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submitted by Terry Chlentzos on 16.06.2007

Gavrilis family plot, Logothetianika

Gavrilis family plot, Logothetianika
Copyright (2007) James Prineas

Family plot of Nikolaos E. Gavrilis

Minas N. Gavrilis
born of Antonis Kounellis
d. 1916

Nikolaos E. Gavrilis
d. 1927

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submitted by
James Sophios Gogolos
on 21.07.2014

Evriviades Nicholas Gavrelis, best friend of Agamemnon Sophios (Sofios), was born in 1888 in Logothetianika. Both Agamemnon and Evriviades immigrated to the United States of America at the age of approximately 16 years old. The men became business partners and were life-long friends. Evriviades never spoke of his family back in Logothetianika, so we have no information on his birth parents or family. If anyone has any information, please contact Jim Sofios-Gogolos at [email protected].