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Peter Tsicalas

Arrivals Australia 1854-1914

Last updated 26Mar2007

KRITHARIS, Emmanuel George, b. 1832/34, landed somewhere Aust 1854, allegedly after leaving Kythera ~1850. [Apparently left Aust at some stage and relanded Melbourne from Liverpool 21Feb1872 per 'SS Great Britain.' (16yr old Demetrius Constantine also on board.)]

BIDZANIS, Miltiades Demetrios, (aka Michael De Diar), b. 1835 Kythera or Hania, Crete, landed Adelaide 1861 as crew on ‘Sir John Lawrence.’

COMINO (Skordili), Athanasios Dimitrios, b. 1844/48 Perlegianika, eldest son of Dimitri and Agapi (nee Menega), landed 1873 after some time Smyrna.

COMINO (Skordili), Ioannis Dimitrios, b. 1854 Perlegianika, landed 1884 per ‘Potosi.’

COMINO (Skordili), Zacharia Dimitrios, b. 5Mar1857 Perlegianika, landed Nov1886 per ‘Cassel.’

COMINO (Skordili), Dimitrios Antonios. b. 1868/75 Perlegianika, son of Anthony Dimitrios and Theodora (nee Kalopaidou), landed 1888. (Returned ~1901 and came back 2Dec1902 per ‘Barbarossa.’)

PHACHEAS, Peter Emmanuel, b. 1860, landed 1889.

COMINO, Evangelos, b. 27Feb1868, landed 15Nov1890 per ‘Emperor William.’
STRATIGOS, Nick George, b. 28Oct1850, landed Dec1890 per the Orient Line.
STRATIGOS, Emmanuel, b. 1871, landed 1890.

SKLAVOS, Peter, b. 1862, landed ~mid1891.
COMINO, Anthony, b. 14Sep1869, landed 1Jun1891 per a German boat.
COMINO, Dimitrios Faros/Firos, b. 20Jul1867 (or1866), landed 15Oct1891 per ‘Strathclyde.’
COMINO, Nick Anthony, b. ~1874, landed 1891 per ‘Oldenburg.’
KASIMATIS, Georgios Grigorou, b. 1866, landed 1891. Returned 1896 and came back Hobart 1953.

COCHINEA, George. b. 7Sep1875 Kythera, landed Mar1892 per ‘Alanand Behie.’
PANARETOS, Victor Dimitri, b. 1868 Potamos, landed 1892 per ‘Salier.’
COMINO, Minas Antonios, b. 1878, landed 1892
COMINO, Cosma, (possibly youngest son of Anthony D.), b. 1882, landed 1892.

CALOPADOS, Peter, b. Feb1886 Potamos, landed Apr1894 per ‘Barbarossa.’
COMINO, Mena, b. 15Feb1881 Perlegianika, landed 1May1894. [Could be same bloke of 1892, the son of Anthony Dimitrios and Theodora (nee Kalopaidou.)]

PANARETOS, Ioannis Dimitri, b. 1869 Potamos, landed 1895 per ‘Australian.’ (Brother Polychronis, who died 1898 Sydney, also on board.)
PANARETOS, Spyro Peter, b. 1877 Potamos, landed 1895 per ‘Australian.’ (Returned Potamos 1905 with Anargyros Z. Panaretos.)

COMINO (Giraldis), George Emmanuel, b.8Oct1863, son of Emmanuel Yiantelis and Stamatoula (nee Comino), landed Sydney 8May1896 per ‘SS Bremen.’

ANDRONICOS, Theo George, b. 21Apr1881 Kousounari, son of George Emmanuel and Panayiotsia (nee Panaretos), landed 21Jun 1897 per ‘Oruba.’
ZANTIOTIS (Zaunders), Peter Emmanuel, b. 8Oct1882 Potamos, landed 8Oct1897 per ‘SS Polensien.’
CALOPATHES, Antonios Emmanuel, b. 9Dec1885 Potamos, eldest son of Emmanuel and Stamatia (nee Megaloconomos), landed Sydney 28Nov1897 per a French boat.

ANDRONICUS, Nick Damianos, b. 1875 Milopotamos, son of Damianos N. and Vasiliki M. (nee Karidis), landed Mar1898 per Orient liner ‘Austral.’ (Died 1928 Qld.)
CORONEOS (Bellos), Panos, b. 15Sep1877, landed from Egypt late Mar1898 per ‘Gera.’ (On Kythera ~1906-1910)
ZANTIOTES, Peter Sarantos, b. 24Jun1872, landed Apr1898 per ‘Orotava.’
MOTTEE, Peter Con, b. 5Aug1885, landed 17May1898
LAHANAS, John Peter, b. 5Feb1871, landed 5Nov1898.
LEANOS (Kolantzis), George Emmanuel, b. 9Jun1873 Lianianika, landed 12Dec1898 per ‘Warmstadt.’
BLAVERIS, Con Dimitri Costa, b. 21May1887 Potamos, landed 1898 per a German boat.

CARIDES, John Peter, b. 1Jan1877, landed Jun1899 per ‘Marseilles.’ (Son Peter John, b. 1898, migrated New York and served US Navy WW1.)
ARONES, Nick Peter, b. 16Sep1873 Potamos, landed from South Africa 8Jul1899 per the Orient Line.
ANOBONICOS, Andrew Damianos, b. 22Oct1879 (or 27Dec1880) Milopotamos, landed 22Oct1899 per ‘Nerra.’ (Returned 1912 for Balkan Wars and WW1, but possibly Aust temporarily 1915. Came back 1922)
MAZARAKIS, Peter N., b. 12May1886 Potamos, landed Nov1899 per ‘Messageries Maritime Co.’
MANEGOS, Demetrius Georgas Zacharias (Jim Menegas - Castroulis), b. 21Jul1882 Potamos, landed 1Nov1899 per ‘SS Australia.’ (Returned briefly 1910 to marry.)
ARONEY (Koumesos/Koumesopoulos?), Anastasios, b. 17Jun1872, landed 27Nov1899 per ‘Barbarosa.’
MEGALOCONOMOS, Mena Anthony John, b. 18Jun1886, landed 1Dec1899 per ‘Messajaries Maritine Co’. (Ioannis Antonios Megaloconomos was also a pre 1900 arrival.)
ARONEY (Theodoropoulos), Jack Cos, b. 1883 Aroniadika, son of Cosma and Frosini (nee Papadopoulos), landed Melbourne 25Dec1899. (Brother Peter also on board but returned ~1903/04, allegedly with brother Jim. Jim came back 1906 and Peter 1908.)

GALANIS, George Dimitrios, b. 2Oct1866, son of Dimitri Peter and Margarita, landed 5Mar1900 per ‘Armand Behic.’ (Returned Kythera 1906-09 and 1914-27.)
ZERVOS, Emmanuel Vasili, b. 25Aug1883 Milopotamos, landed Melbourne 25Mar1900.
SOURRY, Peter Cosma, b. 24Mar1884, landed 31Mar1900 per ‘Australian.’
KALOPADES, Dimitrios, b. 9Feb1865 Athens, landed 13Apr1900 per ‘Oldenburg.’
COMINO (Giraldis), Peter Emmanuel, b. 15Feb1869, landed 28Apr1900 per ‘Ville de la Ciolat.’ (Wife, Calliopi Theo Andronicos, and daughters, landed 1908.)
ANDRONICS, Stylianos Theo, b. 10Feb1883 Kousounari, landed ~late Apr1900 (left Greece 5Mar1900) per a French boat. (Spent May1903 – Feb1905 Cape Town.) (On Kythera ~1914-18.)
COMINOS (Panagioteli), George Arthur, b. 2Jul1873 Perlegianika, Potamos, landed Apr1900 per ‘Ville de la Ciolot.’ (Returned Kythera 1906 and came back with son Arthur 1911. Two trips USA 1911-21 then settled permanently Kythera.)
BLAVERYS, Dimitrios Costa/Con, b. 1May1862 Aroniathica, landed 1May1900.
COODOOREY (Koudouris), Mena, b. 30Nov1870, landed 1Aug1900 per ‘Prince Leopold.’
ARONEY, Peter Dimitrios, b. 5Oct1875, landed 7Aug1900 per ‘Ville de la Quiotit’.
LEVOUNE, Mena George, b. 11Oct1883, landed 7Aug1900 per an N.D.L. mail boat (Norddustscher Lloyd?).
LAHANA, Theo Peter, b. Apr1882 Potamos, landed 15Aug1900 per ‘SS Oceana.’
ANDRONICOS, Harry Cosma, b. 4Apr1880, landed15Sep1900.
MAVROMATE, Antonios, b. 15Aug1883, landed Melbourne 15Sep1900 per ‘Gionet.’
SCHLAVOS, George John, b. 13May1882, landed from Naples Oct1900 per ‘Oruba.’
STRATIGOS, George Nick, b. 12Mar1885, landed Oct1900 per ‘Oruba.’
ARONEY (Papadopoulos), Emmanuel, b. 30Nov1867, landed 11Nov1900 per ‘Australia’.
MILONOPOULOS, Demetris, b. 15Dec1850, landed 3Dec1900 per ‘Barbarossa.’
VENERIS (Hellen), Nicholas Ioannis, b. 18Jan1885 Gerakianika, landed 28Dec1900 per ‘SS Bremen.’
PANARETTO, Anargyros (Anty) Zakharis, b. 1Nov1876, landed Melbourne 31Dec1900 per a German boat.
ARONEY (Koumesopoulos), Peter Nick, b. 5Jan1885 Aroniadika, son of Nick Peter and Chrisanthi (nee Anastasopoulos), landed Dec1900 per ‘Bremen.’ (Returned Kythera 1905-06 and 1912-20.)

