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Peter Tsicalas

A-G NSW 1916 Greek Census

1916 Greek Census of NSW
(Extracted from National Archives
Document A385/1/8)

Letters A - G

Name, Age, Occupation, Street No, Street, Town

Agalianos, Con, 26, Café Proprietor, Henty

Agalianos, George, 37, Market Gardener, Henty

Agalis, George, 21, Shop Assistant, Culcairn

Akon, Harry, 35, Café Proprietor, Station St, Bogan Gate

Akon, Peter, 16, Café Assistant, Station St, Bogan Gate

Alexander, M, 37, Fireman, Chillago, Coastal Ship

Alfieris, Emanuel, 23, Fish Vendor, Wellington

Alfieris, Spiridoula, 60, Domestic Duties, Wellington

Alfieris, Vretos, 26, Fish & Oysters, Wellington

Alfred, Theophiline, 18, Waiter, 188, King St, Newtown

Alfuris, Jim, 22, Waiter, 318, Darling St, Balmain

Aloizis, Arthur, 28, Waiter, Taree

Amenda, Con, 40, Fisherman, Boughton Island

Anast(asios), Constantine, 19, Kitchenman, 236, George St, Sydney

Anastashea, Andrew, 40, Kitchenman, 25, George St, Sydney

Anastasopoulos, George, 51, Restaurant manager, 9, Alfred St, Sydney

Anastasopoulos, James, 14, School Boy, 9, Alfred St, Sydney

Anderson, Harry, 23, Café manager, Church St, Mudgee

Andonatos, Andrew, 23, Waiter, 236, George St, Sydney

Andranice, John, 46, Restaurant Keeper, Cooma

Andres, Anthony, 46, Shop Keeper, 291, Hunter St, Newcastle

Andrews, George, 45, Billiard Room Proprietor, Cobar

Andronicos, Charles, 28, Fruiterer, Musswellbrook

Andronicos, David, 30, Fruiterer, Musswellbrook

Andronicos, Emanuel, 27, Merchant, 197, George St, Sydney

Andronicos, George Harry, 20, Fruiterer, Wingham

Andronicos, Ioannis, 22, Merchant, 197, George St, Sydney

Andronicos, Kosmas, 30, Merchant, 197, George St, Sydney

Andronicus, George, 27, Hotel Keeper, Walcha

Angelitis, Jim, 19, Kitchenman, 70, Bathurst St, Sydney

Angelo, A, 52, Donkeyman, Chillago, Coastal Ship

Angelo, Serafin, 22, Shop Hand, 70, Bathurst St, Sydney

Anglides, Evodxia, 30, Domestic Duties, 647, George St, Sydney

Anglides, George, 35, Confectioner, 647, George St, Sydney

Anglinos, Athanasia, 26, Domestic Duties, 189, Parramatta Rd, Annandale

Anglinos, George, 33, Confectioner, 189, Parramatta Rd, Annandale

Anthony, Harry, 24, Fishmonger, Peats Ferry Rd, Hornsby

Anthony, Iraklis (Ericklas), 34, Café Proprietor, 'Olympic Café', Broken Hill

Anthony, Iraklis (Ericklas), 34, Café Proprietor, 'Olympic Café, Broken Hill

Anthony, Iraklis (Hirkles), 36, Labourer, Broken Hill

Anthony, May, 50, Domestic Duties, 30, George St, Sydney

Anthony, Mick, 18, Waiter, Burrowa

Anthony, Peter John, 54, Tailor & Outfitter, 30, George St, Sydney

Antonio, George, 42, Confectioner, 124, Market St, Sydney

Antonio, Jerry, 30, Fruiterer, Nambucca Heads

Antonio, Peter, 22, Cook, 18, Market St, Sydney

Apostle, Jack, 21, Shop Assistant, Henty

