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Matina Kasimatis

The Kasimatis Family-Georgios Grigoriou Kasimatis

Georgios Grigoriou Kasimatis 1866-1959
Married Stamatina Kastrisios 1868-1952 in 1887. They had four children:
Elenie (Helen) born in Kythera 1888-1976
Grigorios Georgiou (Gregory) 1890-1972
Antonios Georgiou (Anthony) 1897-1977
Vasilios Georgiou (Basil) 1903-1962
George emigrated to Australia in 1891 leaving in Greece his wife and two children. He worked in the Woolloomooloo Fish Markets and in 1896 he returned to Greece. Two more sons were born after his return.
Subsequently at various intervals all his children were to emigrate to Australia and later to Tasmania.
Stamatina died in 1952. George came to Australia in 1953 with his son Gregory. George died in 1959 and is buried at Cornelian Bay Cemetery.

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