STRATIGOS, Peter John, b. 15Aug1882, landed 1901 per ‘Auber’ (P & O Line.)
SAMIOS, John George, b. 1850 Aliozianika, landed 1901. Returned 1914/15.
CORONAIOS, Paul Cosmos, b. 28Aug1875, landed 1901. [Allegedly visited South Africa ~1906/07. Returned from San Francisco 2Nov1908 per ‘Marama’ (Australian Canadian Line.) with Peter Con Zorzopoolo]
CORONEOS (Kambouris?), Peter, b. 28Feb1860 Kythera, landed from Cardiff 3Jan1901 on a cargo boat. (Widower with 3 Smyrna born sons on board.)
HANIOTIS, Theo, b. 7Jul1861, landed 31Jan1901 per ‘Hohenzollen.’
MINUCOE (aka Aroney/Roney), Theo Ioannis, b. 1890 (or 20Dec1887 or 25Dec1889) Aroniadika, landed 25Feb1901 (or 10 or 13 Apr1899) per French line, allegedly with father who later returned.
MEGHALOKONOMUS, Dimitri Andreas, b. 15Jun1870 Mylopotamos, landed 23Mar1901 per ‘Ville de la Ciotat.’
ANDRONICOS, Theo Con, b. 7Nov1885, landed 31Mar1901 per French Steamer.
CASTRESSOS, Theo Cosma , b. 19Nov1885, landed Apr1901 per a French boat.
ZAGLANEKY, Arthur Cosma, b. 25Jun1885, landed 7Apr1901 per a French Steamer.
KARATZA, Basil, b. 5Jun1874, landed Fremantle 13Apr1901 per ‘Polynysia.’
ARONEY, Peter Minas, b. 28Jan1880, landed 27Apr1901 per ‘Polynesian.’
GERAKETIS, Michael, b. 20Feb1871, landed 29Apr1901 per ‘Polynesia.’
COOMESOS, Dimitri, b. 24Jan1881, landed May1901 per ‘Polynesian.’ (Returned 1926)
FRILEGOS (Fafouti?), Panagiotes, b. 3Apr1883, landed 12May1901 per ‘Antheus.’
LOURENGOS, Nick, b. 16Jan1876, landed 12May1901 per ‘Antheus.’
COMINOS (Douris), Theo Stavrianos, b. 6May1883 Dourianika, landed 13May1901.
CONTOLEON, Andrew, b. 8Apr1879, landed 16May1901 per ‘Polynesian.’
ZORZOPOOLO, Peter Con, b. 20May1871, landed 20May1901 per ‘Dromoback’ after 14yrs Athens
COMINO (Douris), John Stavrianos, b. 28Mar1877, landed 23May1901 per ‘Rienhold.’
TAMBAKIS, Theo John, b. 27Jul1860 Areoi, landed 25May1901 per ‘RMS Ormuz.’
TRIGOUNIS (Jenkins), Anastasios [Archie, b. 15Mar1888 (Thouria, Messina?)], landed June1901
COMINO, Theo, b. 5Jan1870, landed 15Jun1901 per ‘Darrnstadt.’
PANAGIOTOPOOLO, Lambro, b. 2Feb1883, landed 17Aug1901 per ‘Oruba.’
ZAGLANEKY (Zaglas), Peter Cosma, b. 15May1883, landed 4Sep1901 per ‘SS Orooba.’
ARONEY, Peter, b. 11Oct1883, landed 10Sep1901 per ‘Oruba.’
MAVROMATIS, Anthony, b. 15Sep1881, landed Melbourne 15Sep1901 per ‘Marseilles.’
THEODORAKAKIS (Cordato), Kyriakos Emmanuel, b. 15Jan1882 (or 10Oct1883) Potamos, landed 15Sep1901 per the Orient Line.
COMBES, Minas Dimitrios, b. 5Oct1873 Kousounari, son of Dimitri Ioannis and Ecaterina Minas (nee Prineas), landed 15Sep1901 per ‘Orsova.’
COMINO (Palethras), George Emmanuel Arthur, b. 16Sep1884 (Cominianika?), landed 15Sep1901 per ‘Oruba.’
SAMIOS (aka Lamios), Harry, b. 27Mar1886 Potamos, landed Fremantle 20Sep1901 per ‘Oruba’
FREELEAGUS (Xirismenos), Peter Cosma, b. 1Mar1876 Frilingianika, landed 25Sep1901 per ‘Oruba.’ (Returned briefly to marry ~1911)
FREELEAGUS, Christy Cosma, b. 15Aug1887 Frilingianika, son of Cosma Anthony and Irene, née Panagiotopoulou, landed 25Sep1901 per ‘Oruba.’
ANDRONICOS, Dimitrios (David) Theo, b. July 1884/6 Kousounari, 2nd son of Theo and Marouli (nee Kypriotis?), landed 27Sep1901 per ‘Oruba’.
CASIMATY, Peter Emmanuel, b. 3Apr1882 Potamos, landed 28Sep1901 per ‘Oruba.’
LAZANAS, Arthur John, b. 23Oct1888, landed 1Oct1901 per Orient liner ‘Orumba’. (father probably on board)
NOTARA, Strattee, b. 27Jan1878, landed Nov1901 per ‘Orotava.’
NOTARA, Stratos Emmanuel, b. 11Sep1879, landed 10Nov1901 per the Orient Line.
COKINOS, Elias, b. 25Jun1881 Smyrna, landed Melbourne 13Nov1901 per ‘SS Nickar.’
PHACHEAS, John Emmanuel, b. 27Feb1855, landed with wife and son Fremantle 28Dec1901 per ‘IGU Friedrich du George’ after some time Smyrna. (Brother Peter, b. 1860 Kythera, and first landed 1889, also on board.)
PHAEHEAS, John Jack, b. 28Nov1883 Smyrna, landed Fremantle 28Dec1901 per ‘IGU Fredrick de Grosse.’
PHACHEAS, Alex Spyro, b. 5May1888, landed Fremantle 28Dec1901 per ‘Frederick de Grosie’ after some time Smyrna. (Returned Smyrna 1911.)
[PHACHEAS, George Emmanuel, b. 23Apr1866 Athens, sailed from Greece 21Oct1901 and probably landed Fremantle with those above. Believed to be second trip Aust. Returned again for short visit 1904 to marry.]

NOTARAS, Lambrinos Ioannis, b. 1860 Frilingianika, landed 1902. (Returned permanently pre WW1)
ARONEY (Magonezos), Nick Mena, b. 1871, landed 1902.
KEPREOS, George, b. 22Oct1859, landed 24 Jan1902 (or 24Jan1891?) per ‘Grosser Kurfuerst.’
CUZZU (Cazzuli/Koutchevlos/??), George Anthony, b. 31Aug1888 Egypt, landed 11May1902 per ‘Karlsruhe.’
KASTRISSIOS, Dimitri Theo, b. 24Sep1878 Kastrissianika, landed 29Jul1902 per a German boat.
SOURRIS, Peter Nick, b. 16Feb1871 ‘Lamia, Fkiohda’ (??), landed 2Aug1902 per ‘SS Stuttgat.’
ARONEY, Jack, b. 16Jan1878 Athens, landed via Naples 10Aug1902.
GENGOS, Leonidas George, b. 10Jan1884 Potamos, landed Sep1902 per the Orient line.
ARONEY, Peter, b. 12Apr1879, landed Sep1902 per ‘Barbarosa’.
FLASKAS, Peter, b. 22Oct1879, landed Oct1902.
TREARHIS, Nicholas, b. 5Apr1876, landed 10Oct1902 per ‘Oldenburg.’
GALANIS, Peter Dimitri, b. 22Jun1865, landed 13Nov1902 per ‘Orizaba.’ (Probably on Kythera 1905 and 06)
ARONEY, Menas Arthur, b. 20Sep1888, landed 22Nov1902 per ‘Barbarossa’.
PANARETTO, Mrs Victor, b. 1881 Potamos, dau of Athanasios and Gregoria Aroney, landed 2Dec1902 per German boat ‘Barbarossa.’ [Also on board: Victor Dimitri Panaretto, Dimitri Antonios Comino, Mrs Agapi George Lianos (dau of Antonios Dimitri Comino and Theodora Calopadi), and Miss Stavroula George Lianos (age 3)]
POTIRI, George E., b. 14Mar1882, landed Melbourne 25Dec1902 per ‘Austral.’

MELLITAS, James Peter, b. 1884/86 Melitianika, landed 1903. Returned permanently 1919.
MELONAS, Peter Spiro, b. 24May1892 Aroniadika, landed 1903 per a French boat (probably with father Spiro, b. 12Dec1869.)
FYROS, Anastasios George, b. 6Nov1875, landed from Cape Town Mar1903 per ‘Dorset.’
THEODORAKAKIS (Cordate), Antonio Emmanuel, b. 5Jun1881 Potamos, landed 5Mar1903 per a P & O liner.
ANASTASOPULO, Demitre, b. 5Feb1860, landed 15Mar1903 per ‘Rhein.’
KOMBES, Apostolos, b. 16Mar1880 Athens, landed 20Mar1903 per ‘Rhein.’ (Probably later of San Francisco.)
ANASTASOPOULOS, Anthony, b. 6Mar1874, landed from Naples Apr1903 per ‘Rhine.’
SAMIOS, Paul Dimitrios, b. 28Oct1889 Aloizianika, landed 25Apr1903.
ARONEY, Theo Peter, b. 23Jul1881, landed 26Apr1903 per ‘Orotava’.
MICHALAKAKIS (Tsicalas), Harry Spiro, b. 6Apr1874 Potamos, landed 28May1903 per ‘Karlshue.’
CALOPEDIS, Andrew, b. 11Mar1876 Potamos, landed 13Jun1903 per ‘Prinz Leopold.’
BLAVERY, Andrew, b. 20Sep1889, landed 20Jun1903.
SAMIOS (aka Aloizos), Arthur Anastasios, b. 8Dec1887 Aloizianika, landed 15Jul1903 per German-Lloyd Line. (Returned Kythera 1929-39)
ANDRONICUS, Charles Damianos b. 17Apr1886 Athens, landed 18Jul1903 per ‘Orontes.’
VLAHOGENIS, Harry, b. 23Aug1883, landed 18Jul1903.
ANAST(asopoulos?), Emmanuel, b. 12Mar1882 Athens, landed from Naples 1Aug1903 per ‘Oruba.’
PROTOPSALTIS, Athanasios, b. 8Mar1885, landed Aug1903 per ‘Dumbea.’
PANAGIOTOPOOLOS, Emmanuel D., b. 16May1882 Aroniadika, son of Dimitri and Stavroula, landed 3Aug1903 per ‘Dumbea.’
VENERY, John Demetry, b. 29Dec1889, landed 4Aug1903.
COMINO (Psilos), Peter Spyro, b. 25Aug1885 Katsoulianika, 16Aug1903 per the Orient Line.
THEODORAKAKIS (Cordato), Denis Kyriacos, b. 1874 Potamos, landed from London 17Aug1903 per ‘Moravia.’ (Returned 1911-23) (Kyriakos Denis Theodorakakis b. 20May1915, landed 28Oct1938 per ‘Strathallon.’)
STRATIGOS, George Emmanuel, b. 10Aug1861, landed 26Aug1903 per the Orient Line.
COMINOS, Alex Con, b. 9Feb1867 Potamos, landed Sep1903 per ‘SS Omrah.’
CALOPADES, George Emmanuel, b. 19Aug1888, landed 12Sep1903 per ‘Omrah.’ [D. Melitas and E. Diacopoulos also on board.]
MAVROMATIS, Peter Benetos (or Benetos Peter?), b. 25Oct1862, landed Nov1903 per ‘Orontes.’
ANDRONICUS, Emmanuel Damianos b. 27Dec1887 Mylopotamos, landed 2Nov1903 per ‘Konick Louisa/King Louis’.
MEGALOCONOMOS (Laesos, aka Megallos and Conomo), Sidney Michael, b. 6Jul1891 Potamos, landed 9Nov1903 per ‘SS Babershori.’ (Or Nov1902 per ‘Barbarossa’?)
MALANOS, John, b. 1Apr1880 Milopotamos, landed Fremantle 26Nov1903 per ‘SS Orizeos.’
ECONOMOS, Emmanuel, b. 12Apr1889 Areoi, landed Fremantle 26Nov1903 per ‘Orizoba.’
MARGETIS, Bretos George, b. 24Nov1889, landed 5Dec1903 per ‘Orizaba.’
THEODORAKAKIS (Cordato), Simon (Stellios) Emmanuel, b. 28Oct1879 Potamos, landed 13Dec1903 per ‘Zaiten.’

