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Peter Tsicalas

Arrivals Australia 1915-1930

Last updated 26Mar2007

CALOPEDIS, Benetos Nick, b. 14Oct1890, landed 22May1915 per ‘Oysterley’ after 18yrs Egypt.
CHRISTIANOS, Menas Nick Theo, b. 2May1881, landed with wife Maria 27Jul1915 per ‘Orentes.’ (Maria and Aust born children returned mid 1920s and Menas ~1930.]
BELLESSSIS, Harry John Harry, b. 27Sep1902, landed 1914 (sic) per ‘Orontes’ with Uncle Mina Christian.
GALLIGEROS, Nick, b. 17Jul1881 Kalokerines, landed 10Sep1915 per ‘SS Osterley.’ Returned 1950.
CASTRISIOS (Casteos?), George Antonio, b. 3May1879 (Viaradika?), landed Oct1915 per an Orient liner.

CAREEDY, Anthony Emmanuel, b. 17Aug1897, landed 27Apr1916 per ‘SS Gange’ after 9yrs Egypt.
PATTY (Karapatis, aka Prineas), Paul John, b. Mar1899, landed Hobart from London 23Dec1916 per ‘Fainui.’

THEODORAKAKIS (aka Theodore and Theodorakis), Dimitrios K., b. 1888 Potamos, landed from USA 3Jul1917 per ‘SS Sonoma’.

PSALTIS, Athanasios Con, b. 18Mar1890 Athens, landed Fremantle 25May1918 per ‘Minderoon’ after 5yrs Egypt.
FEROS, Jack Demitrios, b. 15Nov1892 Mitata, landed Sydney 10Sep1918 per ‘Sonoma’ after 18mths Philadelphia, USA. (Earlier Aust 1909-1912)

SAMIOS, George John, b. 17Jan1895 Aloizianika, landed Brisbane 10Aug1919 per ‘SS Matorani’ after 3yrs Egypt. (Earlier Aust 1906 to 1914.)
COMBES, John Nick, b. 16Sep1904 Logothetianika or Katsoulianika, landed from Singapore 15Nov1919 per ‘Charon.’

ARONEY (Theodoropoulos), Emmanuel Dimitri, b. 25May1889 Aroniadika, landed Fremantle 28May1920 per ‘SS Charon.’
CALLIGEROS, Spero George D., b. 2Dec1893, landed 15Jul1920 on 2nd trip Aust.
TZORTZOPOULOS, Mina Nick, b. 11Nov1887 Karavas, landed 30Sep1920 per ‘Gorgon.’ (Earlier Aust 1910-13)
FATSEAS, Jack Vretos, b. 25Dec1894, landed Adelaide 20Oct1920 per ‘Chinawarra.’
BAVEAS, George Con, b. 4Apr1886 Potamos, landed 11Nov1920 per ‘Euripedes.’
CORONEO, Nick John Con, b. 22Mar1905 Potamos, landed from San Francisco 14Dec1920 per ‘Sonoma’ after 12mths USA.
FEROS, Charles Nick Mick, b.17Jan1910 Mitata, landed 25Dec1920.

PROTOPSALIS, Mick Emmanuel, b. Apr1893 Potamos, landed 1Apr1921 per ‘Citta di Genova.’
VENERIS, Nick George, b. 6Dec1883, landed from San Francisco 10Apr1921 per ‘Sonoma’ after 9mths USA.
COCHINEAS, Chris George Dimitrios, b. 15Sep1902, landed Fremantle 6May1921 per an Italian boat.
FEROS (Katsehamos), Peter John, b. 17Oct1890, landed 14May1921 per ‘SS Limavo.’ (On Kythera 1931-34)
CASSIMATIS, Miss Photine John, b. 1901 Potamos, landed Jun1921.
STRATIGOS, Andrew John, b. 14Nov1898 Milopotamos, landed Adelaide or Melbourne 27Jul1921 per ‘Racconigi.’
SOPHIOS, Dimitrios John, b. 15Oct1891, landed Darwin 14Aug1921 per ‘Marella.’
COMINOS, Victor Nick Victor, b. 14Mar1887, landed Brisbane 14Aug1921 per ‘El Kantara.’
COMINO (Douris), Arthur Stavrianos, b. 13May1880 Cominianika, landed 15Aug1921 per ‘Marila.’ (Earlier Aust 1903-1912)
PRINEAS, George John, b. 29Apr1892, landed 15Aug1921 per Italian cargo boat ‘Laconizi.’
GALANIS, Peter Nick Aronis, b. 17Dec1907 Aroniathica, landed 15Aug1921 per ‘SS Maralla.’
KEPREOTES, Peter Zacharias, b. 29Oct1892, landed 25Aug1921 per ‘SS Marillan/Marella’ (Burns Phillip & Co). Earlier Aust 1904 to 1914/15.
GEORGOPOULOS, Emmanuel Theo Peter, b. 29Oct1907, landed 29Aug1921 per ‘SS Cantara.’
CORONEOS, Theo Mena, b. 15Jul1907 Potamos, landed 1Sep1921 per ‘Marella.’
MEGALOCONOMOS, John Arthur, b. 1Oct1902, landed 29Sep1921 per an Italian boat.
CASTRISOS, George Manuel, b. 15Nov1903, landed 15Oct1921 per ‘Marella.’
GALANIS (Garland), James Peter, b. 24May1900, landed 29Oct1921 per an Italian boat.
GERAKITEYS, Emmanuel Peter, b. 8Oct1905 Aroniadika, landed 29Oct1921 per ‘Kattanika/Cherca.’
GERAKITEYS, John Peter, b. Dec1901 Aroniadika, landed 29Oct1921 per ‘Cherso/Cerca’ after some time France and/or Egypt.
TSACOUCIS, James Arthur James, b. 21Jan1908 Viaradika, landed with father 28Nov1921 per ‘Ires.’
SIMOS, George Theo, b. 5Jan1907, landed 23Dec1921 per ‘Kerker.’
MASSELOS, Dimitrios Theo, b. 6Apr1902 Fratsia, landed 25Dec1921 per ‘Orsova.’
MOULOS, John Paul, b. 31Dec1902, landed 29Dec1921 per ‘Orsova.’