Apostolas, Nick, 19, Shop Assistant, Ariah Park

Apostolidg, A, Fruit & Confectionery, 14, Queen Victoria Markets, Sydney

Apostolopoulos, Soterios, 28, Fruiterer & Oyster Saloon, Tumbarumba

Arenes (Aroney?), Nicholas, 16, Fruiterer, Wingham

Armenioo, Mark, 28, Hairdresser, 55, Regent St, Redfern

Arnesty, W, 31, Greaser, Wairuna, Coastal Ship

Aroney Bros, Oyster Saloon, 783, George St, Sydney

Aroney, Alberta, 36, Domestic Duties, 197, Thomas St, Sydney

Aroney, Anastasios, 40, Oyster Saloon Keeper, 197, Thomas St, Sydney

Aroney, Antony, 55, Oyster Merchant, Tay St, Kensington

Aroney, Emanuel, 49, Shop Keeper, 238, George St, Sydney

Aroney, Harry, 18, Waiter, Moree

Aroney, Harry, 35, Shop Keeper, Kendall St, Cowra

Aroney, Jack, 35, Oyster saloon Proprietor, Murwillumbah

Aroney, James, 30, Cook, 30, Campbell St, Sydney

Aroney, John, 40, Oyster Saloon Keeper, 787, George St, Sydney

Aroney, John, 32, Restaurant Keeper, 30, Campbell St, Sydney

Aroney, Leo, 31, Refreshment Room Assistant, Young

Aroney, Maria, 35, Domestic Duties, 197, Thomas St, Sydney

Aroney, Mennas, 28, Oyster Saloon Keeper, 783, George St, Sydney

Aroney, Michael, 25, Waiter, 30, Campbell St, Sydney

Aroney, Michael, 33, Oyster Saloon Keeper, 783, George St, Sydney

Aroney, Mrs. A., 35, Home Duties, Tay St, Kensington

Aroney, Nicholas, 25, Shopkeeper, Junction St, Nowra

Aroney, Nicholas, 45, Fruiterer, Moree

Aroney, Nicolas, 45, Restaurant Keeper, 9, Alfred St, Sydney

Aroney, Pano, 26, Waiter, Moree

Aroney, Peter, 42, Oyster Saloon Keeper, 197, Thomas St, Sydney

Aroney, Peter, 38, Waiter, 148, King St, Newtown

Aroney, Peter, 28, Refreshment Room Keeper, Moss Vale

Aroney, Stratha, 42, Oyster Saloon Keeper, 58, Erskin St, Sydney

Aroney, Stratis, 24, Restaurant Keeper, Crown St, Wollongong

Aroni, Antoni, 24, Fruit Shop Keeper, Tamworth

Aroni, Peter, 18, Shop Keeper, Tamworth, West

Aroni, Theodore, 55, Cook, Tamworth

Arthurs, Nicholas, 26, Fish Cleaner, 130, George St, Redfern

Aslanis, Connie, 56, Domestic Duties, 12, Railway St, Newcastle

Aslanis, Leo, 24, Labourer, 12, Railway St, Newcastle

Athens Café, Oxford St, Sydney

Bachalis, Angelo, 49, Fruiterer, Lockhardt

Bachalis, Arthur, 1, Infant, Lockhardt

Bachalis, Athena, 2, Infant, Lockhardt

Bachalis, Olga, 25, Home Duties, Lockhardt

Bachili, Nikolas, 56, Orchardist, Bowmen

Backerodis, Peter, 18, Labourer, Culcairn

Bakadies, Nicholas, 40, Cook, 661, George St, Sydney

Bakolis, John, 23, Kitchenman, 651, George St, Sydney

Banardo, Andrew, 26, Restaurant Manager, 207, George St, Sydney

Banardo, Demitrius, 35, Restaurant Keeper, 207, George St, Sydney

Bangi, Theodore, 42, Restaurant Keeper, Coraki

Banias, Speros, 24, Shop Assistant, 93, Hunter St, Newcastle

Banna, N, 53, Seaman, Chillago, Coastal Ship

Barbaresos, Peter, 32, Cook, 78, Walker St, Redfern