BLAVERIS, John Dimitri, b. 13Oct1891, landed Jan1904 per an English boat. (On Kythera 1919-26)
CALOPEDIS, Polychronis, b. 11May1888, landed 6Feb1904 per ‘Frederick de Grosse.’
VAMVAKARIS, Peter Nick, b. 17Jan1874, landed Jun1904 per ‘Ville Delakiota.’ (son Jack, b. 1903, landed 1922)
GALANIS, Stratis Nick, (Stan Garland), b. 25Jan1892 Aroniadika, landed 11Jun1904 per ‘Vile de la Ciotat.’ (Returned for WW1.)
CORONEOS, Nick Andreas, b. 14Oct1877, landed Sep1904 per ‘Oruba’.
KEPRIOTIS, Nick, b. 18Aug1882, landed 1Oct1904 per ‘Grossa Kurfurst.’
CASIMATY, Mick Emmanuel, b. 12Nov1886, landed 22Oct1904 per a German line.
CATSOULIS, Theo Harry, b. 1878 Potamos, landed 4Nov1904 per ‘G. Kurfuist.’
COMINO (Douris), Paul Stavrianos, b. 13Sep1889 Potamos, son of Stavrianos Nick, landed 20Nov1904 per ‘Grocercousfor.’
KOOCOOLES (Koukoulis), Nick Antonios, b. 21Feb1888 Katsoulianika, landed 29Nov1904 per ‘Ombrak.’
PHACHEAS (Fatzeas), George Emmanuel, b. 23Apr1866 Athens, landed with wife Sofia (nee Defteron, aged 28) 2Dec1904 per ‘Grosser Kurfurst', believed to be on 3rd trip Aust. [Also on board: C. Andranicas (age 18), C.Athanasius (22), J. Carsulis (26), B/P. Cominas (24), N/V. Cominas (21), Master Cominas (11), Master Cominas (9), N. Cypriotti (18), K. Kasmatis (16), Mr Tambakis (24)]
COMINO, Nick Peter, b. 10Aug1883 Cominianika, landed Dec1904.
ANDRONICO, Charles Theo Con, b. 24Jul1887 Kousounari, landed 14Dec1904 per ‘Grosser Kurfurst.’

FRANGESKAKIS, George, b. 1879 Potamos, landed 1905.
FARDOULY, Con Emmanuel, b. 8Jan1872 Potamos, landed 3Jan1905 per ‘SS Salamis.’
STRATIGOS, Charles John, b. 21Mar1889 Milopotamos, landed Apr1905 per the Orient Line. (Father, b. 1849, landed with oldest son George ~1898. Both returned 1912.)
COMINO (Baha), Peter Theo b. May1877, landed May1905 per ‘Australia.’
CASSIMATYS (Cassim), Harry John, b. 10Feb1894 Potamos, landed May1905.
VENERIS, Peter Nick, b. 28Oct1895 Perlegianika, landed 5May1905 per ‘Ormuz.’
NOTARAS, John Lambrinos, b. 15Dec1892 Frylingianika, landed 15May1905 per Orient Line.
CASTRISSIOS (Spagos), Peter Mina/Mick, b. Jan1884 (or 20Mar1887) Kastrisianika, landed 26May1905 per ‘Orizaba.’
SOURRY, David (Dimitri Cosma?), b. 18Nov1887, landed 10Jun1905 per ‘SS Oldenberg.’
CASSIMATIS, John Gregori, b. 13Mar1869, landed 1Jul1905 per the ‘Orient-Pacific Line.’
CHRISTIANOS, Nick, b. 6Mar1884, landed 16Jul1905.
CALIGEROS, George, b. 24Aug1882, landed 29Jul1905 per the Orient Line.
CASSIMATES, Peter Anthony, b. 13Apr1860 Fratsia, landed 15Aug1905 per a German boat.
VENERIS, John Peter, b. 15Aug1864, landed 2Sep1905 per ‘O’Bura’ (On Kythera Dec1912-Jul1913. Probably brought back wife who died 1913 Lockhart?)
THEODORAKAKIS (Cordatos), George Emmanuel, b. 7Sep1877 Potamos, landed 7Sep1905 per ‘Orontes’, possibly on 2nd trip. (On Kythera 1921-26)
CASIMATY, Gregory George, b. 6Jan1890, son of George Greg and Stamatina, nee Castrissos, landed 12Sep1905.
FARDOOLY, John Louis, b. 12Oct1890 Potamos, landed Oct1905 per ‘Yarra – Messagaseas Maritine Line.’
MICHALAKAKIS (Tsicalas), George Spiro, b. 1880 Potamos, son of Spiro Ioannis and Maria, nee Tzounaki (Pavlakou), landed 8Oct1905 per ‘Oruba’.
CARAPATY (Patty), Charles, b. 5Nov1888, landed 16Oct1905 per a German boat.
THEODORAKAKIS (Cordato), James Emmanuel, b. 16Jun1894, landed from London 24Oct1905 (or 30Nov1906) per ‘Orontes” after 2yrs USA.
TAMBAKIS, John Theo, b. 15Dec1891 Areoi, landed 17Nov1905 per ‘Orontes.’ (Returned 1930.)
CORONEO, Nick Andrew, b. 14Oct1877, landed 2Dec1905 per ‘Oruba.’ (Served Greek Army WW1 and returned Aust 1920.)
CALOCHERNOS, Nick George, b. 20Dec1887 Alexandrathes, landed 10Dec1905 per ‘Grosser-Kurfust.’
CAAIMATY, Anthony Emmanuel, b. 17Jan1890 (Drymona?), landed 14Dec1905 per ‘Bremen.’
ARONEY, Harry, b. 20Dec1881 Potamos, landed 22Dec1905 per ‘Grosse Kurfutz.’

KEPREOTIS, George Peter, b. 1876 Kypriotianika, landed 1906.
SAMIOS, George John, b. 17Jan1895 Aloizianika, landed 1906. (Returned 1914-1919 and served with British Egypt WW1)
CASIMATY, Vasili Emmanuel, b. 28Dec1889 Frilingianika, landed 31Jan1906 per ‘Barbarossa.’
VENERIS, Peter John, b. 1Jan1890, landed 3Feb1906 per ‘Orient.’
BENARDOS, Dimitrios N., b. 30Sep1879, landed 1Mar1906 per ‘Roon.’
GEORGOPOULOS, Nicholas (aka Georgie Gopoulos), b. Oct1888, landed 6Mar1906.
NOTARA, John Emmanuel, b. 24Jun1893, landed Apr1906.
SOFFIOS, Stratis, b. 18Apr1867, landed 8Apr1906 per ‘Barbarossa.’ (On Kythera 1908-12.)
ARONEY (Theodoropoulos), Jim Charles, 16Oct1890 Aroniadika, landed 6Jun1906. (Allegedly also landed 25Dec1899 Melbourne with brothers Peter and Jack but returned Kythera ~1903 with Peter. Again returned Kythera Jun1916 and came back Aust 6Jan1923 per ‘Esperance Bay.’)
COMINO (Galanis), George Peter George, b. 27May1888 Potamos, landed 9Jun1906 per ‘Australian.’
PSALTIS, Charles Basil, b. 26May1894 Mitata, landed 24Jun1906 per a French steamer.
LEVOUNE, George Peter, b. 12Apr1888 Kousounari, landed 16Jul1906 per ‘Barbarossa.’ (On Kythera 1929-34.)
SAMIO, Theo, b. 1Jan1870, landed 1Aug1906 per a German boat.
PANARETTO, Peter, b. 2Aug1878, landed 2Aug1906.
PANARETS, Greg George, b. 20Jun1889 Potamos, landed 1Sep1906 per ‘Grosser Kurfust.’
PANARETOS (Brown), Peter George b. 1884, landed Sep1906.
CARDYDHES, Nick, b. 4Jul1861, landed 11Sep1906 per ‘Ormuz.’
GENGOS (Tzentzos), Evangelo b. 28Sep1883, landed Sep1906 per ‘SS Scharnhorst.’ (Returned 1932)
SOURRY, Anthony Cosma, b. 6Dec1889 Potamos, landed 30Sep1906 (or 1Nov) per ‘Scharnhorst.’
TREFILLES, Nick, b. 1865 Trifyllianika, landed 1Oct1906. (Son Alex landed Jan1912)
CASTRISOS, Peter, b. 18Jun1897, landed 6Oct1906.
FARADOULIS (aka Calagridis?), Theo Michael, b. 4Dec1866 Potamos, landed 20Oct1906 per a German boat after some time Baltimore, USA.
CONOMOS, Michael David Megalo, b. 8Oct1892 Potamos, landed 22Oct1906 per ‘Gera’.
CASTRESSUS (Skordo), Polichroni Alex, (Paul Cass), b. 26Jun1890 Kastrisianika, landed 18Nov1906 per ‘Sculidge.’ (or Nov1907 per ‘Kron Prinz Wilhelms.’) (On Kythera 1930 to1934?)
NOTARAS, Emmanuel Dimitrios George, b. 23Nov1892, landed Dec1906 per ‘Grosser Kurfurst.’
CORONEO, Spiro (Sam) Andrew, b. 16Apr1891 (or 8Aug93?) Potamos, landed Dec1906 (or Dec08?) per a German boat.
PATTY (Karapati), Charles John, b. 23Nov1887, landed Dec1906.
COMINA, George Nick, b. 10May1885 Potamos, landed 29Dec1906 per ‘Ortona.’
GALANIS, Peter Dimitri, b. 12Feb1875, landed 29Dec1906 per ‘Orsova.’

