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submitted by Peter Trearchis on 23.02.2008

Triarchis/Triarhi/Trearhis Families from Around the World

Here is what I have been able to gather on all Triarchis families (all variant spellings) from around the world. Anyone with information on any Triarchis family please contact me. Also any additional information, corrections, etc. would be great.
Peter Trearchis (age 17)
P.S. Please note some of this information came from the family tree of Theodora Boukouvalas here on this site. I have tried to contact her, but she has not responded to my emails.

Triarchis Familes Across World

Family 1
Nicholas Triarchis b. Greece married before 1919 to Marya Szaradoska (born in Rossyakt, Poland on Dec 25, 1894 died in Poland in 1973). They were divorced probably in the early 1920's. Marya "Mary" married second to Peter Savage. Nicholas and Mary lived in New Jersey and New York.
Notes- 18 Sep 1928 from Le Havre “Paris”
Triarchis, Marja- age 30/ divorced/ b. Caafsle, Poland/ visa issued at Washington 27 Mar 1928/ going to NYC to home 319 41st St. NYC/ nearest relative- Mr. Karadowski at Csaple Bland/ had been in US before from 1913 to 1928/ 5’3”

They had 2 kids-
1) John Triarchis b. 4 Feb 1918 Perth Amboy, NJ d. 27 Nov 1998 Homosassa, FL. He was buried in FL National Cemetery 1 Dec 1988. Was a Corporal in US Army in WWII (service start- 11 Mar 1944, ended 15 Feb 1946) Married one to Mildred Costic (1919-1968). They were divorced in March of 1960 in Broward County, FL. Had kids-
1. John Joseph Triarchis married Margaret Shevlin in March of 1965 in Monroe County, Fl., had kids Patricia and Sandra. (Margaret possibly the Margaret Genevieve Triarchis who married Kenneth William Terrill on 26 Aug 1977 in NV).

2. Cynthia married _ ? Hoy_______, had daughter Cynthia
Married second to Rosita Maria Urbano in June 1961 in Broward County, FL. Had kids-Terry Jayne Triarchis married William Michael Baldridge , Linda Jan Triarchis married Mark A. Openchowski.

John Triarchis, 80, of Sugarmill Woods 
John Triarchis, 80, of Sugarmill Woods, Homosassa, died Friday, Nov. 27, 1998. He was born in Perth Amboy, N.J., and came to Homosassa 29 years ago from Northport, Long Island, N.Y. Mr. Triarchis was a retired automotive mechanic. He was Catholic. 
He is survived by wife, Rosita M. Urbano Triarchis of Sugarmill Woods; two daughters, Terry Jayne Baldridge of Nanuet, N.Y,. and Linda Jan Openchowski of Meza, Ariz.; one brother in Poland and four grandchildren. 
Hooper Funeral Home, Homosassa Chapel.

2) Helen Triarchis b. 15 Sep 1919 m. Michael Arcarola d. 10 Jan 1991 Brooksville, FL.
Notes: ARCAROLA, HELEN, 71, of Spring Hill, died Thursday (Jan. 10, 1991) at home. She came here 18 years ago from her native New York City. She was a member of St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church. Survivors include her husband, Michael Sr.; four sons, Michael, North Babylon, N.Y., Thomas, Selden, N.Y., Frank and John, both of Farmingville, N.Y.; five daughters, Mary Vertucci, Great River, N.Y., Helen Sutton, Sayville, N.Y., Linda Mariano and Barbara Marino, both of Spring Hill, and Debora Harris, Brooksville; a brother, John Triarchis, Lecanto; 38 grandchildren; and 21 great-grandchildren. Brewer Memorial Funeral Home, Spring Hill.
1. Michael Arcarola
2. Thomas Arcarola
3. Frank Arcarola
4. John Arcarola
5. Mary Arcarola married ? Vertucci
6. Helen Arcarola married ? Sutton
7. Linda Arcarola married ? Mariano
8. Barbara Arcarola married ? Marino
9. Debora Arcarola married ? Harris