Barnardo, Stemati, 35, Restaurant Keeper, 109, George St, Sydney

Bavea, Jack, 25, Fruiterer, Barraba

Bavea, Jim, 20, Fruiterer, Barraba

Bavea, Peter, 23, Fruiterer, Barraba

Baveas, John, 36, Restaurateur, Narrabri

Baveas, Sotiros, 31, Cook, Gilgandra

Baveas, Stavros, 27, Restaurant proprietor, Gilgandra

Beeteze, Mitchell, 50, Fisherman, 291, Hunter St, Newcastle

Belesasopoulos, Eliga, 41, Shop Assistant, Junee

Belesasopoulos, Nicholas, 13, Shop Assistant, Junee

Bellesis, Harry, 14, Waiter, Kempsey

Bellesis, John, 50, Lodginghouse Keeper, 88, Wentworth Ave, Sydney

Benias, Stanley, 27, Shop Assistant, 162, Hunter St, Newcastle

Bernardos, Emmanuel, 19, Waiter, Gunnedah

Bissel, Sarandopoulos, 15, Boy Assistant, Musswellbrook

Black, Arthur, 34, Shopkeeper, 295, Hunter St, Newcastle

Black, John, 49, Shop Assistant, Junee

Black, Melas, 22, Shop Assistant, 13, Hunter St, Newcastle

Blarsopoulos, Speros, 18, Waiter, 298, George St, Sydney

Bobopekis (Brown), Eli, 60, Fisherman, Collins St, Kiama

Booklaces, Alex, 21, Shop Keeper, 14, Perkins St, Newcastle

Boosgas, Constantine, 20, Waiter, 36, Pitt St, Sydney

Bouropoulos, James, 24, Waiter, 9, Alfred St, Sydney

Bretto, Stathis, 25, Shop Assistant, 6, Perkins St, Newcastle

Brown, E, 45, Seaman, Riverina, Coastal Ship

Bukios, James, 19, Confectioner, 739, George St, Sydney

Bylos, Angelo, 24, Shop Assistant, Summer St, Orange

Bylos, Con, 22, Shop Assistant, Summer St, Orange

Café, 318, Darling St, Balmain

Calado, Harold, 28, Restaurant Keeper, Manning St, Kiama

Calapaidy, Demitrios, 50, Cook, 74, Bullwarra St, Pyrmont

Calapaidy, Lily, 16, Domestic Duties, 74, Bullwarra St, Pyrmont

Calapaidy, Mary, 15, Domestic Duties, 74, Bullwarra St, Pyrmont

Calapaidy, Peter, 17, Barber, 74, Bullwarra St, Pyrmont

Calapaidy, Zoe, 39, Domestic Duties, 74, Bullwarra St, Pyrmont

Caligeros, James, 33, Fruiterer, Temora

Caligeros, John, 17, Fruiterer, Temora

Caligeros, Peter, 26, Café Proprietor, West Wyalong

Calipedos, Menis, 40, Café Proprietor, West Wyalong

Callas, Peter, 30, Restaurant, 90 William St, Sydney

Callidy, Anthony, 53, Cook, Broadmeadow Rd, Broadmeadow

Calligeros, Arthur, 27, Fruiterer, Walgett

Calligeros, Peter, 33, Fruiterer, Walgett

Calokerinos, Nicholas George, 25, Café Proprietor, Canowindra

Calomiris, Spiro, 32, Cook, Coonamble

Calopades, Dimitrios, 30, Café Proprietor, 195 Howick St, Bathurst

Calopades, George, Junior, 27, Fishmonger, High St, West Maitland

Calopades, George, Senior, 55, Cook, High St, West Maitland

Calopedas, Antonio, 30, Restaurant Manager, 3 Wilson St, Newtown

Calopedas, Paul, 28, Restaurant Keeper, 202 George St, Sydney

Calopedas, Peter, 34, Restaurant Proprietor, 188 King St, Newtown

Calopedis, B, Billiard Saloon & Club, 200 Castlereagh St, Sydney

Calopedis, N, Billiard Saloon & Club, 200 Castlereagh St, Sydney