CALLIGERUS, James John, b. 6Jun1885, landed 1Jan1907 per ‘SS Ortona.’ (On Kythera 1926-28)
MOTIS, Peter, b. 15Jan1881 Athens, landed from Cape Town 10Jan1907 per ‘Moravian’ after 7yrs South Africa.
ANDRONICUS, George Damianos, b. 4Nov1889 Mylopotamos, landed 19Feb1907 per ‘Ophir’.
KAVAZOS, Nick Jim, b. 3Jul1888 (Zaglanianika?), landed Mar/Apr1907 per ‘Arborosa’ (but could be 15Dec08 per ‘Barbarosa’ with brother Jack?)
NATAROS (aka Comino?), Dimitri John, b. 17Feb1879 Frilingianika, landed Jun1907 per a German boat. (Returned to family 1920)
ANDONARA, Con John, b. 2Feb1896, landed 3Jun1907 per ‘Ombrah.’
VENERY, John Nick, b. 26Dec1885, landed 19Jun1907 per a German boat.
CONDOLEON, Peter Emmanuel, b. 3Sep1889 (or1886) Avlemonas, landed 3Jul07 per ‘Oreta.’
BANGI, Theo Dimitri, b. 10Sep1877 Kythera, landed 7Jul1907 per ‘Nordductscher Lloyd’ after 21yrs Egypt and Athens.
CORONEOS, George Andrew, b. 25Mar1885 Potamos, landed from South Africa (Cape Town) 13Jul1907 per ‘SS Hyrnettas.’
POTIRI, Mick Emmanuel, b. 24Dec1891 Mylopotamos, landed 31Jul1907 per ‘Oretona.’
MAGALOCONOMOS, Evangelos Michael, b. 7Sep1890 Potamos, landed Aug1907 per ‘Ruueba.’ (Returned permanently 1924)
CASTRISOS, John Peter, b. Mar1873, landed Aug1907 per a German boat.
TAMBAKIS, Vasilios Peter, b. 25Oct1889, landed 5Aug1907 per the Orient Line. (In USA 1910 and 11)
NATARAS, John George, b. 12Sep1888, landed 12Aug1907 per ‘Bombala.’
CALLIGEROS, Demetre George, b. 15Aug1883 Pitsinianika, landed 17Aug1907. (On Kythera 1919-23 and 1924-29.)
KEPREOTES, Jack Theo, b. 25Jul1895, landed 23Aug1907 per the Orient Line.
KIPREOTES, Con Zacharias, b. 10Oct1895, landed 1907.
KAREEDYS, Con Peter, b. 12May1888 Milopotamos, landed 27Aug1907 per ‘Sydlitz.’
GEORGOPOULOS (Tzortzopoulos), Theo Nick Mina, b. Aug1891 Karavas, landed 29Aug1907 per ‘Seydlitz’.
CORONES, Harry, b. 17Sep1883, son of Peter and Stamatia, nee Freeleagus, landed 10Aug1907 per ‘Orova.’
CORONES, James, (nephew of Harry), b. 13Mar1894, landed 14Sep1907 per ‘Oruba.’
MOULOS, John Apostolos, b. 20Dec1890 Kousounari, landed 20Sep1907 per ‘Boulonges.’
CORONES, George, b. 1879, landed 13Oct1907.
CALOUDAS, Nick, b. 24Jan1890 Athens, landed 16Oct1907 per ‘Oroya.’ Returned 1930. (Brother Harry landed 1911 aged 15).
CORONEO, Alex Andrew Nick, b. 23Apr1896 Potamos, landed 23Oct1907 per ‘Bremen.’
CORONEOS, Con Andrew, b. 18Mar1882, landed 25Oct1907 per ‘Prince Bulow.’
CRETHAR, Harry Victor, b. 20Apr1887 Karavas, son of Vretos and Efrosene (nee Coroneos), landed 28Oct1907 per ‘SS Barloso.’
FARDOULIS, Emmanuel Con, b. 30Nov1895 Potamos, landed Nov1907 per ‘Roon’ after 18mths in Egypt. (On Kythera 1919 to 1921.)
MARCELLO, Nick G, b. 15Aug1880 Potamos, landed 6Nov1907 per ‘Bremen.’

ZANTIOTIS, Sarantos (Sid) George, b ~1893 Diakopoulianika, landed 1908. (On Kythera 1930-35)
CASSIMATIS, Cosma Jacob, b. 1889 Kato Livadi, landed 1908. (Returned for Balkan Wars)
BAVEAS, Kyriakos John, b. 25Dec1880 Potamos, landed 1908 per ‘Roon.’ (Returned Kythera 1914-15 and 1916-23.)
GENGOS, Vasilios George, b. 17Mar1880 (or 15Feb1881) Potamos, landed from San Francisco Jan1908 per ‘SS Moana.’ [Served Balkan Wars and returned Moree with wife Calliopi Coroneos (Bellos), the daughter of Spiro and Stavroula (nee Panaretos), 6Jan1914 per ‘SS Sedlitx.’]
ARONEY (Theodoropoulos), Stratis Peter, b. 25Oct1890 Aroniadika, landed Feb1908 per ‘Grosser Kurfurst.’
NOTARAS, Anthony Lambrinos, b. 22Mar1895 Frylingianika, landed 11Feb1908.
PSALTIS, Nick James, b. 18Feb1891 Mitata, landed 2Apr1908 per ‘Omrah’
PSALTIS, John James, b. 24Oct1882 Mitata, landed 3Apr1908 per ‘Omrah.’
GLETSOS (Gleeson), Peter John, b. 20Mar1885 Drymonari, landed 5Apr1908 per ‘Omrah.’
MICHALAKAKIS (Tsicalas), Victor Spiro, b. 4Mar1877 Potamos, landed Brisbane from Canada 18Apr1908 per ‘Moana’ after many years Russia, Germany, Belgium, USA and allegedly Mexico. (J. Statou also on board).
SAMIO, Arthur Emmanuel, b. Apr1868 Aloizianika, landed 28Mar1908 per a German boat.
BAVEAS, Stavros Con, b. 22Sep1888 Potamos, landed Apr1908 per ‘Ortoma.’
PROTOPSALTIS, Mick Photinis, b. Jul1892 Frilingianika, landed Easter Sunday Apr1908 per a German boat.
MOTTEE, George Con, b. 3Nov1894, landed 1Jun1908 per ‘SS Zaten.’
SAMIOS, Emmanuel John, b. 12Feb1893, landed 20Jun1908 per ‘Koningin Louise’ (or ‘Lloyd Bremen’)
CRITHARY, Theo Angelo, b. 30Aug1893 Karavas, son of Fr Angelo and Stamatina (nee Panaretos), landed 1Jul1908 per ‘Sedlitz.’ (Returned 1933)
NOTARAS, John Vretos, b. 23Feb1881 Potamos, landed 6Jul1908 per ‘Rone’ (German boat). Returned Kythera 1927.
MARCELLO, Theo, b. 4Aug1886 Potamos, landed 11Jul1908 per ‘Sedledis.’
SANDEMAN (Frilingos), Arthur Emmanuel, b. 25Jan1892 Potamos, landed 22Jul1908 per ‘Roon.’ (Returned 1924)
MANEA, Cosma, b. 1Jan1886, landed Fremantle 23Jul1908 per ‘SS Roon.’
MANEA (Castrisos), Spero John, b. 25Apr1895, landed Fremantle 25Jul1908 per ‘SS Roon.’
MAVROMATIS, Emanuel (Manuel Peter?), b. 20Feb1876 Potamos, landed 1Aug1908 per ‘Zeiten’ after some time USA.
FREELEAGUS, Demitrios Kosma, b. 6Apr1880 Frilingianika, landed 4Aug1908 per a British boat after 2yrs South Africa. (Returned Kythera 1920 to Feb1922.)
MINUCOS, Peter John, b. 25Feb1895 Aroniadika, landed 6Aug1908 per German boat ‘Roon.’
CLENZOS, Peter Vasili, b. 4Dec1883, son of Vasilios and Maria (nee Sophios), landed Newcastle 10Aug1908 per an English Line, perhaps ‘SS Charis’, after 12mths USA. (Returned Kythera Jul1919 to Jul1920.)
ARONIS (Galanis), Nick Peter, b. 17Feb1883 Aroniadika, landed 17Aug1908 per German boat ‘Kuhn.’ (Returned Aug1919 and came back 10Nov1922 per ‘Hobson Bay.’)
FATSEAS, Charles Theo, b. 24Mar1884, landed 20Aug1908.
ARONEY, John Mina, b. 1May1883 Aroniadika, landed 21Aug1908.
CHRISTIANOS, George, b. 20Mar1881, landed 21Aug1908 per ‘Frederick de Gross.’ (Widower leaving 2 daughters, aged 4 and 2.)
SAKELLAROPOULOS, Con, b. 15Aug1875 Piraeus, landed 25Aug1908 per ‘Yorke.’
STELLIOS, George Archibald, b. 15Aug1888 Potamos, landed 26Aug1908 (or 1909) per German boat ‘Zethllen.’
CASSIMATY, George Michael, b. 23Apr1887 Frilingianika, the son of Mick and Christina (nee Aroney), landed 28Aug1908 per ‘Roon’ after 9mths Egypt.
ANDONARO, Anthony Theo, b. 9Mar1892 Athens, landed 28Aug1908 per ‘Room.’
PANARETTO (Notos), Theo Vasilios, b. 16Feb1890, landed 15Sep1908 per German boat ‘Gneisenuy.’
MAVROMATIS, Peter ‘Pantazes’, b. 27Jul1886 ‘Pandonnades’, Potamos, landed Oct1908 per the Orient line.
ARONEY (aka Gerakitis), Peter George, b. 8Aug1893 Gerakitianika, landed Oct1908
COMNINOS (Douris), George Stavrianos Nick, b. 14Oct1888 Cominianica, landed Rockhampton 8Oct1908. (22yr old brother Peter also on board)
MARSELLOS, Manuel, b. 2Feb1890 Karvounades, landed Nov1908 per ‘Shidlytz.’ (Spent Mar1912-Dec1913 USA)
LAURANTUS, Nick, b. 5Feb1890 Karvounathes, son of Peter and Angeliki, nee Marsellos, landed 1Nov1908 per ‘Seidlich’ - Bremen Steam Ship Co. (Brother George also on board.)
ANDRONICUS, John Damianos, b. 20Oct1894 Mylopotamos, son of Damianios Nick and Vasiliki (nee Carydis), landed 10Nov1908 per ‘Bremen’.
ANDRONICOS, John Peter, b. 15Oct1894 Aigena (?), landed 12Dec1908 per ‘SS Roon.’
PANARETTOS, Nick Peter, b. 2Feb1893, landed 12Dec1908 per ‘Roon.’
CHLENTGOS (Bylos), Angelo b. 23Jul1889 Potamos, landed 13Dec1908 per ‘Roon.’
LEVONNE (aka Aroney), John, b. 16Apr1891 Aroniathica, landed 14Dec1908 per ‘Bremen’ after 4yrs Athens.
VENARDOS, John Con, b. 20Jun1891 Karavas, landed 14Dec1908 per ‘Roon.’
TREFILLY, George John, b. 22Dec1894 Trifilianika. Landed 15Dec1908 per ‘Roon.’
KAVAZOS, Jack James, b. 20Nov1888, landed 15Dec1908 per ‘Barbarosa.’
ARONEY (Moustakos), James Emmanuel, b. 9Dec1885 Aronidika, landed 17Dec1908 per ‘Roon.’ (In USA 1916 to 1919.)
CRITHARY, Peter Angelo, b. 26Oct1895 Karavas, landed 17Dec1908 per ‘Roon.’
CHAMBIRAS, Con Peter, b. 13Dec1896 Potamos, landed 18Dec1908 per ‘Roon-Bremen.’
COMBES, John Emmanuel, b. 23Oct1892, landed 18Dec1908 per ‘Rhone.’
LOGUS, Harry Angelo, b. 25Feb1893 Logothetianika, landed 19Dec1908 per ‘Roon.’
ZANTIOTIS, Sarantos George Sarantos, b. Dec1894 Karavas, landed Dec1908 per an Orient steamer (perhaps ‘Ormond.’) (On Kythera 1930-35)
FREELEAGUS, Charles Kosma, b. 2Mar1894 Frilingianika, landed Dec1908 per ‘Orouba.’

