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submitted by Archaeology On Kythera on 23.02.2016

Return to Antikythera: Multi-Session SLAM based AUV mapping of a first century B.C. wreck site

Stefan B. Williams, Oscar Pizarro, Brendan Foley


This paper describes an expedition to map a first century B.C. ship wreck off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera using an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) equipped with a high resolution stereo imaging system. The wreck, first discovered in 1900, has yielded a wealth of important historical artefacts from two previous interventions, including the renowned Antikythera mechanism. The deployments ...

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submitted by Archaeology On Kythera on 02.10.2015

Antikythera Shipwreck Yields More Treasures

Archaeologists have discovered more than 50 artifacts hidden at the site of the ancient Greek shipwreck.

Jacqueline Howard
Associate Science Editor, The Huffington Post
Posted: 09/28/2015

The ancient Antikythera shipwreck -- a lavish Greek vessel that sank more than 2,000 years ago off the southwestern Aegean island of the same name -- isn't finished giving up its secrets.

The shipwreck was found by Greek sponge fishermen in 1900. ...

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submitted by Archaeology On Kythera on 01.07.2015

Report and Overview on Aris Tsaravopoulos' June 2015 Lecture tour to Australia

In June Aris Tsaravopoulos visited Australia this to give a series of presentations. Aris has spent two decades investigating the archaeology of Kythera and Antikythera, under the auspices of 26th Ephorate of Classical and Prehistoric Antiquities, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Greece.

Mr Tsaravopoulos’ lecture tour reveals his ground-breaking work at the ancient fortified city on Antikythera and recent finds at the Kastro site, as well as presenting the latest interpretations ...

History > Archaeology

submitted by Neos Kosmos, Melbourne on 27.06.2015

Antikythera - a key to Greece's prosperity

Down under on a lecture tour, archeologist Aris Tsaravopoulos shares his groundbreaking discoveries on the ancient sites of Kythera and Antikythera

NEOS KOSMOS, 24 Jun 2015


The Castle of Aigila, Antikythera

"Knowing the past, you can make better steps to the future," archaeologist Aris Tsaravopoulos tells Neos Kosmos.

This ...

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submitted by Archaeology On Kythera on 21.05.2015

Aris Georgios Tsaravopoulos, Archaeologist

with colleague, reviewing various finds at the end of the day - on the dig at Ayios Yeoryios, above Mitata, and near, Paliopoli.

History > Archaeology

submitted by Archaeology On Kythera on 21.05.2015

Aris Georgios Tsaravopoulos, Archaeologist

has a very special touch with children. Children respond to his personality and his teaching.

Here he imparts his knowledge to Kytherian children in the classroom.

[[picture:"Aris 8.jpg" ID:23035]]

Inspecting a find by a young Kytherian volunteer, on the 'dig' at Ayios Yeoryios, above Mitata, and near Paliopoli.

[[picture:"Aris 6.jpg" ID:23036]]

He makes friendships with ...

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submitted by Kytherian Association Of Australia on 29.05.2015

Visit to Australia of ArisTsaravopoulos, Archaeologist, June 2015

Sponsored by the Kytherian Association of Australia, Aris Tsaravopoulos, will visit Australia from the 27th May 2015 to 15th June, 2015, to deliver a series of lectures.

He will attend the Kytherian Ball on 30th May, 2015.

On the 3rd June, he will travel to Queensland, to deliver a talk at Hellenic House, 29 Edmondstone Street, South Brisbane 4101. (07) 3844 1179.

Learn about the latest ...

History > Archaeology

submitted by Archaeology On Kythera on 19.04.2015

CV, publications, and lectures of ArisTsaravopoulos

Aris Georgios Tsaravopoulos, Archeologist

Born: 1945, in Cairo-Egypt

Nationality: Greek

1969, Chemical Engineer, National Technical University of Athens

1969 - 1980, Chemical Engineer in industry and education

1972, Film director, Stavrakos Film and Theatre High School

1975-1977 TV program producer: «Greek Traditional children’s games», ...

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submitted by Antikythera News on 13.12.2014

Ancient Discoveries: Antikythera Mechanism

Jackie Hammond

Billionaires Australia. December 6, 2014

If you thought that computers were a modern invention, then it’s time to throw your preconceptions right out of the window and be wowed by a device that’s believed to be at least 2,000 years old.

The Antikythera Mechanism was discovered on the Greek seabed by sponge divers in 1901 and is the world’s oldest known analogue computer. Although it’s been reliably dated to between ...

History > Archaeology

submitted by Archaeology On Kythera on 29.09.2014

Hellenic Navy Seals Have Arrived

27 September

Photograph: The navy seal truck that arrived at 3:30 am on 27th September.

