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submitted by O Kosmos on 13.11.2009

Life in Australia book launch. O Kosmos, Sydney article.

Hard working life in Australia pays off after 93 years.

Page 1, and 30, O Kosmos, Sydney, Friday 6th November, 2009.


Given the current heightened emotions surrounding migration to Australia it is refreshing to read an account of happily integrated arrivals to our shores.

Life in Australia, written in 1916, stressed that virtues such as hard work, honesty, diligence and civic duty were highly valued in Australia, and would ensure success there. It helped to convince prospective Greek immigrants that they would quickly enjoy a “very good life in Australia”.

Life in Australia has now been reproduced in both an original Greek version and in an English translation. This was the first book printed and published in Australia in the Greek language. Aside from being an important first chronicle of Hellenic involvement in Australian history and culture, it is an accurate snapshot of life in Australia in 1916.

It was produced and funded by Sydney merchant John Comino. The writers were
Georgios Kentavros and brothers Kosmas and Emmanuel Andronikos. The book was designed to convey to Hellene “patriotes” living in Greece just how quickly they had obtained wealth and acceptance in the Australian community. It was published to inform prospective Greek immigrants about the history, geography and culture of Australia, and to provide them with guidelines about what to expect and how to behave when they arrived in this country.

This 368 page book details the state of the Greek communities in 1916 and provides about 150 pages of micro biographies and photographs of Greek immigrants. Many Australian families will recognise great grandparents, grandparents and other relatives in these pages. An extensive 2009 Epilogue has been added in order to outline events surrounding the period of its creation, and the subsequent 93 years.

Life in Australia ensures that the descendants of this pioneering generation of immigrants are aware of their achievements and can access this important historical record. It is hoped that the re-publication of this book will stimulate further research by current and future generations to find out how the families of these pioneers have fared since 1916.

These two impressive volumes will be launched at

MacLaurin Hall, Sydney University, on Wednesday 9 December 2009 (6pm for 6.30 start)

Invitation open to all.

RSVP Tuesday 1 December
Kathy Samios phone: 61 2 9349 1849 or
Contact Kathy, here

Media contact: George C Poulos
Email: Contact George, here
Phone: 61 2 9388 8320

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