Calopedis, Peter, 18, Shop Assistant, 236 George St, Sydney

Canakis, Angelos, 22, Labourer, Bettington St, Merriwa

Capsanis, Harry, 29, Miner, Cobar

Caras, Harry, 30, Gardener, Boosley Park, Smithfield

Caravoules (Kouvelis?), Emanuel, 17, Shop Assistant, Junee

Caredys, Spero, 45, Cook, Inverell

Carethan (Crethan?), Manuel, 42, Miner, Bagot St, Broken Hill

Carg, Harry, 23, Cook, 45, The Corso, Manly

Cargas, Vasilios, 42, Navvy, 2 Mile Camp, Merriwa

Carides, N, Café, 472, George St, Sydney

Caridies, Peter, 20, Waiter, Scott St, Liverpool

Caridies, William, 20, Waiter, Scott St, Liverpool

Caridis, John Nicholas, 26, Fruiterer, Caswell St, Peak Hill

Caridys, John, 21, Waiter, 735 George St, Sydney

Carkagis, James, 35, Restaurateur, Mullumbimby

Carkagis, Sam, 26, Cook, Mullumbimby

Carragani, D, 29, Fireman, Allinga, Coastal Ship

Carras, John, 22, Fruiterer, Oaklands

Carree, Simon, 25, Shop Assistant, Goulburn

Carrington Café, Victoria St, Sydney

Carthos, George, 25, Shop Assistant, Summer St, Orange

Carvalas, Charles, 26, Pantryman, 207 George St, Sydney

Carveles, Cresto, 30, Confectioner, 189 Parramatta Rd, Annandale

Carveles, Georgie, 28, Domestic Duties, 189 Parramatta Rd, Annandale

Casimatis, Mick, 35, Waiter, Murwillumbah

Casimaty, Emanuel, 20, Waiter, 197 George St., W, Sydney

Casimaty, John Michael, 31, Restaurant Keeper, Taree

Casimaty, Michael, Oyster Saloon, 568 George St, Sydney

Casimaty, Peter, Oyster Saloon, 235 Pitt St, Sydney

Cassam, Harry, 25, Fruiterer, Ardlethan

Cassam, John, 60, Fruiterer, Ardlethan

Cassam, Kerry, 17, Waiter, Gilgandra

Cassam, Michael, 20, Fruiterer, Ardlethan

Cassicus, W, 23, Fireman, Bunninyong, Coastal Ship

Cassim, Cyril, 22, Shop Assistant, Coonamble

Cassimatis, Manuel, 18, Cook, Leeton

Cassimatis, Peter, 29, Restaurant Keeper, Harden

Cassimatopoulos, Emanuel, 17, Waiter, High St, West Maitland

Cassimaty, Anthony, 26, Restaurant Keeper, 109 George St, Sydney

Cassimaty, George Michael, 27, Restaurant Keeper, Taree

Cassimaty, Michael, 21, Kitchenman, Broken Hill

Cassimaty, Spero Michael, 22, Restaurant Keeper, Taree

Cassimaty, Victor, 21, Restaurant Keeper, 109 George St, Sydney

Cassios, John, 25, Café Proprietor, 68 Erskin St, Sydney

Castanos, John, 51, Fish & Oyster saloon Proprietor, Military Rd, Mosman

Castanos, Kate, 51, Domestic Duties, Military Rd, Mosman

Castrision, Jack, 27, Fruiterer, Gundagi

Castrisios, Harry, 54, Cook, Goulburn

Castrisios, Steve, 21, Shopkeeper, Junction St, Nowra

Castrisos, Arthur, 22, Fruiterer, Coffs Harbour

Castrisos, Dionisios, 37, Kitchenman, 9 Alfred St, Sydney

Castrisos, James, 13, School Boy, 9 Alfred St, Sydney

Castrisos, Theo, 26, Kitchenman, 147 George St, Sydney

Castrisos, Victor, 27, Kitchenman, 9 Alfred St, Sydney

Catchouly, Peter, 26, Employee, Armidale St, Uralla