MAVROMATIS (Matis), Stavros Pol., b. ~1891, landed 1909. Returned 1926-48.
MELONAS, James Spiro, b. 19Sep1895 Aroniadika, landed 1909 per a French boat.
PANARETTO, John Anastasios, b. 20Sep1891, landed Jan1909 per ‘Bremen.’
VLANDYS, Paul Sarandos, b. 15Jan1876 Kalokerines, landed 2Jan1909 per ‘Orotava.’
BELLESSIS, John Harry, b. 22Jun1877 (or 22May1868), landed 6Feb1909 (or Aug1908 or 6Jul1909) per ‘Orontes.’
KARIDIS, Vasilios Nick (Bill Careedy), b. 15Oct1893 Milopotamos, landed 7Mar1909 per ‘Asteria.’ (Brother Theo and cousin Con Peter also allegedly on board. Another brother, Dan, enlisted USA for WW1 service.)
KATSOULIS, Spiro Jim Spiro, 20Sep1890, landed 10Mar1909.
CRETHAR, Minas Victor, b. 21May1892 Karavas, landed 24Mar1909 per ‘Tieten.’ (Returned Greece 1913-21.)
CATRAKIS, Theo Harry, b. 27Jul1888, landed 27Mar1909 per ‘Zeiten.’
ARONEY (Moustakos), Peter Anastasios, b. 20Nov1896, landed Apr1909 per ‘Ficton.’ (German Line)
COMINOS, Con Alex, b. 12Dec1894 Potamos, landed Good Friday Apr1909.
FREELEAGUS, Manuel Harry, b. 21Jul1892 Frilingianika, son of Harry and Maria (nee Aroney), landed 7Apr1909 per ‘Zieten.’
ZAUNDERS, John Emmanuel, b. 6May1893 Vouno, landed 14Apr1909 per German boat ‘Zeeturn.’
TSIMERIS, Theo Dimitrios, b. 26Oct1873, landed 23Apr1909 per ‘SS Seidlitz.’
TAMBAKIS, Peter Theo, (aka Peter Theodore), b. 12Mar1895, son of Nick, landed 12May1909 per ‘SS Royal.’
STATHIS, Peter G., b. 10Oct1891 Keramoto, landed 22May1909 per a German boat.
CLENZOS, Theo Vasilios, (aka Tomos Corogonas?), b. 17Jan1892, landed May1909 per the Orient Line. (Moved Egypt 1922 and traded as Coroneos Bros in Alexandria.)
BAVEA, Peter Nick John, (aka Peter Peters), b. 4Aug1893 Potamos, landed 1Jul1909 (or 5May1909) per ‘SS Gneisenau.’
SAMIOS, Cosma George, b. 15Oct1888 Aloizianika, landed 12Jul1909 per a German boat.
PROTOPSALTIS (Caponas), Evreveadis (Charles) Mena, b. 10Mar1895, landed Aug1909 per ‘Orama.’
SOPHIOS, Theodore John, b. 1894 Logothetianika, son of John and Politimi (nee Kompis), landed 7Aug09 per Orsova. (5 other Greeks on board, including cousin P. Sophios)
KEPREOTIS, Nick Victor, b. 19Oct1897 Drymonas, landed 7Aug1909 per ‘Zieten.’ (Father Victor Nick returned Kythera 1916.)
CALIGEROS, Peter George, b. 16Aug1890, landed 7Aug1909 per a German boat.
CALLIGEROS, Spero George D., b. 12Dec1893, landed 10Aug1909. (Returned for Balkan War and WW1 10Jul1913-15Jul1920. Also served WW2.)
COMINO, Sotirios Nick, b. 15Aug1891, landed 10Aug1909 per the Orient Line.
LOGOTHETIS (Logos), Minas Dimitri, b. 17Nov1894 Logothetianika, landed 14Sep1909. (On Kythera 1928-29)
COMBES, Peter, b. 18Oct1889, landed 15Sep1909 per ‘Sydelitz.’
ZANTIOTIS (Zaunders), Nick Emmanuel, b. 15Aug1888, landed Oct1909 per ‘Nordeutcher Lloyd Line.’
FARDOULY, Theo George, b. 22May1886 Potamos, son of George and Adriana (nee Megaloconomos), landed Oct1909 per ‘Otronto’, possibly on 2nd trip.
COMINO, Apostolos Theo, b. 15Aug1892, landed Rockhampton 9Oct1909 per ‘SS Oswestry Grange.’
NOTARAS, Harry Dimitrios, b. 21Nov1897 Frilingianika, landed Fremantle 15Oct1909 per ‘Oloaza.’ (Returned Greece Jul1920-May1923.)
DELAVERIS, Theo, b. ~1885 ‘Potamos, the capital of the Cerigo Islands’, landed Fremantle 28Oct1909 per ‘GMS Coningin Louisa.’
VENERIS, Vretos Nick, b. 1Jul1896, landed 30Oct/21Nov1909 per a French boat. (On Kythera 1928 to 29).
DOORIS, Theo, b. 20Aug1895 Ntourianika, landed Rockhampton Nov1909. (Served OS with AIF WW1)
SAMIOS, John Anthony, b. 15Jan1895, landed Fremantle 8Nov1909 per ‘Kouigen Louise.’
FRELINGOS, John James, b. 10Dec1881 Frilingianika, landed 10Nov1909. (On Kythera 1914-16, 1919-22 and 1927-28.)
KALOKERINOS, Nick Emmanuel, b. 31Jan1895, landed 20Nov1909 per ‘Australia.’
CALLIGEROS, Peter Nick, b. 24Jul1883 Strapodi, landed from USA 20Nov1909 per ‘Miltiades.’
COMINOS, Theo Sotiros, b. 20Jul1857 Potamos, landed Brisbane 21Nov1909 per the Orient Line. Returned Kythera 1920.
PASCALL (Pascalis/Magoulas), Theodore, b. 27Jan1897 Pitsinades, son of Antonis and Panagiotitsa (nee Mavromatis), landed with father 28Nov1909 per a French boat. (Returned 1935-39. Father returned permanently ~1915)
FARDOULYS, Stathis Nick D., b. Apr1891 Potamos, landed Dec1909 per ‘Frederick der Grosse.’
POTIRIS, Emmanuel Nick, b. 30Jun1879 Milopotamos, landed 10Dec1909 after 6yrs Smyrna.
ANDRONICUS, James Andy, b. 25May1896, landed 12Dec1909 per a German boat.
GLITSOS (Gleeson), Nick John, b. 21Jan1895 Kypriotianika, landed 18Dec1909 per a German boat.
KATSOULIS, Dimitrios Anthony, b. 17Dec1894 Potamos, landed 19Dec1909 per German boat ‘Frederick de Grosse.’
CORONEO, James Spyro, b. Jul1894 Potamos, landed 19Dec1909 per ‘Frederick the Great.’
CASTRISSOS, Peter, b. 22Jul1890, landed Brisbane 26Dec1909 per ‘SS Omrah.’

SOPHIOS, Nick, b. 12Mar1898 Logothetianika, landed 1910 per the ‘Messageries Maritimes Co.’
CASSIMATY, Spiro Michael, b. 17Jan1896 (Frilingianika?), landed early 1910 per a German boat.
LOGOTHETIS, George Nick, b. 22Apr1891 Athens, landed 1Jan1910 per ‘SS Caledonian.’
ANDRONICOS (Johnson), Nicholas John, b. 14Dec1894 Potamos, landed 10Jan1910 per ‘Dumbea’.
MASSELOS, George Cosmos, b. 14Aug1894 Fratsia, landed Fremantle 10Feb1910 per ‘Coening Louise.’
BARNARDOS, Theo Dimitri, b. 15Jan1884 Potamos, landed 10Feb1910 per a German boat. (On Kythera Oct21-Feb23 and apparently returned permanently 1933.)
FRANTZESKAKIS (Francis), Theo George, b. 12Apr1881, landed 15Feb1910 per ‘Seydlitz’ after 5yrs on and off in South Africa. Served with British forces Boer War.
GEORGOPOULOS (Tzortzopoulos), Mina Nick, b. 11Nov1887 Karavas, landed 6Mar1910 per ‘Kervaros’ after 3yrs Alexandria. (In Greece 1913-20. Served WW1.)
NOTARAS, George Peter, b. 21Mar1880, landed 20Mar1910 per the Orient Line, leaving wife Theodora and dau Katerina.
COMBES, Cosmas Maneas, b. 1Jul1870 Fratsia (?), landed Apr1910 per a German boat.
COMINAS, Sotirios Theo Sotirios, b. 12Dec1887 Perlegianika, landed Apr1910 per ‘Otway.’ (On Kythera 1927-29)
COMINO, Arthur Emmanuel Arthur, b. 31Jul1882 Comninianika, Potamos, landed 10Apr1910 per ‘Otewa’ on 2nd trip to Aust.
MEGALOCONOMOS (Konomus), Andrew Dimitri, b. 15Sep1896 Mylopotamos, landed 16Apr1910 per ‘Velt-O-Tat.’ [Father landed 1901 (or1897?) and returned 1919]
PANARETTO, George Anastasios George, b. 23Apr1889 Potamos, landed 3Jun1910 per ‘Seidlitz.’
CHAMBRASS (Tsambiras), Theo, b. 3Feb1885 Potamos, landed 3Jun1910 per ‘Seydlitz.’
MOULOS, George Apostolos, b. 1894 Kousounari, landed Jul1910. (On Kythera for ~15mths from 1931)
COMINO, Anastasy Peter George, b. 4Oct1893, landed 1Jul1910 per a German boat after 4yrs Athens.
VENARDO, Andrew Nick, b. 18Feb1890 Karavas, landed 7Jul1910 per ‘Sadlitz.’
FRELLINGOS, George, b. 12Nov1884, landed Oct1910 per ‘Dumbea.’
KATSOOLIS, James Nick, b. 22Aug1897 Katsoulianika, landed Oct1910 per ‘Obracedo.’ [More likely landed late 1913 with father Nick James (b. 1877), mother Theodora (Dorrie b. 1875), brother Spero (b. 1900) and sister Gregoria (Nellie, b. 1913).]
MELLITAS, Angelo Peter, b. 25Mar1895 Potamos, landed 15Oct1910 per ‘Orante.’
GEORGOPOULOS, Basil Theo, b. Nov1883, landed 10Nov1910 per ‘Otranto’.
ZANTIOTIS (Zantos), Dimitri Anastasios, b. Nov1893 Agia Anastasia, landed Nov1910 per ‘Bremen.’
FARDOULY, Emmanuel Mina, b. 16Nov1896 Potamos, landed 16Nov1910 per ‘Bremen.’
CASSIMATY, Cosmas Nick, (Cyril Cassim), b. 28Oct1895 Potamos, landed 20Nov1910 per ‘Bremen.’
CASTRISOS, Steve, b. 14Sep1895, landed Dec1910 per ‘Bremen.’
MOULOS, George John, b. 10Feb1892, landed Dec1910 per ‘Orsova.’
ANDONARA, Jack Theo, b. 15Aug1895 Frilingianika, landed 2Dec1910 per Orient liner ‘SS Aoutranto.’
FEROS, Alexander John Theo, b. 25Jan1894 Mitata, landed 10/15Dec1910.
GLETSOS, Peter Stan, b. 1856 Kypriotianika, landed 15Dec1910.
COMINO (Palavras), Andrew, b. 11Feb1898 Perlegianika, son of Mina and Malamatina (nee Megaloconomos), landed 20Dec1910 per ‘Velt-O-Tat.’
COMBES, Charles Emmanuel, b. 16Jul1894, landed 22Dec1910 per ‘Omrah.’
PASPALAS, John Anasti, b. 29Aug1882 Piraeus, landed 23Dec1910 per ‘Yarra.’
CARIDIS, Peter George, b. 18Oct1896 Milopotomas, landed 26Dec1910 per a ‘Messagries Maritine steamer’
VENERY, George Dimitri, b. 23Aug1893, landed late 1910 per a French boat.

