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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 01.07.2012

Hellenic Herald - First Edition

Hellenic Herald 1926
Hellenic Herald
“The Leading Greek Newspaper in Australasia”
Editor: Ioannes Stilson
Manager: George Marsellos
Office: 119-23 York Street, Sydney, NSW.
First Edition 16 November 1926
“Our aim in inaugurating this journal is primarily to enlighten our fellow-countrymen, the Greeks, in this noble country, and particularly those who have not had the advantage of a long residence on its shores. For this reason our paper is not the organ of any party, class or faction. Our sole aim is to enlighten and educate. We are absolutely and sincerely non-partisan. We neither support nor condemn any particular party, and our watchwords will be Truth, Right and Justice to all.

Knowing however, as we do, that a great deal of misunderstanding exists among our Australian fellow-citizens regarding the ideals, aims and character of the Greeks today, we have thought good to publish a page each week in the English language regarding us and our aspirations.

Researched by Peter Makarthis(McCarthy)
Principal Researcher,
Roxy Museum
Bingara NSW
July 2012

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