Family 2

A Dimitris Triarchis had:
1) George Triarchis (b. Kythera d. possibly Smyrna) married ?. Children:
1. Dimitris Triarchis b. abt 1902, married in 1930 in Athens, Greece to ?. Had children: 1. George Triarchis b. abt 1932 Athens d. abt 2003 Greece. Married ? and had son Dimitris Triarchis; 2. Vasilis Triarchis; 3. Anastasia Triarchis .
2. Petros Triarchis

2) Ioannis Triarchis had:
1. Dimitris Triarchis- b. Alexandrades, Kythera d. Athens, Greece (at age 15 went from Kythera to Athens). Married ___ had son Fotios.
1. Fotios Triarchis married ____. Children:
Vassilia Triarchi married ___ Herrmann, lives in Munich, Germany and Dimitris Triarchis - lives in Rhodes
2. Cleopatra Triarchis
3. Anna Triarchis
4. male Triarchis

Family 3
George Triarchis b. 1947 in Kythera d. 26 Sep 2006 Tashkent, Uzbekistan (was assassinated by local mafia)

Family 4
Ioannis Triarchis b. Kapsali, Kythera was a sailor, died in 1904 on a voyage, married Eleni Stathis ("Vizir (Vizirgianoi)") (b. 1867 Kapsali, Kythera d. 1952 Kapsali; was a farmer, illiterate; known to island for hospitality, good domesticity). Had Children:

1. George Triarchis married Anastasia Harou. Born in Kapsali, Kythera. He died 5 April 1976 at St. Spyridon, Kapsali, Kythera. Children: Eleni Triarchis, Maria Triarchis, Ioannis Triarchis

2. Kyriakoula Triarchis b. Athens, Greece d. 1926 Athens, Greece (died after subsequent childbirth). Married Menelaos Ioannidis (b. Istanbul). Children:
1. Eleni Poditi b. 1920 Athens, Greece d. 15 Jan 1996 Athens, Greece. Occ.- pensioner I.K.A./ education- domestic

3. Alexandra Triarchis b. 1892 Kapsali, Kythera d. 5 April 1976 Kapsali, Kythera, married Anastasios “Tasso” Lagos (born about 1890 or in 1900 in Smyrna was a fisherman; came to Kythera as refugee in 1918 having met Alexandra in Athens) He died 6 Jul 1970 in Kythera. They had 9 children:
1. Ioannis- b. 1920 Kapsali, Kythera d. 1 Feb 2006 Kapsali, Kythera, Greece; Ioannis was a fisherman. Unknown if had children.

2. Spyridoula- b. 1921 Kythera. Moved to Athens 1945, London 1951. Married William Mills, (b. London, England d. 1991). Children:
1. Alexandra Mills, residing in Earlsfield, South West London, England
2. Margaret Mills. Lives in Earlsfield, South West London.

3. Christina b. abt 1922 Kapsali, Kythera d. 14 Jul 2001 Kythera. Married ? ______. Children:
1. Antonia _____. Came to England about 1967. Married John Lunniss. Live in Swindon, Wiltshire. Children- 1. Amanda Lunniss. Married Neil Vizzard

4. Theodora- b. 24 Mar 1924 Kapsali, Kythera married Constantinos Boukouvalas (b. 30 Nov 1926 Athens d. 4 Apr 1998 Kalamata, Greece, was a judicial curator). Her and children live around Kalamata, Greece. Children:
1. Anastasios Boukouvalas
2. Youla Boukouvalas (married and has son)
3. Another son??