CASSIMATIS, Andrew Andrew (sic), b. 22Feb1876, landed 1911.
VAMVAKARIS (aka Harris), George Peter, b. 31Jul1888 Vamvakarathika, landed 1911 (at Newcastle as crew on ‘West Hepburn’?). (Returned 1923 to 27)
SICILIOS, Eustratios Athanasios, b. 8Feb1879 Aroniadika, landed 1Jan1911 per a French boat.
VAMVAKERY (aka Harris), Peter Stellios/Stanley, b. 15Aug1878, landed 2Jan1911 per ‘Osterly.’ (Returned 1913 to ~1924 and ~1930 to ~35)
SAMIOS, George Peter Charles, b. 29Jan1900 (or 28Jan1899), landed 10Jan1911 per ‘Orama/Orara.’
HANIOTIS, Emmanuel, b. 15Feb1861, landed 23Jan1911 per ‘SS Yarra.’
COMINOS, Andrew Mena Andrew, b. 10Oct1894 Perlegianika, landed 2Feb1911 per ‘SS Toombea.’
NOTARAS, Peter John Peter, b. 7Feb1902 Friligianika, landed 15Feb1911 per ‘Zieden.’
HELLEN, Vince John, (Valerios Veneris), b. 18Feb1890 Pourko, landed Brisbane 18Feb1911 per ‘Makivia’ after 5yrs USA.
TRIFELLIS, Kyriacos, b.1Jan1888, landed Mar1911. On Kythera 1935-47.
MEGALOCONOMOS, Michael John, b. 15Aug1894, landed Mar1911 per ‘MM Kautara.’
MEGALOCONOMOS, Jack, b. 9Dec1895, landed Sydney 4Mar1911 per ‘Messagere Line.’
THEODORAKAKIS (Cordato), Jack Emmanuel b. 3Jan1897 Potamos, son of Emmanuel and Katerini (nee Megaloconomos), landed 10Mar1911 per ‘Kaiser.’
VANERY, George Basil, b. 23Nov1896, landed 11Mar1911 per a French boat.
HAROPOULOS (Haros), Emmanuel Jacob, b. 29Jun1892 Manitohori, landed 15Mar1911 (or possibly 1909) per ‘Messageries Maritime’ after 4yrs Egypt.
PASPALAS, Demetrios Efstathios, b. Dec1895, landed 19Mar1911 per a French boat.
VENARDOS, Panagiotis Athanasiou Emmanuel, (Peter Bernard), b. 2Aug1900 Karavas, landed with father and brother 20Mar1911 per ‘Armand Belsic.’
ZANTIOTIS, James George, b. 7Sep1896 Karavas, landed 22Mar1911 per Messargarie Maritine Co.
CARIDES, Nick Peter, b. 12Mar1886 Athens (or born Phalaisia, in Arcadia?), landed 10May1911 per ‘Sydney.’
MOULOS, Athanasios Ioannis, b. 2Sep1865 Logothetianika, landed 11May1911 per the Orient Line. (Returned 1927 to pick up rest of family)
CONTOLAON, Antonio Cosmas, b. 26Dec1882 Viaradika, landed Jun1911 per a French boat.
KARATZA, Peter Michael, b. 3Feb1894 Pireaus, landed Fremantle 1Jun1911 per ‘Salazie.’
MALLOS, Steve John, b. 14Jun1896 Potamos, landed Sydney 2Jun1911 per ‘Zalazie Marseille.’
CASTRISOS, Charles John, b. 7Feb1887, landed 2Jun1911 per ‘Osterley.’
FEROS, Mick Nick John, b. 1895 Mitata, landed 12Jun1911.
CHRISTOFOROS, John George, b. 18Apr1893 Kalokerinos, landed 12Jun1911 per ‘Salazie.’
PRINEAS, Vrettos Dimitrios, (Victor Prince), b. 22Dec1895, landed 14Jun1911 per ‘Zalazees.’ (Spent 14Jun22 to 4Oct24 USA)
FRANTZESKAKIS (Francis), Athanasios George, b. 2Aug1897, landed 16Jun1911 per ‘Caledonia.’
KRITICOS, Panagiotis Con, (Paul Cretan/Ceretan), b. 27Mar1894 Milopotamos, landed from USA per ‘SS Cornwall’ 19Jun1911 after 5yrs Pennsylvania. (Returned 1916 to serve Greek Army and came back 29Sep1920 per ‘Naldera.’)
FRELENGUS, Dimitri, b. 18Aug1890, landed Wallaroo, South Aust, from Java 24Jun1911 as crew on French barque ‘Jeanett Francois’ after 2.5yrs Singapore and 7yrs New York.
MEGAWCONOMOS, Evangelos Peter, b. 15Mar1888 Drymonas, landed 1Jul1911 per ‘Ville di la Ciotat.’
CASTRISOS, Victor Mina, b. 12Sep1887 Viarathika, landed 1Jul1911
CASSIMATIS, John Mena, b. 5Nov1896, landed 1Jul1911 per a French boat.
VLANDIS, Emmanuel, b. 27Nov1894, landed Brisbane 2Jul1911 per ‘Vill de Laciottal.’
GEORGOPOULOS, Jim George, b. Mar1893, landed Sydney 8Jul1911 after 4yrs Egypt.
ANDRONICOS, George Harry, b. 1May1895, son of Harry Nick and Photine, landed Brisbane 10Jul1911 per ‘SS Waipara’.
TSIMERIS, Michel, b. 7Jun1877, landed Fremantle 14Jul1911 per ‘Sydney.’
PRINEAS, Theo Peter John, b. 1Jan1886 Mitata, landed 16Jul1911 per a French boat.
CAPSANIS, Harry Sam, b. 24Sep1885, landed 19Jul1911 per French boat ‘Australien.’
CASTRISOS (Maneas), Peter John b. 14Sep1887, landed Fremantle 25Jul1911 per ‘Roccen.’
CASTRISOS, Arthur John, b. 1894 Kastrissianika, landed 25Jul1911 per ‘Groben.’
ANDRONICOS, George Anargeros, born 14Feb1897 Milopotomas, landed 30Jul1911 per a French boat.
FRANTZESKAKIS, Lampros George, (Leo Francis/Frantz), b. 1Jan1889 (or 7Sep1889), landed 4Aug1911 (or Sep1911) per ‘Nera.’. (In Paris 1920-22 visiting family in exile with Venizelos.)
PATRICK, Minas Theo, b. 28Jul1889, landed 26Aug1911 per ‘Goeben’ after 8yrs Russia.
CRETHAR, Angelo Victor, b. 25Mar1897 Karavas, landed 30Aug1911 per ‘SS Fredliedge –Bremen.’
CONDOLEON, Nick Manuel, b. 12Feb1895 Avlemonas, landed 4Sep1911.
TRIFILLIS (nee Delaveris), Mrs Anastasia Emmanuel, b. 20Feb1881 Potamos, landed Fremantle with 6yr old daughter Andriani 17Sep1911 per ‘Oceana.’ (Husband Manuel, b. 25Dec1868 Trifillianika, died 29Oct1914 Fremantle.)
POTIRI, Peter Emmanuel, b. 21Sep1893 Mylopotamos, landed 22Sep1911 per ‘Bremen.’
CASSIMATY, Emmanuel Harry, b. 18Nov1897, landed 15Oct1911 per ‘Messageries Maritimes Line.’
PANARETO, Archie Con (?), b. 4Jun1893 Pireaus, landed 18Oct1911 per ‘Polinasiou.’
MAVROMATIS, George Pantazi, b. 27Aug1895 Pitsinades, landed 24Oct1911.
SAMIOS, Andrew, b. 1891, landed Oct1911 per ‘Polneyoian.’
BAVEA, John Nick John, b. 2Apr1890, landed Oct1911 per ‘Brieuieu.’
VANARES, Emmanuel John, b. 7Mar1879, landed 10Nov1911 per a French boat. (on Kythera Sep1919-Apr1921)
CHRISTIANO, Theo John, b. Sep1886 Logothetianika, landed 11Nov1911 per ‘Aramumbi.’
MAVROMATIS, Nick Peter, b. 7Sep1891 Potamos, landed 20Nov1911 per ‘Polynacia’ after 5yrs Egypt.
MALANO, Peter George, b. 17Jan1887 Milopotamos, landed 25Nov1911 per ‘SS Marama’ after 5yrs Pittsburgh and 7yrs Youngston.
LEVOUNE, Spiro Peter, b. 10Apr1899, landed 27Nov1911 per ‘Polynesian.’
CHIENTGOS (Bylos), Con, b. 20Feb1895, landed 28Nov1911 per ‘Polynesian.’
CONDOLEON, Peter Con, b. 1886 Viarathika, landed 3Dec1911 per a German boat.
ZANTIOTIS, Tony Steve, b. 25Jul1894, landed 10Dec1911.
PROTOPSALTES, Dimitri Peter, b. 12May1882 Mitata, landed 13Dec1911 per ‘Ormus’, possibly on second trip. Emmanuel D. Haniotis allegedly also on board. (Returned Kythera 1920-23 then other trips until permanent return ~1935)
THEODORAKAKIS (Theodorakis?), Anthony, b. 28Sep1893/94, landed Fremantle 17Dec1911 per ‘Merria/Merra’ – French boat.
FLASKAS, Nicholas Harry, b. 25Nov1894, landed 24Dec1911 per the ‘Messig. Maritine Co’.
DIACOPOULOS, Anthony James, b. 24Dec1898, landed 24Dec1911 per ‘Ville de Coviot.’
MEGALOCONOMOS, Anthony Nick, b. 15Jan1893, landed 25Dec1911 per ‘SS Ville de la Siota.’
COMINO, Hercules (Harry) Peter, b. 25Jun1891 Potamos, landed 25Dec1911 per ‘Vill de L’aciota.’
TSIKLEAS, Minas, b. 23Oct1887 Viaradika, landed 28Dec1911 per ‘Polynesian.’
MELLITAS, Peter Theo, b. 15Sep1897 Potamos, landed Fremantle late 1911 per a German boat.

