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submitted by Vema Newspaper on 12.05.2006

The First Kytherian Immigrant to Australia.

The ‘First Kytherian’ Question

First Published in The Greek Australian Vema, April 2006. pages 10/28 and 11/29.

Original Pdf format:

Page 11/28.
28 - APR 06 P.10-28.pdf

Page 11/29.
29 - APR 06 P. 11-29.pdf

By, Peter Vanges.

Peter Vanges is author of Kythera. A History.

Kythera. A History. Details.

He was a long standing Committeeman of the then Kytherian Brotherhood of Australia, (11 years), serving 6 of those years as President.

Kytherian Association of Australia

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