5. Georgios. Born 1925 in Kapsali, Kythera. Died 17 November 2001 in Kythera (or Athens). Was a fisherman in Kapsali. Married Maria _____ (died before 2001) (gravestone- Maria G. Lagou in Kapsali). Children:
1. Alexandra Triarchis. Married Thanassis Liakopoulos. Her and daughters live in Kallithea, Athens, Greece. Children-1. Maria Liakopoulos, 2. Vasiliki Liakopoulos

6. Panagiotis b. 21 Aug 1928 Kapsali d. 20 or 28 Aug 1998 Kapsali, Kythera. Was a self-taught engineer. Lived in Kalamos. Married Chrisoula. Children-
1. George Triarchis
2. Alexandra Triarchis

7. Dimitrios. Married to Penelope. Have 2 sons & I daughter. Live in Inousses, Chios and in Halandri, Athens, Greece.

8. Eleni b. 1929. Moved to Athens, then London in 1958. Married Donald Denslow (d. 1976). Lives in Vauxhall, London, England. Unknown if had children.

9. Kyriaki “Koula” b. 1935 Kapsali, Kythera d. 12 Dec 1997 Kapsali, Kythera Unknown if had children.

4. Christina Triarchis - Born 1900 in Kapsali, Kythera. Died 1991 Athens, Greece. Married ___ Bouloumetis. Education- graduate of public school. Unknown if had children.
5. Irene/Eirini Triarchis d. 1992 Kapsali, married Dimitrios I. Nomikos. Buried Kapsali Cemetery, Kythera. Occ- Domestic. Was illiterate. Children:
1. Ioannis Nomikos. Married Manti (from Aloizianika, Kythera). Children: 1. Demetrius Nomikos, 2. Irene Nomikos
2. Elefterios Nomikos (b. Athens, Greece d. 2007 Kythera, Greece). Married Ada (from Holland). Children:1. Irene Nomikos, 2. Sacha Nomikos

6. Maria Triarchis. Married ____ Asvestas. Born Kapsali, Kythera. Died in Athens, Greece. Was illiterate, occupation-domestic. Went to Athens very early in life- unknown what happened to her.

Family 5
Vretos Triarchis had:
George Vretos Triarchis b. Kythera d. 1950 Kythera. Buried Livadi Cemetery. Gravestone inscription reads:
Family Plot George Vretos Triarchis 1950
And from the pain that causes many tears about the deceased comes life and dreams to the living.
The son. Vretos G. Triarchis
1. Vrettos Triarchis- teacher at the public school in Potamos, Kythera. Married a Megaloconomos (aunt of Mitchell, Angelo, John, Irene, and Betty from Grafton, Australia. Had 3 children, one of them being Mandi.

Family 6
A Sp. (probably Spiros) Triarchis had-
Marinos Triarchis b. 21 Nov 1885 Kythera. Died 5 Oct 1914 in war against Turkey. Buried in Kapsali Cemetery, Kythera. Inscription on gravestone reads:
"Marinos, was a soldier during the 1912-1913 war against the Turkish army. He died, serving his Country, having fought at Sarantaporou,Gianitson and Bizanion, a hero fighting for his Country.
Notes-24 Jul 1907 from Piraeus “Moraitis” Triarhis, Marinos- age 23/ from Cerigo/ going to Braddock, PA to see father Sp. Triarhis at 306 Braddock Ave, Braddock, PA/ 5’3.5”/ born Cerigo

Family 7
In Livadi Cemetery-
Eleni Emm. Triarhi d. 1942
Emm. Pan. Triarhis d. 1897
Pan. Emm. Triarhis d. 1915

Family 8
? Triarchis had:
1. Marie- lived in Alexandrathes, Kythera.
2. Panayotis “Peter” Triarchis b. Nov 1886 Alexandrathes, Kythera
23 Apr 1910 from Naples “Friedrich der Grosse” Triarches, Panayotis- age 23/laborer/ from Alexandrades, Kythera/ nearest relative, sister Marie in Alexandrades/ going to NY to see cousin Georges Triarches 673 Schue NY/ 5’6”/ born Alexandrades, Kythera