Catmatis, Con, 17, Shop Assistant, 143, Hunter St, Newcastle

Catrose, A, 30, Fireman, Koonya, Coastal Ship

Cecilia, Emanuel, 48, Restaurant Manager, 148 King St, Newtown

Cefteros, James, 50, Cook, Telford St, Newcastle

Celanio, George, 46, Cook, 3, Wilson St, Newtown

Chambiras, Con, 21, Employee, Rouse St, Tenterfield

Chambras, Con, 35, Employee, Rouse St, Tenterfield

Chambros, Theodore, 30, Waiter, Casino

Chapabaras, Aristotelis, 30, Labourer, 6, Thorne St, Newcastle

Chiconila, C, 25, Trimmer, Chillago, Coastal Ship

Chilianes, Harry, 50, Shop Assistant, 8 Wolfe St, Newcastle

Chilimparies, George, 22, Cook, 379 Elizabeth St, Sydney

Chilimparies, John, 44, Restaurant Keeper, 379 Elizabeth St, Sydney

Chillas, Chris, 24, Shop Assistant, 45 The Corso, Manly

Chingos, John, 25, Waiter, Scott St, Liverpool

Chlantjos, Basil, 24, Fish Cleaner, 130 George St, Redfern

Chonise, J, 25, Fireman, Age, Coastal Ship

Christeanes, Angelos, 27, Waiter, 91 Liverpool St, Sydney

Christeanes, George, 40, Cook, 91 Liverpool St, Sydney

Christian, Marie, 35, Home Duties, Kempsey

Christian, Minas, 35, Waiter, Kempsey

Christianios, George, 36, Cook, Casino

Christiano, Theodore, 30, Shop Keeper, Tumut

Christodulon, George, 20, Carter, Quirindi

Christofer, George, 29, Cook, 115, George St, Bathurst

Christonon, Nicholas, 30, Shopman, 163, Oxford St, Waverley

Cochineal, Emanuel, 17, Waiter, Warren

Coit, Emanuel, 50, Wharf Labourer, 189, Rowntree St, Balmain

Colen, Nicholas, 25, Waiter, Scott St, Liverpool

Colivis, Spiro, 34, Restaurant Keeper, 93, George St, Sydney

Collins, Nicholas, 40, Bread Factory manager, 78, Walker St, Redfern

Colombo, Jerry, 40, Pantryman, 236, George St, Sydney

Combes Bros (2), 30-35, Oyster Saloon, 29, Oxford St, Sydney

Combes, George, 18, Refreshment Room Assistant, Young

Combes, Mary, 25, Domestic Duties, Cootamundra

Combes, Minas, 42, Restaurant Keeper, Cootamundra

Comino, A, 30, Grill Room, 127 Oxford St, Sydney

Comino, Andrew, 21, Waiter, Katoomba

Comino, Annie, 50, Home Duties, 'Ednaville', Belmore Rd, Coogee

Comino, Calliope, 38, Domestic Duties, Bridge St, Lismore, North

Comino, Christopher, 22, Shop Assistant, Armidale

Comino, Demetros, 48, Fishmonger, 22 Market St, Sydney

Comino, Emanuel, 32, Fruiterer, Holbrook

Comino, Emanuel, 32, Cook, Bowral

Comino, Emmanuel, 38, Restaurant Keeper, 5 Pitt St, Sydney

Comino, George, 28, Fruiterer, Armidale

Comino, George, 30, Cook, Glen Innes

Comino, Georgina, 20, Wife of George, Glen Innes

Comino, Harry, 28, Waiter, Grafton

Comino, J, 38, Oyster Saloon, 118 William S, Sydney

Comino, James, 28, Restaurant Keeper, Bowral

Comino, John, 58, Oyster Saloon, 72 Oxford St, Sydney

Comino, John, 55, Oyster Merchant, 'Ednaville', Belmore Rd, Coogee

Comino, Manuel Megalo, 26, Cook, Walcha

