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The Guest Book section of the site is where you can let us know what you think of the site and of anything Kytherian in general.
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Ellena Galtos - Sydney Australia


What a great web site! My father's original family name is Galakatos, which has morphed into Galtos, Galos & Milkton.


Archie Poulos - Sydney, Australia


Great to have such a site


Georgia Flaskas - Melbourne, Australia




Terry Chlentzos - Santa Barbara California USA


What a great site! I visited Kythera many years ago, and hope to take my daughter next year to introduce her to her heritage.


Spiro Coolentianos - Sydney Australia


Congratulations on the launch of a great web site. This is a great way of ensuring the history of the island is kept and can be accessed for all to view. From what I can remember of my grandfather Panayoti Koulentianos (1880-1974)who ran the Barber shop in Potamos and who was Kythera's unofficial English translator, he would be very proud to see the heritage and stories being passed along to future generations.


Katherine Alfieris-Stathis - Livermore California USA


My grandmother, Maria Chlentzos, is from Christoforianika. She was born in 1882. Her mother's name was Efrosini Chlentzos.

She married John Alfieris of Potamos in 1900. They came to the USA in 1903-1907.

I went to Christoforianika two years ago and found it almost deserted. I would welcome any information about the Chlentzos family.


Paula Kotakis - San Francisco USA


The goose bumps have not gone away and now there are tears in my eyes. I am two generations removed from Kythera, but the love and tenderness that is evident from all your work on the website is nothing short of astonishing. The website is beautiful and honors the island and its people in a way that is profoundly moving.


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