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Annette mitchell - West palm beach f;


My Father, John Cassimatis was born in Karamouto anf immigrated to Vandergrift PA around 1912. He married my mother, Helen Mazarakis around 1914 in Vandergrift. My grandfather, was Theodore Cassimatis and was the local priest in Karamouto. I am proud to be "first generation of these wonderful Kytherians. Annette Cassimatis Mitchell

Mat Cassimatis - Brisbane, Australia


Must admit, i come from the best family name in Kythera "CASSIMATIS". If you havn't met one before then do so, they're beautiful honest people. Though i suppose most Kytherian's are the same.


John Kassimatis - Westlake OH USA


Wonderful message board

Paul Marselos - Gisborne.New Zealand


My grand father Peter Marselos left Kythera in 1913,moving to Cessnock N.S.W.Australia.


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