Comino, Muriel, 17, Dressmaker, Bridge St, Lismore, North

Comino, Nicholas, 45, Dealer, Church St, West Maitland

Comino, Nicholas, 40, Café Proprietor, Scott St, Liverpool

Comino, Peter, 35, Café Proprietor, Scott St, Liverpool

Comino, Peter, 33, Waiter, 5, Pitt St, Sydney

Comino, Sophia, 32, Home Duties, Holbrook

Comino, Stella, 19, Dressmaker, Bridge St, Lismore, North

Comino, Thomas, 13, waiter, Glen Innes

Comino. Mena, 56, Restaurant Keeper, 5 Pitt St, Sydney

Comino. Peter, 46, Grazier, Bridge St, Lismore, North

Cominos, Gregory, 24, Waiter, Murwillumbah

Cominos, John, 52, Shop Assistant, 8 Wolfe St, Newcastle

Cominos, John, 23, Waiter, Cootamundra

Cominos, John, 40, General Useful, 68 Erskin St, Sydney

Comono, Victor, 19, Shop Assistant, Summer St, Orange

Con, John, 23, Confectioner, 298, George St, Sydney

Condoleon, Nicholas, 26, Restaurant Keeper, Bombala

Condoleon, Peter, 26, Restaurant Keeper, Cooma

Conincas, James, 22, Fruiterer, Coffs Harbour

Conomo, Theo, 24, Waiter, Moree, East

Conomos, Antonio, 21, Fruiterer, Port Macquarie

Conomos, John, 21, Waiter, Coraki

Conomos, Lambros, 18, Kitchenman, 9 Alfred St, Sydney

Conomos, Manuel, 15, Waiter, Vincent St, Cessnock

Conomos, Mick, 38, Fruiterer, Port Macquarie

Conomos, Nicholas, 50, Fruiterer, Port Macquarie

Conomos, Stel, 43, Lodginghouse Keeper, 109 George St, Sydney

Constantine, George, 80, Pensioner, Bingara

Coomensos, Dimitrios, 36, Waiter, 195 Howick St, Bathurst

Coonenos, Theodore, 29, Restaurant Assistant, Manning St, Kiama

Copland, John, 23, Shop Assistant, Armidale

Copoulos, Nick (Alex Nicholson), 22, Fruiterer, Berrigan

Cordato, Anthony, 35, Refreshment Room Proprietor, Dubbo

Cordato, Corneila, 30, Domestic Duties, Casino

Cordato, Ioannis, 21, Employee, Rouse St, Tenterfield

Cordato, James, 23, Refreshment Room Manager, Coonamble

Cordato, Kery, 32, Refreshment Room Proprietor, Rouse St, Tenterfield

Cordato, Simon, 36, Restauranteur, Casino

Coroneo, Alexander, 21, Fruiterer, Kelly St, Scone

Coroneo, Con, 18, Waiter, Inverell

Coroneo, James, 17, Waiter, Inverell

Coroneo, Peter, 52, Cook, 202 George St, Sydney

Coroneo, Samuel, 23, Fruiterer, Kelly St, Scone

Coroneos, Con, 18, Waiter, Gilgandra

Coroneos, Defus, 32, Miner, Cobar

Coroneos, James, 40, Waiter, Gosford

Coroneos, Paul, 30, Fruiterer, Cobar

Corones, Angelo, 26, Showman, Narrabri

Coronis, Michael, 40, Oyster Saloon Proprietor, Goulburn

Cosmopolitan café, Victoria St, Sydney

Cossymrides, G, 22, 4th Engineer, Skang Bee, Coastal Ship

Costsios, George, 25, Kitchenman, 36 Pitt St, Sydney

Coumania, Speros, 26, Shop Assistant, 68 The Corso, Manly

Counmotis, Christo, 26, Shop Hand, Coffs Harbour

Couroupis, Dimitrios, 46, Fish Hawker, Broken Hill

Creecy, George, 18, Oyster Saloon Keeper, Junee

Creecy, Sam, 30, Oyster saloon Keeper, Junee