HLAMPEAS, Steve Con, b. 1Nov1905 Potamos, landed via Singapore 1922 per ‘Marella’ after being offloaded from ‘Hiros?’
MOULOS, Vretos Athanasios, b. 1Mar1901 Logothetianika, landed 8Jan1922 per ‘Orsova.’
CORONEOS, Peter Nick, b. 9Oct1895 Potamos, landed 8Feb1922 per ‘SS Ormonde.’
CORONES (Frilingos), James Anthony, b. 15Apr1910, landed 11Feb1922 per ‘SS Ormonde.’
VAMVAKARIS (Harris), Jack Peter, b. 12Oct1903, son of Peter Nick and Anna, nee Frilingos, landed 1Mar1922 per ‘Carignano.’
FEROS, George Dimitrios, b. 13Sep1902 Mitata, landed Adelaide 31Mar1922 per ‘Hobson Bay.’
FEROS, John Dimitrios, b. 6Sep1891 Mitata, landed 10Apr1922 per ‘Hobson’s Bay.’
CASTRISOS, James Anastasios, b. 12Dec1902 Kastrisianika, landed 29Apr1922 per ‘Ormonde.’
PSALTIS, Michael Anthony Michael, b. 23Nov1888 Mitata, landed 22May1922 per ‘Morton Bay’ on 2nd trip Aust.
ANDRONICUS, Andrew Damianos, b. 22Oct1879 Mylopotamos, landed Jun1922 per ‘Bacconigi.’ (First landed 1899 but returned Kythera 1912 and subsequently did a number of trips back and forth.)
SEMITECOLES (Semos), Peter Fotis, b. 29Dec1889 Livadi, landed 15Jun1922 per ‘Raconscia.’
MARENTIS, Peter Leonidas, b. 10May1888 (or May1890), landed 25Jun1922 (or 17Feb1922) per ‘Racconigi’ after 2yrs USA.
SOURIS, Harry Emmanuel, b. 1Aug1892, landed 29Jun1922 per ‘Orvioto.’
MEGALOCONOMOS, Dimitrios George Emmanuel, b. 1Nov1908 Kalamos, landed Jul1922 per Italian boat ‘Raconitz.’
MEGALOCONOMOS, Peter Dionisios, b. 15May1911 (1910?) Kapsali, landed 7Jul1922 per ‘Raccouigi.’
FEROS, Nick Dimitri, b. 29Nov1898 Mitata, landed 28Jul1922 per ‘SS Louqsoa.’
PANARETOS, Manuel Peter, b. 7Feb1883 Potamos, landed Melbourne 11Aug1922 per ‘Hobson’s Bay’ after some years Delaware USA. (Wife Evangelia Chlambea and 3 children apparently on board.)
FLASKAS (aka Christoforos), Peter Andrew, b. 10Jan1905 Christoforianika, landed 23Aug1922 per Italian boat ‘Polenzo.’
CRETHAR, Harry Demitrios, b.10Feb1903 Karavas, landed 25Aug1922 per ‘Pollenzo.’
CRETHARY, Peter Nicholas, b. 6Jul1895 Karavas, landed 10Sep1922 per ‘Polenzo.’
CASIMATIS (Cashell), John Manuel, b. 13Jan1903, landed 10Sep1922 per ‘Esperance Bay.’ [14 other Greeks on board including Theo Kavieris (Comino)]
MOTTE, Emmanuel Con, b. 1898, landed 11Sep1922 per ‘Esperance Bay.’
FEROS, Nick Theo, b. 6Dec1900 Athens, landed 11Sep1922 per ‘Esperance Bay’.
PEROS (Feros-Kathikos), Jack Theo, b. 2Feb1903 Mitata, landed 11Sep1922 per ‘Esperance Bay.’
COMINO, Theo Con, b. 21Mar1904, landed 12Sep1922 per ‘Esperance Bay.’
MASSELOS, James Stavros, b.6Apr1900 Fratsia, landed 12Sep1922 per ‘Esperance Bay.’
FEROS (Pikouli), Mick George, b. 4Apr1906 Mitata, landed 23Sep1922 per ‘Orsova.’
MARENDY, Peter John, b. 7Oct1905, landed Brisbane 25Sep1922 per ‘Omar.’
GEORGOPOULOS, George Anastasios, b. 24Apr1904 Christoforianika, landed 1Oct1922 per ‘Ormando.’
MAVROMATIS, Nick Arthur, b. 13/25Feb1907, landed 13/25Oct1922 per ‘Jervis Bay.
CASSIMATY (Cassidy), John Theo, b. 22Oct1903, landed 14Oct1922 per ‘SS Ormonde.’
PRINEAS, Peter Anthony Peter, b. 24Mar1901 Mitata, landed 14Oct1922 per ‘SS Ormond.’
CORONEO, Peter Spiro, b. 25Aug1905 Potamos, landed 19Oct1922 per ‘Jervis Bay.’
CHRISTIANOS, Sotirios Peter, b. 18May1899, landed 26Oct1922 per ‘SS Omar.’
PASPALAS, Peter Christ, b. 12Jan1903, landed 6Nov1922 per ‘Jervis Bay.’
CASSIMATIS (Tzamourthis), Nick Peter, b. 1Jul1904 Livadi, landed 6Nov1922 per ‘Jervis Bay.’
CASTRISSOS, Peter Victor, b. 14Aug1904 Mitata, landed 6Nov1922 per ‘Jervis Bay.’
ARONEY (Papadominakos), Andrew (Anagyros) Theo, b. 13Apr1903, landed 6Nov1922 per ‘Jervis Bay.’
PROTOPSALTIS, George Victor, b. 22Dec1904, landed 7Nov1922 per ‘Jervis Bay.’
SIMOS, Zacharias Jack, b. 24Sep1905, landed 9Nov1922 per ‘Golengo.’
GALANIS, Nick Peter Aronis, b. 17Feb1883 Aroniadika, landed 10Nov1922 per ‘Hobson Bay’ on 2nd trip Aust. (Returned again 1930.)
MEGALOGONOMOS, Peter Anthony Nick, b. 17Jul1903 Alexandria, Egypt, (but raised Kythera), landed Dec1922 per ‘Orsuva.’
TSINGOUNIS (Jenkins), George Gregorios, b. 17Feb1904 Smyrna, landed 18Dec1922 per ‘Hobson Bay.’
TSINGOUNIS (Jenkins), John Gregorios, b. 10Jan1902 Smyrna, landed 24Dec1922 per ‘Ormuz.’
MASSELOS, Gregory Stavros, b. 6Aug1902, landed 24Dec1922 per ‘Ormuz’ or ‘Orvieto.’
CASSIMATIS, Elias Emmanuel, b. 20Dec1900 Portalamianika, landed 30Dec1922 per ‘Ville de Verdun.’