FARDOULY, George Con, b. 23Mar1881, landed 1912.
STRATEGOS, James George, b. 9Oct1896, landed 1912 per a German boat.
SAMIOS, Peter John, b. 1Jan1897 Pitsinianika, landed 1912 per ‘Messagena Maritine Co.’
ANDRONICUS, Nick Andy/Anagiros, b. 6Dec1892, landed 1912 per ‘Shiby.’
LIANOS (Kolantgis), Emmanuel D., b. 23Apr1887 Logothetianika, landed 3Mar1912 per ‘Barbarosa.’
MAZARAKI, Dimitri, b. 27Oct1893 Port Said, Egypt, landed 19Mar1912 per ‘Ortranto.’
ANDRONICUS, Nick George, b. 27Mar1898 Mylopotamos, landed 31Mar1912 per ‘Zietene’.
KYPRIOS, Nick George, b. 30Nov1894, landed Apr1912 per a German boat.
CASIMATY, Anthony George, b. 2Apr1897, landed Brisbane Apr1912 per ‘Omrah.’
ZANTIOTIS, Anastasios Demetri, b. 8Oct1888, landed early Apr1912 per ‘Roon.’
COMINO, Gregory Spiro, b. 11Nov/Dec1896, landed 6Apr1912 (or 20Jan) per ‘Roon’.
CRITHARY, Vretos B., b. 6Jul1894 Pireaus, landed 10Apr1912 per ‘SS Caledonian.’
SAMIO, Nick Arthur, b. 1864, landed 10Apr1912 per ‘SS Caledonia.’
MARCELLOS, John George, b. 8Jan1886, landed 12Apr1912 per ‘Sydney.’
CULENTIANOS, Peter, b. 15Sep1884, landed Fremantle 30Apr1912 per ‘Omrah.’
COMINO (Rousos?), John Peter John, b. Feb1899 Perlegianika, landed May1912 per ‘Omrah.’
ALFIERIS (Alfred), Theo Efstatheos, b. 8Jan1899, landed 1May1912 per ‘Sydney.’
CHRISTIANO, Andrew Peter, b. 15Jul1899, landed 3May1912 per ‘Omrah.’
SOPHIOS, Demetrios (Dave) Peter, b. 2Apr1897 Logothetianika, landed 5May1912 per ‘Sydney.’
GABRILL, Peter Dimitri, b. 18Apr1894, landed 6May1912 per a German boat. (Brother Victor Gavrilis/Gabriel, b. 1897, also allegedly on board.)
GEORGOPOULOS, Emmanuel Theo, b. 1886 Kythera, landed 12May1912 per ‘Sydney’
FIROS, Alex Christos, b. 14Nov1877, landed from San Francisco 12May1912 per ‘Zelandia.’
SIMOS, Zacharias Theodore, b. 15Aug1897 Kousounari, son of Theo Zac and Arianthi, nee Theodorakakis, landed 13May1912 per ‘Omrah.’ (Orient Line.)
FLASKAS, Anthony Andrew, b. 12Dec1897 Christoforianika, landed 16May1912 per a French steamer.
ANDRONICOS, John Nick, b. 3Aug1872 Mylopotamos, the son of Nick Peter and Efrosene (nee Tzenzos/Gengos), landed 17May1912 per ‘White Star Line’ after 8mths USA.
SOURIS, Sid Zacharis, b. 25Mar1897, landed 19May1912 per ‘Massalle.’
SOPHIOS, Nick Peter, b. 30Nov1894/95 Logothetianika, landed 20May1912 per ‘SS Sydney.’
PATRICK, Con Theo, b. 7Nov1896, landed 21May1912 per ‘New Caledonia.’
PATRIKIOS, Stavros Theo, (Steve Patrick), b. 21May1897, landed 21May1912 per ‘New Caledonian.’
PSAROS, Theo James, b. 18Apr1898, landed 30May1912 per ‘Seydlitz.' (Also on board: John, Nick and Nick A. Andronicos, Haralampos Boudarakis, Spyridion Caridis, George Cassimatis, Anton Conimos, Demetrius Diacopolos, Nicholas and Evangelos Kyprades, Athanassious Larzaros, Demetrius Pagonis, Georges Tanagiotis and Sarantos Zantiotis.)
DIACOPOULOS, George Nicholas, b. Sep1893 Karavas, landed 1Jun1912.
LEONDARAKIS, Harry George, b. 10Dec1896 Fratsia, landed 3Jun1912 per a German boat.
VANGE, George Charles, b. 15Feb1895 Karavas, landed 10Jun1912 per ‘Messageries Dumbea’ after 6mths Egypt. (On Kythera 1926-34)
MAVROMATIS, George Theo, b. 8Jul1892, landed 12Jun1912 (or 1913?) per a German boat.
SAMIOS, Charles Theo, b. 15Dec1895/97, landed 12Jun1912.
SKLAVOS, Nick, b. 23Mar1894 Mitata, landed 14Jun1912.
FEROS, Phillip John, b. 17Mar1887, landed Melbourne ~Jul1912 per an Austrian cargo boat. (Returned 6wks later for Balkan Wars and came back 18Aug1914 per ‘Orsova.’ Returned again Mar1921-Apr1923)
PSALTIS, Michael Anthony Michael, b. 23Nov1888 Mitata, landed Jul1912 per the ‘Messajerie Co.’ (Returned 1916 for service WW1 and came back 22May1922 per ‘Morton Bay.’)
SAMIOS, Nick Con John, b. 6Dec1895 Mitata, landed 1July1912 per ‘Messajeries Maritine Line.’
LOURANDOS, Nick Hristou, b. 21Aug1899 Kalisperianika, landed 10Jul1912 per a French steamer.
PHACHEAS, Peter, b.22Jul1891 Athens, landed 12Jul1912 per ‘SS Evangeline.’
ARONEY, Stamatios Hector, b. 17Nov1896, son of Theodore, landed 26Jul1912 per ‘Gneiesnau’ after 12yrs Smynra.
KEPREOTES, Spiro Zacharias, b. 12Dec1896, landed 28Jul1912 per ‘SS Roon.’
PSALTIS, Mick Arthur, b. 25Mar1897, landed Melbourne Jul1912.
CALEGEROS, Stanley Raymond, (aka Stan Dennis), b. 13Oct1910 Cairo, son of George Emmanuel Calegeros, landed Aug1912 per ‘Messageries Tombeau.’
COMINO, George Anthony George, b. 26Oct1896, landed 25Aug1912 per a German boat.
CORONEOS, Con, b. 10Nov1898 Potamos, landed Sep1912.
FARDOULY, Harry Con, b.10Mar1900 Potamos, landed Sep1912 per ‘Roon.’
SAMIOS (Foundas), Alex Dimitri, b.28Feb1899 Aloizianika, son of Dimitri and Eleni (nee Feropoulos), landed Sep1912.
SAMIOS, Milton Dimitri, b. 24Sep1903, landed Sep1912.
NOTARAS, Emmanuel Theo, b. 5Apr1896 Frilingianika, landed 6Sep1912. (On Kythera1936-39)
SAMIOS, John Peter, b.21Nov1897, landed Brisbane 7Sep1912 per ‘SS Haussman.’
CASSIMATIS, George Andrew, b. 20May1896 Livadi, landed with father 12Sep1912 per German boat ‘Syndlis.’
GEORGOPOULOS, Peter Alex, b. 15Aug1896 Karavas, landed 12Sep1912 per ‘Scarnot.’
ZORZOPOOLO, Peter Stavro, b. 15Aug1891 Pireaus, landed 14Sep1912 per ‘Scarnots.’
FIROS, Jack Matheou, b. 1Jan1883 (?), landed 17Sep1912 per ‘Skarnos.’
GAVRILY, Anastasios Theo, b. 5Dec1890 Potamos, landed 18Sep1912 after 5yrs Egypt.
PROTOPSALTIS (Caponas), Anastasios Mina b. 17Jan1899 Mitata, son of Mina Ioannis and Anchia (dau of Vasilios Samios of Aloizanika), landed 19Sep1912 per a German boat.
FRELINGOS, Arthur George Arthur, b. 7Apr191898, landed 20Sep1912 per ‘SS Zeaten.’
MEGALCONOMOS (aka Megalo and Conomo), Anargeros (Arthur) Dionysios, b. 13Nov1895 Kapsali, landed 20 Sep1912 per ‘Scharnhorst.’ (One of group of 25 young Kytherians being escorted by Peter Freeleagus.)
FRANTZESKAKIS, Theo Harry, b. 24Aug1892 Karavas, landed 30 Sep1912.
PAVLAKIS, Harry Cosma, b. 1891, landed Oct1912.
SICILIOS, John Nick Arones, b. 15Mar1893 Castrissianika, landed Oct1912 per ‘Seidlitz’.
CASSIMATY, Spiro Peter, b.3Apr1897 (Livadi?), landed 4Oct1912 per German boat ‘Saidley.’
TSAOUCIS, Peter Charles James, b. 25Jul1899 Viaradika, landed 4Oct/Nov1912 per a German boat.
BYLOS, Nick Dimitri, b. Apr1870, landed 5Oct1912 per ‘Roon.’
GEORGOPOULOS, Peter George, b. Feb1895, landed Brisbane 5Oct1912 after 3mths Egypt.
CALOCHERINOS (Smiles), Jack Nick, b. 2Jun1891 Alexandrades, landed 6Oct1912 per ‘Seidlitz.’
LOGOTHETIS, Nick Dimitri, b. 24Dec1898 Logothetianika, landed 12Oct1912 per ‘Seydlitz.’
COMBES, Nick Emmanuel, b. 12Sep1896 Logothetianika, son of Emmanuel Peter and Aphrodite (nee Marentis), landed 15Oct1912 per a German boat.
PASPALAS, Archie Harry, b. 19Feb1898 Potamos, landed 15Oct1912 per ‘Roon.’
MOTTEE, Demetrius Con, b. 6Oct1889, landed 5Nov1912 per a French ship.
ARONEY, Mick, b. 23Sep1892, landed 5Nov1912 (or 23Nov1911?) per ‘SS Polynesian.’. (Spent 25Dec15 to 2May1918 USA.)
CASSIMATY (Cassim), Kyriacos Nick, b. 5Sep1900 Potamos, landed 9Nov1912 per a German boat.
TRIFELLY, Peter James, b. 28Nov1899 Potamos, landed 12Nov1912 per ‘Roon.’
MALLOS, Michel Theo, b. 2Nov1884, landed 15Nov1912 per ‘Roon.’
CORNEOS, Con John, b. 20Nov1901, landed Melbourne 15Nov1912 per ‘Roon.’
COMINO, Anthony Nick Victor, b. 3Mar1895, landed Brisbane 15Nov1912.
HLENTZOS (Baugris), Peter Emmanuel, b. 1Mar1896 Christoforianika, landed 18Nov1912 (or 30Sep1912?) per ‘Roon.’
MOULOS, Ioannis Stefanos, b. 4Nov1894 Logothetianika, landed from USA 20Nov1912 per ‘Marama’ after 3.5yrs USA (previously 6mths Egypt.)
FARDOULY, Emmanuel Peter, b. 19Aug1899 Potamos, landed 25Nov1912 per ‘Roon.’
LEVOUVIS (Levonis), Mick (Mina Dionysios), b. 22Jul1898 Potamos, landed 11Dec1912.
PANORETTOS, Dionisos Con, b. 28Sep1877 Potamos, landed 12Dec1912 per ‘Roon.’
KEPREOTES, Emmanuel Theo, b. 24Dec1899, landed Dec1912 per a German boat.