Crethar, Angelo, 21, Assistant, Ballina

Crethar, Harry, 37, Restaurant Keeper & Fruiterer, Ballina

Critharis, George, 25, Restaurant Keeper, Katoomba

Critharis, Harry, 22, Domestic Duties, Katoomba

Critharis, Michael, 42, Cook, 95, Commonwealth St, Sydney

Critharis, Spero, 26, General Useful, 95, Commonwealth St, Sydney

Crithary, Arthur, 18, Cook, Stroud

Crithary, Helen, 24, Wife of Theo, Glen Innes

Crithary, Mehail, 35, Kitchenman, 109, George St, Sydney

Crithary, Peter, 22, Shop Manager & Partner, Glen Innes

Crithary, Theodore, 24, Shop Manager & Partner, Glen Innes

Crithary, Victor, 21, Restaurant Proprietor, Stroud

Cuzzo, John, 35, Cook, 236, George St, Sydney

Daki, Stathis, 39, Cook, Gunnedah

Damaridas, Chris, 23, Cook, 147, George St, Sydney

Danalis, Peter, 24, Waiter, 26, The Corso, Manly

Deen, Arthur, 19, Shop Assistant, Dubbo

Deluce, Michael, 65, Fisherman, Victoria St, Long Bay

Dentos, Con, 35, Fishmonger, 26, Union St, Pyrmont

Diacopoulos, George, 22, Waiter, 202, George St, Sydney

Diacopoulos, James, 45, Cook, Clarinda St, Parkes

Diacopoulos, Leo, 25, Café Proprietor, Clarinda St, Parkes

Diacopoulos, Nicholas, 25, Café Proprietor, Clarinda St, Parkes

Diacopoulos, Sidney, 22, Fruiterer, Clarinda St, Parkes

Diakos, A, Confectionery, 224, Pitt St, Sydney

Diamond, Athanasios, 30, Fruiterer &Restaurant Keeper, Culcairn

Diamond, John, 30, Cook, Church St, Mudgee

Diamond, Leo, 28, Shopman, Church St, Mudgee

Dick, John, 30, Labourer, Broken Hill

Dimitriadis, Demos, 26, Shopman, Broken Hill

Disifhris, U/K, Rockily, Coastal Ship

Douakis, Theodore, 26, Café Keeper, Stockinbingal

Douakis, Vasilikie, 27, Domestic Duties, Stockinbingal

Doulas, P, 38, Fireman, Period, Coastal Ship

Economides, John, 28, Confectioner, 596 George St, Sydney

Edosache, J, Newcastle, Coastal Ship

Epotes, Nicolas, 27, Pantryman, 147 George St, Sydney

Fardlo, Harry, 32, Cook, Tamworth

Fardouly, Charles, 20, Restaurateur, Burren Junction

Fardouly, Emanuel, 28, Fruiterer, Tingha

Fardouly, Emanuel, 22, Restaurateur, Burren Junction

Fardouly, George, 35, Fruiterer & Oyster Saloon, Bank St, Molong

Fardouly, Harry, 20, Fruiterer, Tingha

Fardouly, Mary, 28, Domestic Duties, Bank St, Molong

Fardouly, Theodore, 29, Restaurateur, Narrabri

Fefas, Spiro, 32, Café Proprietor, 'Sydney Oyster Saloon', Broken Hill

Fefas, Spiro, 32, Café Proprietor, 'Sydney Oyster Saloon', Broken Hill

Fernandez, Isaac, 60, Oyster saloon, 184 William S, Sydney

Feros, Alex, 23, Shop Assistant, Mullumbimby

Feros, Basil, 28, Restaurateur, Mullumbimby

Feros, Michael, 21, Waiter, Bellingen

Feros, Theo, 17, Assistant, Crown St, Wollongong

Fisher, Constantine, 80, Farmer, Billabong Creek, Parkes

Fisher, Mary, 80, Domestic Duties, Billabong Creek, Parkes

Flaitoff, Andrew, 26, Waiter, 36 Pitt St, Sydney

Flaskas, Anthony, 22, Waiter, Inverell