1917- Peter Triarchis b. Nov 1886 Kythera (he was not sure as to month and day); lived at 333 6th St. in Ruhmond, CA/ alien/ worked at Gold Mine, Ruhmond, CA/ single/ in Greece had been a private for 14 months in army

1920 census Santa Barbara, CA Triarchis, Peter- age 32/ immigrated in 1910, alien/ b. Greece/ laborer in restaurant

Panayotis had cousin George Triarchis-
George Triarchis b. Feb 1884 Kythera, Greece
10 Jul 1907 from Marseille “America” Triarchis, Georges- age 23/ from Athens/ nearest relative was from Stam. Cassimatis 74 Rue of Athens/ going to NYC to see friend Peter Jolinau 45th Ward, 28th St. NYC/ 5’4.5”/ born Kythera
12 Sep 1918- George Triarchis born Feb 1884 Greece/ lived in White Plains, NY/ cook/ nearest relative was John Triarchis in Achye, Greece.

Family 9
Possibly a Soterios Triarchis had:
1. Nikolaos “Nick” Triarchis- was in Smyrna in 1908.

2. Panayotis Triarchis. Born circa 1850 possibly in Kythera. Was in Greece, Smyrna, and possibly Egypt. Married before 1882 to Stamatia “Stamatoula” Papadopoulou. She was born in Greece and died after 1918 probably in Cairo, Egypt. Children:
1. Soterios Panayotis Triarchis born in Greece. Died in either Egypt or Australia. Married to Jenny ?. Children:
1. Panayotis Soterios b. 8 Sep 1925 Cairo, Egypt d. before 2003 in Australia.
2. Constantine Soterios b. Cairo Egypt. Lives in Australia with family. Has children Steven and Irene and at least 4 grandchildren.

2. Constantine Panayotis Trearchis b. 15 Jun 1882 Piraeus, Greece d. 25 Mar 1955 Woburn, MA. Married 12 Oct 1919 in Fall River, MA to Efrosini Trifillis (1897-1949). Around 1952 married secondly to Bessie. Children:
1. Stamatia “Stella”
2. Peter
3. John
4. Mary
5. George Paul
6. Elaine Foteine
7. Leonidas “Leo”

3. Angeliki “Angela” Triarchis. Born 20 Jan 1885 in Alexandria, Egypt, died 17 Jul 1963 in Woburn, MA. Married one to Lambros (Colokotronis) Tambakis (abt 1866-abt 1926). Married second to John Nicholas Gianakis (1890-1991). Children (adopted by John Gianakis): 1. George (Tambakis) Gianakis ; 2. Peter (Tambakis) Gianakis

Family 10

Nikolaos Triarchis had:
1. Panagiotis N. Triarchis d. 1950 Kythera, buried Alexandrades Cemetery, Kythera

Miscellaneous Triarchis Families
United States- Immigration Lists Ellis Island to 1957
1. 13 Aug 1954 Detained- Aristophanis Triarchou (Triarchos, Triarhos) from Greece, had $500 bond.

2. 27 Mar 1956 from Cherbourg “Queen Mary” Triarchou, Aristophanis/ 363 Prospect Ave. West Hartford, CT/ age 21 (b. abt 1935) / male/ single

3. 30 Mar 1955 from Cherbourg “Queen Mary” Triarchou, Dionysios- age 28 (b. abt 1927) / single/ 92 Evergreen Ave., Hartford, CT

4. 11 May 1907 from Patras “Sofia Hohenburg” Triarkon, Lazaros- age 16 (b. abt 1891) / born Livadi/ going to Manchester, NH to see Constantine Triarson his brother at 199 Chestnut St./ 4’9.5”/ born Livadi, Kythera, Greece

5. 25 Mar 1907 from Napoli Trirakis, Giango- age 35 (b. abt 1872) / born Pireo/ going to Peabody, MA to see brother-in-law at 28 Wallis St.