KRITHARIS, Con George, b. 11May1878, landed 1913 per the ‘Messagener French Line.’
CRITHARIS, Spyro Theo, b. ~1894 Karavas, landed 1913.
FRILINGOS, Peter John, b. 24Sep1871, landed 5Jan1913 per ‘Osterley.’
THEODORAKAKIS (Theodore), Peter Nick, b. 2Feb1906, landed with parents (Nick and Zaharo/Olga, nee Andronicos) 5Jan1913 per ‘SS Runic.’
PROTOPSALTIS, Gregory Athanasios, b. 4May1899, landed 11Jan1913 per a French boat.
CORONEO, Con Mena, b. 10Mar1898, landed 1Feb1913 per a German boat.
NOTARAR, Theo Lambro John, b. 12Mar1900, landed 11Feb1913 per a German boat.
ALFRIS, Theo Emmanuel, b. 5Jan1900, landed Apr1913. (On Kythera Feb28-Jan29)
COMINO (Psilos), Gregory Spiro, b. 11Dec1896, landed 6Apr1913 per ‘Roon’
KANDILIS, John Nick, b. 21Nov1892 ‘Old Phocos’, Smyrna, landed 14Apr1913 per ‘Horoftiza.’
STRATIGOS, Theo Peter, b. 18Apr1896 Milopotamos, landed 20Apr1913 per ‘Rum.’ (Returned Kythera 1925.)
CASSIMATYS (Cassim), Michael John Henry, b. 17Aug1899 Potamos, landed 10May1913.
MELONAS, Angelo Con, b. 25Mar1896, landed 12May1913.
SAMIOS, Peter Cosma, b. 8Jul1888, landed Brisbane12May1913 per ‘Omrah’ after 12yrs USA.
FLASKAS, Harry James, b. 26Dec1894 Christoforianika, landed 16May1913 (or 1912?) per ‘SS Marseilles.’
LIANOS, Jim John, b. 11Sep1861, landed 25May1913 per ‘Ortranto.’
BENARDOS, Emmanuel John, b. 1895 Karavas, landed 28May1913 per ‘La Vile de la Siotate.’
ARONEY (Papadopoulos), James George, b. 6Aug1896 Aroniadika, landed 29May1913 per ‘Bremen.’
MANOLLARAS, Theo Peter Theo, b. 15Jan1898, landed 30May1913 per ‘Bremen.’
ALFRIS, James Emmanuel, b. 20Oct1896 Potamos, landed Jun1913 per a German boat. (On Kythera Feb38-Mar39)
ANASTASOPOULOS (Langley), Dimitri George, b. 8Apr1902 Aroniadika, landed 1Jun1913 per ‘Bremen.’
VLANDIS, Andreas Antonios, b. 13Apr1880, landed 1Jun1913 per a German boat.
KEPREOTIS, Peter Victor, b. 14Oct1905, landed 12Jun1913.
POTIRIS, Peter George, b. 13Nov1897, landed 13Jun1913.
ZAUNDERS, George Emmanuel, b. 11Oct1899, landed 14Jun1913 per ‘Bremen.’
CASSIMATY, Basil Emmanuel, b. 27Jul1896, landed 25Jun1913 per a German boat.
CONOMOUS, Lambros George Emmanuel, b. 5Apr1898 Kalamos, landed 27Jun1913 per a German boat. (Returned 1929-31)
SAMIOS, John Con, b. 2Feb1891 Mitata, landed 13Jul1913 per ‘Nordeutiher Lloyd Line.’
KATSOOLIS, George Peter, b. 10Mar1868, landed 17Jul1913 per ‘Orama.’
KATSOOLIS, Peter George, b. 15Jul1896, landed 17Jul1913 per ‘Orama.’
RAISIS, Emmanuel Peter, b. 27Jul1897, landed 30Jul1913 after 14mths Egypt
LOCOS (Aroney/Gerakitis), Peter Harry, b. 23Mar1901 Aroniadika, landed July1913 per ‘Osterly’.
MALANO, George Ioannis, b. 2Aug1884 Milopotamos, landed 2Aug1913.
NOTARAS (Kandilas), John Emmanuel, (aka John Poulos), b. 5Aug1902, landed 15Sep1913 per ‘Osterly.’
MARSELOS, Panagiotis Petros, b. 15Sep1898, landed 24Sep1913 per ‘Caledonian.’
ARONEY, James Peter, b. 5Nov1892 Aroniadika, landed 16Oct1913 per ‘Roon.’
GLETSOS, Anastasios Emmanuel, b. 1Aug1863, landed 22Dec1913 per Orient Line.
CARIDIS, John Jim, b. 1Jan1896 Dokana, landed 24Dec1913 per a French mail boat.

FAROS, George Peter, b. 1898, landed Jan1914 per ‘Armand Bey.’
CASIMATY, Emmanuel Peter George, b. 7May1899 Livadi, landed 9Jan1914 per a German boat.
COMINOS (Psilos?), Evangelos Peter John, b. 5Mar1897 (Perlegianika?), landed 10Jan1914.
CASIMATY, Anthony Peter, b. 19Apr1889 Kalokerines, landed 20Jan1914 per Messageries Maritimes boat ‘Armand Behic.’
CHAMBIROS, Con Theo, b. 7May1878 Potamos, landed 7Feb1914 per ‘Ville de Clista’ after sometime in England. Returned Potamos 1926 to 1935.
ALOIZOS, Arthur Miro, b. Aug1888 Antikythera, landed 9Feb1914 per ‘SS Kieten.’.
FEEROS, Arthur Peter, b. 17May1895, landed 10Feb1914 per ‘Zieten.’
FLASKAS, James George, b. 26Oct1896, landed 10Feb1914 per German boat ‘Iram.’ (Returned Kythera 26Mar1919 to 21Oct1925)
NOTARAS, John Peter, b. 23Aug1876, landed 13Feb1914 per ‘Zetland.’
GEORGOPOULOS, John Theo, b. 1896, landed 25Feb1914 per ‘Orvieto’ after 3yrs Egypt.
ANDRONICUS, Xenophon EmmanueL, b. 6Jun1881, landed Mar1914 per ‘Orsova’.
SAMIOS (Kaligeros), Peter John, b. 9Sep1894, landed Brisbane 5Mar1914 per ‘Orsova.’
GAVRILY, Jack Theo, b. 10Feb1899, landed 8Mar1914 per a French boat.
CASSIMATIS, Minas (Mick) George, b. 23Apr1898 Pitsinianika, landed 13Mar1914 per ‘Orama.’
ARONEY, Emmanuel George, b. 1Mar1898, landed 15Mar1914 per ‘SS Roon.’
MARSELLOS (Marshall), Emmanuel Nick, b. 29Aug1897 Karvounades, landed 25Mar1914 per ‘Orana.’
STRATIGOS, Nick George, b. 28Aug1898, landed 28Mar1914.
KATSOULES, Pole/Polivios, b. 10Mar1885, landed 30Mar1911 per ‘Marama.’
PANARETTO, Anthony Basil, b. 24Aug1899 Piraeus, landed 30Mar1914 per ‘Osterley.’
CASTRISSOS, Basil Minas, b. 16May1888 Smyrna, landed Apr1914 per ‘Roon.’
TSAOUSES, Peter John, b. 30Nov1897, landed Apr1914 per ‘Roon.’
CASTRISSOS, Socrates John, b. 11Mar1890 Smyrna, landed 2Apr1914 per ‘Roon’ after 6mths Egypt.
PSAROS, Peter James, b. 9Jan1896 Milopotamos, landed 4Apr1914 per ‘Roon.’
CASSIMATIS (Cassum), Emmanuel Antonios, b. 19Jan1899, landed 8Apr1914 per ‘Roon.’
KYPRIOS (Kypriotis), Zacharias George, b. 15Sep1897 Kypriotianika, landed 10Apr1914 per ‘Broom.’
VLAHOGENIS, Emmanuel George, b. 10Feb1878 Milopotamos, landed 10Apr1914 (or 10Feb1913 or 15Dec1911) per ‘Roma’ after 7yrs USA
CALLIGEROS, Peter George, b. 15Dec1898 Pitsinianika, son of George and Vasiliki (nee Vlandis), landed 15Apr1914 per ‘SS Orama.’
FRATZESTKAKIS, Theo George Arthur, (aka Claude de Glensville), b. 17Nov1899 Karavas, landed 16Apr1914 per ‘Orsova.’
FLASKAS, Peter Harry, b. 12May1898, landed 18Apr1914.
CRITHARY, George Peter, b. 6Apr1897 Karavas, landed Fremantle 20Apr1914 per ‘Caledonian.’
FEROS, Peter George, b. 14Mar1898 Mitata, landed 22Apr1914.
COCHINEAS, Emmanuel George, b. 17Jan1899, landed 27Apr1914.
CRETHAR, Nicholas Theo, b. 5Sep1885 Karavas, landed 28Apr1914 per German Line.
ZANTIOTIS (Zantos), Andreas Anastasios, b. 24Dec1899 Agia Anastasia, landed May1914 per German boat ‘Nera.’
GEORGOPOULOS, Theo Peter, b. Oct1898 Karavas, landed 1May1914 per ‘Nera’.
COMINO, Peter Cha

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Peter Makarthis
on 09.05.2004

These arrivals appear to be Sydney NSW only. Children under 16 years and women travelling with men were not usually listed.

Anna Avgoustou
on 16.06.2004

Peter, how can I ascertain archives for people who arrived via Victoria and Western Australia, as I am trying to find details of a missing great uncle - John K Cordato who arrived in Australia approx 1898. Regards Anna Avgoustou

Lisa Hanna
on 07.06.2009

Thankyou Peter

Barbara Zantiotis
on 20.05.2017

Tony Steve Zantiotis was actually born on 2 March 1894 In Potamos. This is what is stated on his birth certificate.

Carla Crethar
on 17.05.2022

I'm looking for my grandfather but can't find him on this list. Nicholas Crethar. The only one I can see has a birth of 1885 but my grandfather would be around 1900 or 1899.