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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 15.03.2007

Emmanuel Kritharis & the SS Great Britain

Emmanuel Crithary is listed as a passenger aboard the SS Great Britain on a voyage from Melbourne Victoria to Liverpool England in June 1870. A search of the passenger list suggests he was the lone Greek on the voyage.

Emmanuel Crithari (Kritharis) is noted on the arrival of unassisted immigrants on the SS Great Britain at Melbourne, in the Colony of Victoria Australia 21 February 1872.

His age is noted as 38 Years. He was accompanied by another Greek Demetrius Constantine aged 16 years. Their nationality was recorded as "Foreigners" and occupation "Labourer"

The voyage departed Liverpool England 17 December 1871.SS Great Britain crossed the equator in the Atlantic Ocean on 9 January 1872 and passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope 28 January 1872.
Reports of the arrival of the SS Great Britain are recorded in the "Age" Melbourne Thursday 22nd February 1872 and also "The Argus" Melbourne.
Peter Makarthis
Inverell NSW Australia

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