ARONEY (Theodoropoulos), Jim Charles, 16Oct1890 Aroniadika, landed 6Jan1923 per ‘Esperance Bay.’ (Earlier Aust 1906-16 and allegedly 1899-1903)
CORONEOS (Crones), Nick Angelo, b. 6Feb1905 Karavas, landed 6Jan1923 per ‘Orcades.’
KALOERINOS, Mick Dimitri, b. 11Sep1905, landed 17Jan1923 per ‘Esperance Bay.’
BAVEAS, John Kyriakos, b. 17Jan1908 Potamos, landed with father 23Jan1923 per ‘Orsova.’
CORONEOS, Spiro Mena Con, b. 22Oct1909, landed 25Jan1923 per ‘Orsova.’
CASTRISOS, Dimitri Victor, b. 25Jun1896 Mitata, landed 27Jan1923 per ‘SS Ville de Verdun.’ (On Kythera 1931-36)
PROTOPSALTIS (Katsavias), George Ernest, b. 1901 Frilingianika, landed 28Jan1923 per ‘Ville de Verdun.’
VENARDOS, Theo Con, b. 22Sep1895, landed Feb1923 per ‘Ville de Verdun.’
SAMIOS, Andrew Peter, b. 3May1904, landed 5Feb1923 per ‘Ville de Verdame.’
MALANOS, Nick Con, b. May1898 Milopotamos, landed 8Feb1923 per ‘SS Ormonde.’
MEGALOCCONOMEN, Nick Tzanitos, b. 21Dec1906, landed 12Feb1923 per ‘Moreton Bay.’
FARDONLY, Con Mina Emmanuel, b. 8Jul1906 Potamos, landed 12Feb1923 per ‘Morteon Bay.’
ANASTASOPOULOS (Langley), Nick George, b. 20Oct1907, landed 17/21Feb1923 per ‘Ormond.’
SOURRIS, Christopher James, b. 25Nov1905, landed 17Mar1923 per ‘Orvieto.’
MEGALOCONOMOS, Cosmos Nick Anthony, b. 2Mar1910 Potamos, landed 22Mar1923 per ‘Jervis Bay.’
CONDOLEON, Paul Emmanuel, 1898 Avlemonas, landed 22Mar1923 per ‘Largs Bay.’
LEONTSINI, Emmanuel Nick, b. 19Dec1897 Keramoto, landed Fremantle 24Mar1923 per ‘Carigniano.’
SAMIOS, Peter Frageskos, b. 15Jul1898 Trifillianika, landed 24Mar1923 per ‘Carignano.’
MARCELLOA, Stamatios Emmanuel, b. 28Aug1898, landed 1Apr1923 per ‘Hobson’s Bay.’
COMINO (Galanis), Nick Peter George, b. 15Oct1898 Ntourianika, landed 2Apr1923 per ‘Largs Bay.’ (On Kythera 1933-35.)
SEMITECOLOS, Spyros Antonios, b. 14Mar1898, landed 13Apr1923 per ‘SS Hobsons Bay.’
STATHIS, Nick John, b. 7Jan1897, landed 23Apr1923 (or3Mar23) per ‘Hobson Bay.’
KALOUTSIS, George Anthony, b. 26Jun1878, landed 23Apr1923 per ‘Hobson’s Bay’ (Sons Peter and Manuel/Manius landed 7May1936 per ‘Ormonde.’)
SKEAVOS, James Emmanuel John, b. 23Aug1912 Smyrna, landed Brisbane with family 29Apr1923 per ‘Hobson’s Bay.’
SKLAYOS, John Emmanuel, b. 12Nov1915 Smyrna, landed Brisbane with father 29Apr1923 per ‘Hobsons Bay.’
TZANNES, Theo John, b. Aug1894/95, landed 1May1923 per ‘Lougsor.’ (French boat)
FERROS, Cosmos Peter, b. 22Sep1922, landed 6May1923 per ‘SS Longson.’
KENTROTIS, Con Dimitri, b. 2Feb1896 Fratsia, landed 13May1923 per ‘Hobsons Bay.’
FAROS, John Dimitri, b. 15Sep 1893, landed 15May1923 per ‘Ville de Strasbourg’ after 7yrs Rhodesia, Belgian Congo and South Africa. (Wife Marouli and dau Stavroula/Violet also on board.)
CHRISTIANOS, Stamatios (Steve) Nick, b. 17Feb1906, landed 21May1923 per ‘SS Ville de Strasbourg.’
CASSIMATIS (Constantinoglon, aka Cashell), George Emmanuel, b. 3May1904, landed 23May1923 per ‘Belle de Stransvourge’ after 4mths Alexandria.
PETROHELOS, George Anastasios, b. 1Apr1905, landed 31May1923 per ‘Villa de Verdun.’
CONDOLEON, Anastasios Mina, b. 24Nov1898 Viaradika, landed 31May1923 per ‘Orsova.’
CONDOLEON, George Mina, b. 14Jan1896 Viaradika, landed 5Jun1923 per ‘Orsova.’ (Returned 1936)
SAMIOS (Koutsofos), Gregory George, b. 13Oct1897 Manitohori, landed 16Jun1923 per ‘Morton Bay.’
CORONEO, Speredon John, b. 12Dec1908, landed 21Jun1923 per ‘Ville de Strasborg.’
SKLAVOS, George Nick, b. 10Jan1898, landed Jun1923 per ‘Valdieri.’ (or 10Nov1922 per ‘Yalderia.’)
SAMIOS, Charles George Charles, b. 1904 Hora, landed 2Jul1923 per ‘Valderi’ after 10mths Egypt.