Two of the six man Hellenic Navy Seal (O.Y.K) team are part of this year’s Antikythera expedition have arrived with a truck filled with equipment, and are preparing for in-water operations during the excavation phase of the project.

[[picture:"image.jpg" ID:22591]]

Even though the weather is too bad for ...

History > Archaeology

submitted by Archaeology On Kythera on 25.09.2014

New international mission ready to explore Antikythera shipwreck

By Margarita Pournara

Ekathimerini 10.7.2014

Around two-and-a-half years ago the National Archaeological Museum inaugurated “The Shipwreck of Antikythera: The Ship – the Treasures – the Mechanism.” The exhibition on the wreck that went down in the second quarter of the 1st century BC – taking with it artworks, coins and other artifacts, along with the world’s oldest known analog computer, the “Antikythera mechanism” – was so successful that ...

History > Archaeology

submitted by Archaeology On Kythera on 21.09.2014

The underwater robot employed by the return to Antikythera Project

A project of the Hellenic Ministry of culture and Sports, with the support of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Here's the link for daily updates re: the Antikythera shipwreck excavation during fieldwork.

The Underwater robot:

Is currently employed over the Antikythera shipwreck, ...

History > Archaeology

submitted by Kytherian Newsletter Sydney on 10.05.2013

Report on the Karavas Water Project

Presented by:

Timothy E. Gregory (Ohio State University)
Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory (Ohio State University)

The presentation was held at the University of Sydney at 7.15pm, Wednesday, March 20th 2013

At the Centre of Classical and Near Eastern Studies Board Room, in the Madsen Building  Level 4,
Room 480 (one storey up and directly behind the building’s main foyer on the Eastern Avenue pedestrian mall).

What follows ...

History > Archaeology

submitted by Timothy Gregory on 10.05.2013

Environmental Archaeology and History in Northern Kythera:

The Karavas Water Project

Timothy E. Gregory (Ohio State University)
Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory (Ohio State University)

Download a .pdf version of this article here:


The Karavas Water Project is an example of a new kind of history that seeks to learn from the past in order to maintain the beauty ...

History > Archaeology

submitted by Mediterranean Archaeology on 12.10.2012

Assess the importance of oral history to human society and culture:

using the town of Paliochora, Kythera, as an example...

Nicholas Conomos

Nicholas Conomos has lived in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales all his life. He attended Oxley College, Burradoo. The essay below was completed as part of an Extension History course.

"The History Extension course involves students choosing a subject of their choice to research extensively and create an essay which is considered a major work. A range of sources ...

History > Archaeology

submitted by New York Times on 13.06.2012

Greek Antiquities, Long Fragile, Are Endangered by Austerity


Published: June 11, 2012

A version of this article appeared in print on June 12, 2012, on page A1 of the New York edition with the headline: Greek Antiquities, Long Fragile, Are Endangered by Austerity.

A closed room at the National Archaeological Museum. (Aris Tsaravopoulos and Gely Fragou at the door).

Photo by: Eirini Vourloumis ...

History > Archaeology

submitted by Archaeological History on 03.05.2012

Embarkation for Kythera

by Ann Elder

THE ATHENIAN JUNE 1993, pp 20-24

Favoured by rococo painters and poets as the birthplace of the Goddess of Love, it is still almost a magical island "lying in the realm of dreams" according to the archaeological couple who will be digging there this summer.

Photograph: The venetian fortress overlooking Hora contains the former governor's ...

History > Archaeology

submitted by Sydney Morning Herald on 09.02.2012

Student takes award for revealing submerged city's secrets

Sydney Morning Herald February 10, 2012 page 3

Deborah Smith

The city of Pavlopetri, underwater off the coast of southern Laconia in Greece, is about 5,000 years old, and is the oldest submerged archeological town site. It is unique in having an almost complete town plan, including streets, buildings, and tombs. It lies on the mainland, directly across the sea, from Kythera.


History > Archaeology

submitted by Odyssey Magazine on 31.01.2012

The Kythera Adventure. November/December 2011 ODYSSEY pp. 18-19

Photograph - Shot in the dark: two pistols, one encrusted with fragments of wine bottles, were among recovered items.

In 1802, one of the ships charted by Lord Elgin to transport the Parthenon Marbles to England sank off the coast of the southern Peloponnese. Most of its cargo was recovered but a Greek Australian foundation and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture have joined in a new salvage mission ...

History > Archaeology

submitted by Neos Kosmos, Melbourne on 01.12.2010

Uncovering Kythera

Feature Article

Neos Kosmos

Saturday 20 November, 2010, pages 14 & 15

Download a .pdf version of this article at:


Volunteers from the Greek Diaspora created history during their archaeological dig in Kythera this year

Arriving at the Greek island of Kythera in July this year, a group of volunteers from the Greek Diaspora ...