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Gravestones > Tryfillianika

submitted by Peter Trearchis on 19.06.2007

Entrance to Tryfillianika Cemetery/List of People Buried There

Entrance to Tryfillianika Cemetery/List of People Buried There
Copyright (0000) George Righos


Anastasios D. Trifillis 1844-1922
Dimitrios A. Trifillis 1877-1941
Vasiliki D. Trifillis 1886-1973
Panagiotitsa Th. Trifillis 1857-1937
Panagiotitsa D. Trifillis 1905-1923
Gregoria D. Trifillis 1918-1965

Nikolaos D. Melittas d. 20 Nov 1931 (b. about 1953)

Haralambos P. Samios d. 12 Sep 1976 age 78 (b. about 1898)

Here lies:Konstantinos And. Trifillis, Kyrani Kon. Trifillis
also- Fardoulis H. Kalogridis
Konstantinos 1940-1984
Fardouli H. Kalogridi
Vasiliki 1899-1980
Konstantinos and Kyrani Trifillis
Daughter Vasiliki Fardouli “the nun” age 91 d. 23 Jun 1980

Ioannis Trifillis 1884-1949

George I. Papagorgopoulos age 18 d. 16 Jul 1962 (b. about 1944)

Family of Eirini A. Prinea
Panagiotis Gkikas age 65 d. 5 Mar 2001 (b. about 1936)

Panagiotis Nik. Trifillis
Panagiotis Nik. Trifillis d. 1951 (can’t read what said, it faded away)

Konstantinos Andrew Trifillis

Panagiotis K. Trifillis d. 1 Dec 2002 (b. about 1948) age 54

George B. Bernardos age 87 d. 4 Jan 1994 (b. about 1907)

Ioannou K. Trifillis
(Family of) Nikolaos Th. Melittas age 92 d. 8 Aug 1992 (b. about 1900)
Theohari Melittas age 88 d. 16 Apr 2004 (b. about 1916)

Panagiotou N. Melitas

Antonios I. Trifillis “Kavakos”

Emmanuel Kominos age 83 d. 7 Jan 1987 (b. about 1904)

Emmanuel G. Kassimatis b. 1947 Potamo, Kythera

Ioannis Kasimatis

Cemetery established by the effort and perseverance of Kyriakos G. Trifillis in 1938

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