CASSIMATIS, Theo Emmanuel, b. 25Sep1905, landed 3Jul1923 per ‘Valdieri’ after 1yr Egypt.
KALOKERINOS, Con John, b. 14Nov1879, landed 6Jul1923 per ‘Jervis Bay’ after 5yrs USA.
SOURRIS, Angelo Anthony, b. 10Oct1910 Smyrna, landed 16Jul1923 per ‘Jervis Bay.’
MAGEROS (aka Magiros and Cook), Emmanuel John, b. 22Mar1893 Drimona, landed Sydney 17Jul23 per ‘Jervis Bay.’
COCONES, John Kyriacos, b. 25May1871 Smyrna, landed Melbourne 26Jul1923 per ‘Ozvietto’ with wife, daughter and niece.
ZANTIOTIS (Zantis), Harry George, b. 10Feb1907, landed 27Jul1923 per ‘Largs Bay.’
POTERI (Peredis), Harry James, b. 1May1907, landed 29Jul1923 per ‘Vill de Verdun.’
CASTRISOS (Julius), Con Manuel/Manios, b. 15Apr1907, landed 6Aug1923 per ‘Hobsons Bay.’
LOCOS (Aroney/Gerakitis), Mick Harry, b. 8Feb1907, landed 6Aug1923 per ‘Large Bay.’
COMINO (Galanis), John Peter, b. 9Jun1908 Dourianika, landed 6Aug1923 per ‘Largs Bay.’
MICHALAKAKIS (Chicalas), Jim Stratti. b. 20Sep1905 (09?) Smyrna, landed 8Aug1923 per ‘Largs Bay.’ [Also on board: Harry Corones (Frilingos) of Quilpie, Gregoire Leontaris, Harry Zantiotis, George Carpathakis, Harry Castroudis, Con Castrisios.]
COMINOS, Kyriacos Dimitrios, b. 15May1904 Mylopotamos district, landed 18Aug1923 per ‘Principesse Giovanna.’
CALLIGEROS, Jack Pantales, b. 14Nov1897 Pitsinianika, son of George Pantales, landed 27Aug1923 per ‘SS Hobson’s Bay.’
PSALTIS, John Efstathios, b. 26Feb1886 Sinope, Athens, landed 28Aug1923 per ‘SS Cephee’ after 11yrs USA.
PSALTIS, Pantelis Efstathios, b. 19Nov1887 Sinope, Athens, landed 29Aug1923 per ‘Cefshee’ after 9mths France.
CASSIMATIS, Anthony Emmanuel, b. 15Apr1907 Athens, landed 30Aug1923 per ‘SS Citta di Genova’ after 5mths Egypt.
CORONIS, Peter Angelo, b. 15Aug1902, landed 22Sep1923 per ‘Cephee.’
GARRILLIS, Christy Peter, b. 10Jan1904 (or 20Dec1903), landed Brisbane 28Sep1923 per ‘Esperance Bay’ after 4yrs South Africa.
CALLIGEROS, Arthur John Arthur, b. 24Dec1905 (or 29Dec04), landed 5Oct1923 per ‘Esperance Bay.’
CORONEOS, John Nick, b. 10Sep1900 Potamos, landed 12Oct1923 per ‘Valdieri.’
CRETAN, Emmanuel Con, b. 25Dec1905 Milopotamos, landed 12Oct1923 per ‘Principessa Giovanni.’
PRINEAS, James John Peter, b. 19Nov1905 Mitata, landed 17Oct1923 per ‘Princepessa Giovana.’
MARENDY, Emmanuel Apostolos, b. 15Jun1907, landed 20Sep1923 per ‘SS Carignano.’
MARENDY, Mick Apostolos, b. 14Nov1905, landed 8Nov1923 per ‘Carigniono’ after some time Alexandria.
DIACOPOULOS, Dionisios Dimitriou, b. 9Jan1905 Karavas, landed 9Nov1923 per ‘Jervis Bay.’
LEONDARAKIS (Londy), Mick Leon, b. 17Aug1903, landed 11Nov1923 (or 17Sep23) per ‘Princess Javana.’
SOURIS, George Zacharia, b. 29Nov1898 Potamos, landed 13Nov1923 per ‘Ormonde.’
CASTRISSION, Victor Dionisios, b. 10Jun1912 Kastrissianika, landed 19Nov1923 per ‘Jervis Bay.’
PSALIDAS, Menas Panagiotis Anagirou, b. 14Sep1906 Potamos, landed 22Nov1923 per ‘Ville de Strasbourg.’
NOTARAS (Kandilas), George Emmanuel, b. 26Aug1907, landed 22Nov1923 per ‘Ville de Strassberg.’
ANDRONICS, Emmanuel Harry, b. 30Jan1893 Port Said, Egypt, landed Brisbane 27Nov1923 per ‘SS Montoro’ after 6yrs Singapore.
PROTOPSALTIS, George John, b. 1Nov1910 Mitata, landed 28Nov1923 per ‘SS Ormonde.’
CASSIMATIS (Adzatos), Nick Theo, (aka Nick Cassidy), b. 11Oct1905 Potamos, son of Theo and Sofia (nee Samios), landed 24Dec1923 per ‘Valdiery.’
LOURANDOS, Peter Francisco, b. 9Jun1908, landed 24Dec1923 per ‘Valderes.’
CORONEOS, George Nick, b. 1Nov1905 Potamos, landed 30Dec1923 per ‘Ville de Verdun.’

