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Matina Kasimatis

The Kasimatis Family-Elenie Kasimati

Elenie Kasimati (Helen) 1888-1976
Elenie, first child of Georgios and Stamatina was born in Kythera.
Elenie married Panagiotis (Peter) Kasimatis (1881-1974, no relation) in 1912.
Peter had emigrated to Sydney in 1901 and then returned to Greece. In 1914 Elenie and Peter set out for Australia and spent some time in Hobart before moving to Sydney. Elenie appears in an early photograph outside the Britannia Café. She returned to Greece in 1925 and Peter in 1927. In 1946 Stamatina (Matina) Kasimati, their niece, went to live with them and they later adopted her.
Peter returned to Hobart in the late 1940’s, Elenie and Matina joined him in the 50’s. They operated a fish shop in Liverpool street, Hobart, moved to Sydney for some years and then returned to Greece once more in the mid 60’s.
Matina married Kostandinos Stathopoulos in Athens in 1966. They had two children:
Panagioti born in Athens 1967
Elenie born in Athens 1970
Panagioti is an administrator in the tourism industry and has a diploma in English, French and Italian languages.
Elenie has an economics diploma and speaks English, Italian and Spanish.
The family resides in Athens.

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