1. An Ioannis Triarchis had:
Denis Triarchis b. 9 Aug 1885 Smyrna, Christianos, Turkey.
Notes: He was naturalized 1923 in Australia. Immigrated from France (June 1914), lived in Perth for 9 years. Resided previously in Italy, Switzerland, and France. Returned to Greece with family in mid-1920’s, returned to Australia in 1936.
Information from Peter Tsicalas:
Denis John Triarchis, b. Aug1885 Smyrna, landed Freemantle from France Jun1914. Became a fruiterer in William St Perth. Married Elizabeth…. (b. 1898 Gotha, Germany) and begat Joy 1919, John early 1921 (or 28May1922?), Elaine early 1923 and Denis 5Aug1924. Returned with family to Greece ~ mid 1920s and remained until coming back early 1936. Probably spent a few years Brisbane before coming to Casino during WW2 with wife plus 2 sons and a daughter. George Corones m. Joy Triarchis 1939 QLD.
Ran a boarding house in Walker St, near Martin Arentz’s garage, until disappearing from town in the early 1960s. Possibly same boarding house allegedly owned by Tony Calopadies.
Denis and Elizabeth Triarchis come onto electoral rolls as ‘residential proprietors’ of 125 Walker Street in the mid 1940s (followed by Denis Jnr and John shortly afterwards)
Denis Triarchis, b. Aug1924 Perth, enlisted Brisbane WW2, NOK Denis. John, b. 1922 Perth, ditto.”
Married Elizabeth Rang in 1917 in Perth (b. abt 1898 Gotha, Germany). Children:
1. Joy Triarchis b. 1917 Perth, died 29 Dec 2007, Beverly Hills, NSW. Married George Corones in 1939 in QLD, He was born around 1909 and died 12 Feb 1976 in Beverly Hills, Australia. Children-
1. Joy Corones m. Peter Moran
2. Betty Corones m. Con York
3. Helen Corones m. Theo Karedis
4. Angela Corones m. Jim Poulos
5. Ann Corones m. Dirk Vanbeusemokom
Joy Corones
CORONES, Joy. December 29th 2007. Late of 
Beverly Hills. Dearly loved wife of George (deceased). 
mother and mother in law of Joy, Betty and Con, Helen and 
Angela and Jim; and Ann. Devoted Grandmother and 
Great grandmother of their families. Loved sister of John 
and Denis. 

In her 90th Year. 
Joy's relatives and friends are invited to attend her 
service to be held at The Greek Orthodox Church of St. 
Spyridon, Gardeners Road Kingsford, on Friday (January 
4th 2008) at 10.30 a.m. 

At the conclusion of the service 
the cortege will proceed to the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park 


KINGSFORD 9663 0408 
Proudly Australian 

Family Owned 

Independent Funeral Homes. 
The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday, 2 January 2008
Buried 4 Jan 2008, aged 89, in GL8-General CL 8- Row- Grave 46 at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park Cemetery.
George Corones, buried 16 Feb 1976, aged 67, in GL8-General CL 8- Row- Grave 46 at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park Cemetery.
2. John Triarchis b. 28 May 1922 Perth
3. Elene Triarchis b. abt 1923 Perth
4. Denis Triarchis b. 5 Aug 1924 Perth. Notes- he served in WWII in the Royal Australian Air Force. Enlisted 21 Oct 1943 in Scarborough, Brisbane, Queensland. Next of kin was Denis Triarchis. Discharge was 15 Aug 1946. Rank was leading aircraftman. Posting was 4 Radio Installation and Maintenance Unit.

2. A Nicolas Triarchi mentioned on “” website. He got naturalized in Canberra in 1905, something about his estate filed in 1937 in Canberra. He died in 1936, aged 64 in Melbourne.
Death Index. Victoria 1921-1985
Given Names: Nicholas
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown UNKNOWN
Death Place: Royal PARK
Age: 64
Age Code:
Year: 1936
Reg Number: 1443
Event: Death

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