COMINO (Palavras), Theo Mina, b. 12May1902 Perlingianika, landed 14Jan1924 per ‘Vills de Verdun.’
GLYTSOS, Stefanos George Tsanet, b. 23Feb1890 Kypriotianika, landed 31Jan1924 per ‘Principessa Maria.’
CRETHAR, Miss Zaphiria/Zafiro Dimitri, b. 15Feb1896 Karavas, dau of Dimitri and Eleni (nee Faros), landed Melbourne Feb1924 per ‘Princess Maria’ (Italian).
HLENTGOS, Nick Theo, b. 1May1900 Catsoulianika, landed 5Feb1924 per Italian boat ‘Mongaliery.’
KYPRIOTIS, Peter George, b. 10Mar1907, landed 10Feb1924 per ‘Pringipisa Maria.’
COMINO, Nick Charles, b. 28Aug1893 Karavas, landed 28 Feb1924 per French boat ‘Cephee’ after 12yrs Egypt.
VAMVAKARIS, George Peter, b. 22Sep1907 Potamos, son of Peter Stan and Maria (nee Alfieris), landed 28Feb1924 per ‘Chephe.’ (Father possibly on board on 2nd trip Aust.)
GLETSOS, Demitri Emmanuel, b. 12Jan1895 Smyrna, landed 1Mar1924 per ‘Princess Gevona.’
CAHMBIRAS (Tsampiras), Harry Peter, b. 7May1899 Potamos, landed 14Mar1924 per ‘Jervis Bay.’
CALLIGEROS, Peter Stratty, b. 24Dec1901 Pitsinianika, landed 28Mar1924 per ‘SS Carrigrano.’
ZANTIOTIOS, Anastasios (Ernie) Stavros, b. 21Jan1908 Karavas, landed 1Apr1924 per ‘Giovanna Ourana.’
COMINOS, Nick Dimitri, b. 15Oct1908 Alexandrades, landed 25Apr1924 per ‘Hobsons Bay.’
GEORGOPOULOS, John Theo Mick, b. 4Jul1901 Christoforianika, landed 5May1924 per ‘Hobson’s Bay.’
TAMBAKIS, Jim George, b. 16Jul1899 Milopotamos, landed Brisbane 12May1924 per ‘Hudson Bay.’
GAVRILY, Spyro Theo, b. 1Jan1911 Potamos, landed 15May1924 per an Orient Liner.
TRAVASSAROS, Anthony Emmanuel Antonios, b. 7Apr1898, landed 22May1924 per ‘Carignano.’
SAMIOS, Nick Peter Andrew, b. 15Oct1900 Aloizianika, landed 23May1924 per ‘Esperance Bay.’
LAURANTUS, John Peter, b. 11Mar1901, landed Fremantle 24May1924 per ‘Regina de Italia.’
PSALTIS, John Anthony Michael, b. 4Dec1900, landed 30May1924 per ‘SS Esperance Bay.’
PETROHILOS, George Mena, b. 29Mar1900 Fratsia, landed 3Jun1924 per ‘Carignano.’
PASPALAS, Nick Manios/Manuel, b. 6Dec1901 Potamos, landed 9Jun1924 per ‘Esperance Bay.’
CAPSANIS, Evangelos Ioannis, b. 15Jan1905, landed 30Jun1924 per ‘Morton Bay.’
COMINO, Arthur Peter John, b. 4Aug1906, landed 2Jul1924 per ‘SS Mongolero’ after 5yrs Athens.
CASSIMATIS, Jack Gerasimos/Georgos, b. 26Nov1905 (Pitsinianika?), landed 3Jul1924 per ‘Ormuz.’
TRAVASSAROS (Saros), Panagiotis Petros, b. 21May1901, landed 7Jul1924 per ‘SS Carignano.’
PASPALAS, George, b. 1907 Logothetianika, landed Fremantle 24Jul1924 per ‘Moncalieri.’
CALOKERINOS, Basil Peter, (Bill Summers), b. 9Mar1905, landed 28Jul1924 per ‘Jervis Bay’
PRINEAS, Nick Dimitrios, b. 8Aug1907, landed Brisbane 4Aug1924 per ‘SS Jervis Bay.’
PETROHELOS, Emmanuel Vasilios, b. Mar1904 Alexandrades, landed 8Aug1924 per ‘Mongaliery.’
STRATEGOS, Emmanuel George, b. 9Mar1897 Milopotamos, landed 8Aug1924 per ‘Largs Bay.’ (Marieta Stratigos, age 24, also on board)
COUMPIS, Spyridoula, (Lilly Combes, nee Coroneos), b. 22Jan1900, landed 18Aug1924 per ‘Largs Bay.’ [Anastasios Nick Combes (husband aged 23), Kyrani Coroneou (21), and Emmanuel Scordilis (27) also on board.]
PAPADOPOULOS, Simon Angelo, b. Dec1903 Athens, landed 14Aug1924 per ‘Ville de Verdun.’
PETROCHILOS, Peter Emmanuel Peter, b. 28Aug1906 Alexandrades, landed Melbourne 20Aug1924 per ‘Orvieto.
CASSIMATIS, George Peter, b. 17Jun1899, landed 23Aug1924 per ‘Hobson Bay.’
CASSIMATIS, Mick Marco, b. 14Jul1881 Karvounades, landed 31Aug1924 per ‘Jervis Bay’ after 10yrs Smyrna and 6yrs USA. (Possibly also Aust pre WW1)
VLANDIS (Landis), Spiro Peter, b. 10Feb1907 Kalokerines, landed 7Sep1924 per ‘Regina Italia’ after 11mths Alexandria.
CONDOLEON (aka Kontakis), Con George, b. 28Sep1899 Smyrna, landed 14Sep1924 per ‘SS Regina d’ Italia’ after 18mths Egypt.
HARANTJAS, George Theo, b. 11Oct1907, landed Fremantle 14Sep1924 per ‘Regina D’Italia.’
CORONEOS, Spiro Mena, b.14Dec1901, landed 26Oct1924 per ‘Citta di Genova.’
TSIGOUNIS, Sotirios (Sid) George, b. 12May1902 Athens (or Monemvassia?), landed Fremantle 29Oct1924 per ‘SS Carignano.’
FARROS (Pharou/Faros), Harry Dimitri, b. Dec1893 Karavas, landed 1Nov1924 per ‘Cariguauo.’
MARCELLOS, John Harry, b. 17Dec1901 Karvounades, landed 12Nov1924 per ‘Cariniano.’
MARCELLOS, John Nick, b. 12Nov1907 Karvounades, landed 21Nov1924 per ‘Carignano’ (or 14Apr1926 per ‘Caugnavo’?)
GLYTSOS, Efstratios Emmanuel, (Stan Gleeson), b. 5Mar1901 Athens, but raised Smyrna, landed 23Nov1924 per ‘SS Palermo’.
ARONEY, Minas Vasili, b. 1Jan1902, landed 23Nov1924 per ‘SS Palermo.’
MAGONEZOS (Aroney), Emmanuel Vasili, b. 8Mar1907, landed 23Nov1924 per ‘Palerma.’
TAMBAKIS, Theo Nick, (aka Theo Theodore), landed 23Nov1924 per ‘Palermo.’
TAMBAKIS, Peter Theo John, b. 23Dec1900, landed 6Dec1924 per ‘Palermo.’
GLITSOS, Andreas Mina, b. 15Nov1901 Dokana, landed 11Dec1924 per ‘Amazonia.’
VAMVAKARIS, Nick Theo, b. 4Nov1908, landed 20Dec1924 per ‘Re. d’Italia.’
KIPRIOTIS, John George, b. 10Nov1906, landed 29Dec1924 per ‘Re d’Italia.’

