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16984 Stephen Tsaousis - Australia


My grandfather Stavros Tsaousis was born on Kythera in appr. 1895. He came to Australia approx 1910. Married Stavroula (known as Stella) they had 2 boys, George and Panagiotis (known as Peter Bob). They changed their surname to TSOUSIS. Bob married Rosemarie (anglo-Aust). They have 4 children. Wendy, Stephen, Antony and Andrew. They all grew up in Newcastle.

16877 Diamanta Souris - Perth, wa


My father Demetre (Jim) Contoleon was born in Virathika. 1 of 5 sons of Yianni & Diamanta Contoleon.

9853 eleni grady - queensland, australia


my papou was born in virathika and my yiayia was born in Fratsia. there names are erene and aleco. they had three daughters maria(my mum), helen and Angela. they used to go to Kythera every summer and are comin back this year.


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