] next to his wifes grave

Theo standing next to Hazel [nee Donnelly] Comino,s grave in Merriwa.
These two gave great service to Merriwa and district for over 50 years while in business there and were well regarded from Dubbo to Sydney.
Hazel in her later years contacted Parkinsons disease and was the first person to have brain surgury to try and stop this disease.
She passed away and Theo is buried next to her now in peace. God bless these two hard working souls.

13162:Gravestones > Gravestones

submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 18.06.2007


Anyone that has been to Kythera will know the beautiful views from Hora looking at Kapsali.
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