ARONIS, Minas Emmanuel, b. 23Sep1892 Aroniadika, landed 3Apr1925 per ‘Bruiuz.’
ANDRONICOS, Nicholas Harry, b. 4Sep1893 Avlemonas, landed 5May1925 per ‘SS Sonoma’ after 18yrs USA.
TSITSILIOS, George Nick, b. 7Mar1901, landed Melbourne 18Nov1925 per ‘Ormonde.’ (Widower leaving 2 baby sons.)

PROTOPSALTIS, Dimitri, b. 10Feb1903, son of Harry and Despina (nee Frilingos), landed 1926.
GEORGOPOULOS, George Theo, b. 23Feb1900, landed 5Mar1926 per ‘Osterley.’
CONDOLEON, Vasilios (Bill) Menas, b. 25Aug1903, landed 9Mar1926 per ‘Cephee.’
COMINO, John Peter, b. 24Dec1903 (or 1893 Alexandrathes?), landed 9Mar1926 per ‘SS Guppie.’
TSIMERIS (Simeris), Demetre Theo, b. 20Apr1900 Milopotamos, landed Brisbane 22Mar1926 per ‘SS Oransay.’
COMINO, Con Dimitri, b. 1Mar1899 Athens, landed Sydney 22Mar1926 per ‘Messagerie Maritime.’
HANIOTIS, Dimitrios Brettos D., b. 15Mar1902 Mitata, landed 2Apr1926 per ‘Oronsay.’
FARDOULY, Miss Eleni Peter, b. 18Nov1901 Potamos, landed Brisbane 12Jul1926 per ‘Ormonde.’
CASSIMATIS, Con John Nick, b. 24Mar1903, landed 24Aug1926 per ‘Orama.’
OIROYIS, Anargiros Theo, (Ernie Arroney), b. 2Feb1902 Aronidika, landed 8Sep1926 per ‘Ormuz.’
MARCELLOS, Peter James, b. 10Jun1913, landed 26Sep1926 per ‘SS Ormuz.’
VENARDOS, William Emmanuel, b. 22Nov1911 Karavas, son of Angelo Emmanuel, landed Nov1926 per ‘City of Genoa.’
GERAKITEYS, Arthur Peter, b. 25Aug1912, landed 16Nov1926 per ‘Oronsay.’
FARDOULY, Euripides Menas, b. 5Mar1911 Potamos, landed 28Nov1926 per ‘SS Oronsay.’
CRITICOS, Henry Peter, b. 21Nov1897, landed 18Dec1926 per ‘Orama.’ (On Kythera 21Sep32-27Nov34.)
GIANNIOTIS, Emmanuel Stamatis/Stratios, b. 4Sep1903 Livadi, landed 23Dec1926 per ‘Ville de Amiens.’
PATTY (Karapatis), Jack Emmanuel, b. 24Mar1912 Kapsali, landed 24Dec1926 per ‘Ville d’Amiens.’
MEGALOCONOMOS, Theo Emanuel George, b. 12May1902, landed 29Dec1926 per ‘Ville de Amiend.’

