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Matina Kasimatis

The Kasimatis Family-The Haros Connection

The Haros Connection
Katina 1911-1979
George 1912
Arthur 1913-1996
Spiro 1915-1922
Manty 1916
Peter 1917
Elly 1920
Kleo 1924-1982
Close family ties were forged between the Casimaty and Haros families by the marriages of Katina to Gregory and Manty to Anthony Casimaty.
The Haros family reunion saw the arrival of George in 1930 and Peter in 1937.
George worked at the Casimaty Bros fish shop until he established the “Green Gate” in 1936. In 1948 he established the Haros Boiler company manufacturing the “Haros” boiler, that he had invented around 1940, which can be found in a great number of milk bars and cafes all over Australia.
George and his wife Gwen had 4 children, Gabriel, Elenie, Tony, and Peter and four grandchildren, George, Aliki, David and Alexander.
Kyriakoula (Elly) married Manuel Conomos in 1939 and emigrated to Walgett NSW. They made many trips to Tasmania to visit the Haros and Casimaty families. Manuel operated the picture theatre in Walgett and ran a café. Elly and Manuel have 3 children, George, Helen and Nina and four grandchildren, Elly, Katie, Emma and George.
Peter operated the “Victory” milk bar in Hobart from about 1939 to 1953 when he moved to Melbourne with his wife Georgia (Joyce) and his son Spiro.
Athanasi (Arthur) 1931-1996 remained in Greece to look after his ageing parents and operate the flour mill, olive press and petrol station.
Arthur and his wife Katie had four children, Gavrili, Neno, Maria and George and three grandchildren Thanasi, Jason and Panorea.
Kleo (1924-1982) also remained in Greece. She married Nick Nikiforaki and they had two children, Stefano and Gavrili, and three grandchildren Christina, Niko and Niko.

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