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George Poulos

Cinema Research 8: Appendix 8: Number of Years Involved with Cinema Exhibition.

During the 1990's KEVIN CORK undertook extensive research into cinema's in Australia.

Tragically, he died before completing his work, but most of the chapters of his Thesis, were completed.

His wife and children have kindly given permission for his work to be reproduced.

Most Australian's would be unaware of the degree to which Greeks, and particularly Kytherian Greeks dominated cinema ownership in Australia - especially in New South Wales.

This is Appendix 8 of Kevin Cork's previously unpublished Ph.D thesis.

In Appendix 8, Kevin Cork determines the number of years each of the 66 Greek, and Greek-Kytherian cinema owners he chose to be the subject of his study, remained in the cinema industry.

He managed, whilst writing his Ph.D to follow most exhibitors until their demise, or their return to Greece.

The importance of the Hellenic and Kytherian contribution to Australian cinema ownership and history is clearly demonstrated in Appendix 8.

It is difficult to know how to pass on to Kytherians the results of Kevin Cork's important research's.

In the end, I felt that the results should be passed on in the most extensive way - i.e. in full re-publication of all Chapter's and Appendices.

Eventually all Chapters and Appendices will appear on the kythera-family web-site.

Other entries can be sourced by searching under "Cork" on the internal search engine.

I have also placed him under People, subsection, High Achievers, for reasons that become obvious once you have read the contents of his thesis.



(Covering the years from 1915, when A Crones and E Fatzeus commenced, to 1984 when C James, the last of the group, ceased)

No of................Exhibitor's Name

52 G Conson

45 G Hatsatouris; P Hatsatouris

43 E Conomos; J Conomos

38 A Comino; C James

37 A Coroneo; P Sourry

36 C Bylos

35 A Conomos*; T Conomos

33 L Conomos; J Johnson

32 P Lucas

31 A Sotiros

30 P Stathis*

28 J Kouvelis

26 G Laurantus; P Limbers

25 P Calligeros; N Laurantus

24 T Coroneo

22 E Fatseas*

20 E Hatsatouris*; P Louran;
P Peters/Pizimolas

19 A Notaras

15 Angelo Roufogalis; J Simos*

14 C Kalligeris; J Tzannes

13 B Conomos

12 S Nicholas

11 L Spellson

10 Arthur Roufogalis

8 B Koovousis; P Hlentzos; G Spellson
7 B Margetis; E Mottee; D Mottee; G Mottee; P Mottee;
G Nicholas*

6 A Poulos

5 N Andronicos; S Coroneo; P Kouvelis;

4 A Kouvelis; H Logus

3 J Andronicos*; T Comino;
J Katsoolis; A Koovousis; J Notaras; P Paspalas; G Rosso

2 E Fatzeus; P Kalligeris;
N Spellson*

1 E Aroney; A Crones; P Feros;
P Peters/Petracos; G Psaltis


[ * indicates died while still an exhibitor. Total: 8.]

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