PANARETOS, Dennis/Denny/Dimitri John, (Danny Pratt), b. 12Feb1914, landed Jan1927 per ‘Orsova.’
VARIPATIS, Jack Athanasios, b. 15Sep1912 Athens, landed 7Jan1927 per ‘Ville de Amien.’
POULOS (Poularas), Con George, b. 7Mar1879 Smyrna, landed 21Jan1927 per ‘Oraova.’
CORONEO, Peter Theo Andrew, b. 6Feb1912 Potamos, landed 26Jan1927 per ‘SS Orvieto.’
TAMBAKIS, George Andrew, b. 11Dec1911, landed Feb1927 per ‘Orvieto – Orient Line.’
FEROS, John Nick, b. 20Feb1912 Mitata, landed Feb1927 per ‘Orvieto.’
FLASKAS, Theo Andrew, b. 19May1910 Christoforianika, landed 5Feb1927 per ‘Ovieto.’
ZANTIOTIS, Jack George Sarantos, b. 7Mar1911, landed 7Mar1927 per French boat ‘Comiser-Ramel.’
VENERYS, Efstratios Ioannou Con, b. 15Apr1904 Drymona, landed Fremantle 11Apr1927 per ‘Ville de Hasburg.’
TSITSILIOS, Con George, b. 6Jun1913 Athens, landed 27Apr1927 per ‘Velle de Straboug.’
MARENDY, Harry Charles, b. 14Nov1902, landed 4Jul1927 per ‘Vildemere.’
MOTIS, Demetre Peter, b. 6Sep1905 Logothetianika, landed 9Aug1927 per ‘Commisseramell’ after 10yrs Pireaus.
PETROHELOS (Kentrotis), George Basil, b. 27Aug1904, landed Fremantle 23Aug1927 per ‘Orama.’
VLAHOGENIS, George Emmanuel, b. 1910 Milopotamos, landed Sep1927 per ‘Osterley.’
VAMVAKARIS, Anthony Theo, b. 1Aug1909, landed 1Sep1927 per ‘Orama.’
CORONEOS, Minas Peter, b. 23Nov1903 Karavas, landed 20Sep1927 per ‘SS Orsova.’
TAMBARKIS, Andrew George, b. 23Mar1904, landed 29Sep1927 per ‘Orsova.’
ARONEY (Papadopoulos), Peter Theo, b. 3Oct1903 Aroniadika, landed 3Oct1927 per ‘SS Comicier Ramel.’
ANDRONICOS, Constantine Costa Con, b. 22Aug1918 Avlemonas, landed Melbourne 10Nov1927 per ‘Ville de Bouve.’
ANDRONICOS, Constantine Harry, b. 12Apr1903 Avlemonas, landed Melbourne 12/14Nov1927 per ‘Villa de Stasberg’.
PANARETTOS, Zacharias Vrettos, b. 16Nov1911 Potamos, landed 29Nov1927 per ‘Osterley.’
CORONEOS, George Theo, b. 15Dec1908, landed 10Dec1927 per ‘Osterley’ after 3yrs Egypt.
COMBIS, George Dimitrios, b. 28Jun1880 Logothetianika, landed late 1927 after some time Kansas, USA.

