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submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 21.06.2007


Copyright (2007) James Prineas

FILOSOFOF, is not a Kytherian name. It is not even Greek. Nikitas was a very good friend and his father's story(as told to me by Nikitas when we were teenagers) is an amazing part of Kytherian and Antikytherian history. NIKOLAOS FILOSOFOF was an Admiral in the Russian navy. In 1907, an Austrian ship was sinking between Kythera and Elafonisos. NIKOLAOS was the Commander of a Russian ship "Kinivec" (if my memory serves me right)
and sailing near the sinking Austrian ship, went to their aid, rescuiung all those on board . He was also the Tsar's "koumparos" as he baptised one of his children.During the Russian revolution he left Russia, not knowing the fate of his family. Arrived in Greece, and requested assistance from the Greek government. He was given the responsibility to look after the "Pharos" lighthouse at "Apolytares" in Antikythera. There he met and married to Pipina Harhalaki. Nikolaos and Pipina were NIKITA'S parents. They decided to come to Kythera when Nikitas was growing up so he could be educated.He became a qualified shipbuilder in Athens. His wife ELENI, passed away 2006 and Hora missed a very kind and intelligent family

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