Flaskas, Harry, 19, Labourer, Kendall St, Cowra

Flaskas, Nicholas, 21, Café Proprietor, Molesworth St, Lismore

Flaskas, Peter, 18, Waiter, Maclean

Floratis, Harry, 25, Waiter, 95 Commonwealth St, Sydney

Florias, Gerasimos, 25, Waiter, Scott St, Liverpool

Fouskidis, Stanley, 19, Fish Shop, Grenfell

Frakali, V, 27, Fireman, Period, Coastal Ship

Francis, Arthur, 33, Labourer, Cobar

Frankali, V, 27, Fireman, Period, Coastal Ship

Franki, Spero, 26, Fishmonger, 61 Alfred St, North Sydney

Frantz, Theodore, 22, Waiter, Bettington St, Merriwa

Freelingos, Peter, 45, Kitchenman, 202 George St, Sydney

Freleagus, D, 25, Fireman, Gabo, Coastal Ship

Frelingos, Arthur, 17, Waiter, Parramatta

Gabriel, Victor, 19, Shop Assistant, Tumut

Galatis, Nicholas, 36, Shop Assistant, 295 Hunter St, Newcastle

Galliastos (Marshall), George, 56, Oyster Lessee, Dick St, Gladesville

Gamaris, Peter, 29, Refreshment Room Keeper, Young

Ganas, William, 25, Waiter, Scott St, Liverpool

Gares, Vandas, 19, Fruiterer & Oyster Saloon, Bank St, Molong

Gariely, Archie, 24, Shop Assistant, Narrabri

Gariely, John, 16, Shop Assistant, Narrabri

Gengos, Archie, 33, Fruiterer, Moree

Gengos, Arhontula, 1, Nil, Inverell

Gengos, Caliope, 23, Domestic Duties, Inverell

Gengos, Evangelea, 20, Domestic Duties, Inverell

Gengos, Evangelos, 32, Restaurant Proprietor, Inverell

Gengos, George, 2, Nil, Inverell

Gengos, Vasilios, 36, Licensee of Wine, Inverell

Geoegans, Samuel, 20, Carter, Murrurundi

Georgattas (Martin), Bill, 26 Fruit & Fish Shop Manager, Barmedman

George, Andrew, 23, Fruiterer, River St, Macksville

George, F, Confectionery, 295 Pitt St, Sydney

George, Leo, 36, Kitchenman, 147 George St, Sydney

George, William, 24, Fruiterer & Fish vendor, Pangee St, Nyngan

Georgophlis, Harry, 21, Boot Finisher, 95 Commonwealth St, Sydney

Georgopoulos,(Tzortzopoulos) Peter, 28, Shop Assistant, Dubbo

Georgopoulos, Peter, 15, Kitchen Boy, High St, West Maitland

Georgoulas, Con, 18, Farmer, Whitton

Georgoulas, Oscar, 24, Farmer, Whitton

Georgoulas, Stephen, 22, Farmer, Whitton

Georgupulos, B, Refreshments & Club, 208 Castlereagh St, Sydney

Georgupulos, G, Refreshments & Club, 208 Castlereagh St, Sydney

Geralis, Andreas, 26, Shop Assistant, Kelly St, Scone

Gianiotes, Speros, 50, Shop Assistant, Morgan St, Newcastle

Gladys, James, 33, Engineer, Maitland Rd, Waratah

Glison, John B., 37, Shop Assistant, Caswell St, Peak Hill

Glitsos, Panagiotis, 30, Fruiterer, Bellingen

Glitsos, Strati, 60, Cook, Barraba

Goumenis, Christof, 36, Restaurant keeper, Bega

Grallelias, Anthony, 26, Shop Assistant, 14 Perkins St, Newcastle

Grant, V, Fish Shop, 145, King St, Sydney

Grimanis, T, 29, Fireman, Maiahbar, Coastal Ship

Grofas, U/K, 35, Labourer, Griffiths Flat, Lambton

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