VENARDOS, George Con, b. 20Aug1914 Potamos, landed 18Jan1928 per ‘Orsova.’
CORONEOS, Angelo John, b. 24Feb1907 Athens, landed 19Jan1928 per ‘Orsova.’
MAVROMATIS, Peter Victor, b. 15Oct1899 Pitsinades, landed 21Jan1928 per ‘Orsova.’
PANARETTO, Paul Victor, b. 6Aug1914 Potamos, landed 16Feb1928 per ‘Otranto.’
FARDONLY, Anargyros (Andy) Minas/Mick, b. 1Jul1912 Potamos, landed 20Feb1928 per ‘Otranto.’
VLANDYS, Peter Manios, b. 26Oct1905, landed 24Mar1928 per ‘Lloyd Sabaudo.’
CALOCAIRINOS, Peter Dimitri, b. Oct1911, landed 7May1928 per ‘Orsova.’
MAGOULAS, Theo Peter, b. 6Dec1901 Milopotamos, landed 5Jul1928 per ‘Ormonde.’
GEORGOPOULOS, Peter Anastasios, b. Jul1914 Logothetianika, landed 2Aug1928 per ‘Austral.’
PRINEAS, Peter John, b. 10Oct1914, landed 2Aug1928 per ‘Osterley.’
SKLAVOC, George Peter, b. 4Nov1915 Mitata, landed 2Aug1928 per ‘Osterley.’
PROTOPSALTIS, George Charles George, b. 26Oct1914 Mitata, landed 2Aug1928 per Orient liner ‘SS Osterley.’ (Father could be amongst first Kytherians Chile, where he spent 12yrs all up, first trip in 1907.)
STATHIS, Xenophon Peter, b. 16May1914 Carvounades/Stathianika, landed 3Aug1928 per ‘Australee.’
GEORGOPOULOS, Alex George, b. 25Aug1899, landed 7Aug1928 per ‘SS Cephee.’
STRATIGOS, Nick George, b. 29Aug1895, landed 27Sep(or 5Oct)1928 per ‘Orsova.’ [First landed 1914. On Kythera 1926-28 and 1934-39.]
PANARETOS, Peter Vretos, b. 1Aug1913 Potamos, landed 2Oct1928 per 'Orsova.'
PENTOPOULOS (Pentes), Anthony Peter, b. 4Nov1912, landed ~10Oct1928.
STATHIS, Nick John, b. 7May1902, landed with wife Vasiliki 12Oct1928 per ‘Orvieto.’

MEGALOCONSOMOS, Vasilios Emmanuel George, b. 1Jan1905 Kalamos, landed 13Feb1929 per ‘Orford.’
PETROHILOS, Christos Mina, b. 17Apr1914 Fratsia, landed 25Feb1929 per French boat ‘Zefe.’
KALOKERINOS, Menas Andrew, b. 10Sep1900 Alexandrades, landed 10Mar1929 per ‘Cephee.’
CORONIS, Peter Andrew, b. 23Dec1904 Viarathica, landed 10Mar1929 per ‘Cephee.’
TSAOUSSIS, Vrettos John, b. 2Sep1905 Viaradika, landed 14Mar1929 per ‘SS Orford.’

NOTARAS, Miss Hariclia Emmanuel, b. 10Feb1898, landed 16Jan1930 per ‘Orsova.’ (Married Jim Harry Psaltis 1930 Sydney.)
ARONEY (Viaropoulos), Spiro Spyro, b. 18Aug1906 Aroniadika, landed 26Mar1930 per “Orontes’ after 18mths France.
HAROS, George Gabriel, b. 5Jul1912, landed Melbourne 30Jun1930 per ‘Oronsay.’

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